Hello and welcome to the fall 2019 anime season! Nick here once again and I’m back with another round of shows I’ll be talking about for the next few months. Now this season I’m not reviewing as many shows as I did last time, I was a little too ambitious then, so I’m only reviewing 2 shows this season. This week I’ll only be talking about the premiere of Azur Lane as the second show on my list hasn’t started yet. Next week I’ll be covering both shows.

Azur Lane

I’m gonna start this off by saying I haven’t played the game at all so there is probably a lot of the finer details I’ll miss compared to someone who does play the game. If you are one of those people who play the game, feel free to correct me if I make any mistakes or if you just want to add some further insight into characters and such. It’s also worth mentioning that I only really got interested in Azur Lane after seeing so much art of it on Pixiv and how sexy the boats are, so that was a big factor in me getting into this. Anyways, with that said let’s actually get into talking about the ep.

Having watched the other boat girl show before, Kantai Collection, I had an idea this would more or less be along the same lines as that. Groups of boat girls fighting some alien threat on the high seas. And while that’s true, there is an alien threat called the Sirens that they are fighting against, they’re also fighting against other boat girls from other factions. So pretty much Sirens showed up and war happens and to combat the Sirens a group called Azur Lane was established. In that group there were 4 main factions, Eagle Union, Royal Navy, Iron Blood and Sakura Empire. But along the way there happened to be a difference in beliefs as one side wanted to use tech from the Sirens to fight the Sirens while the other side stuck to using tech made by mankind and because of this difference the 4 factions split into 2. Eagle Union and Royal Navy stuck to the human made tech while the Iron Blood and Sakura Empire used Siren tech to fight the Sirens. So that was a little bit different compared to what I have imagined but that sets the stage for the battle in this opening ep. Hope that all makes sense and if you want to add any details feel free to leave a comment below.

We’re introduced to a number of boats in this opening ep from all 4 of the factions, but mainly from Eagle Union and Royal Navy. I’m not sure if the show will be following a set main group of boats for the entirety of the show or we’ll have different groups each time, but for this ep we’re spending the majority of the time with some loli boats, namely Javelin, Unicorn and Laffey. The little story with them for this ep was trying to find Unicorn’s plushy which had gotten lost shortly after arriving at the Azur Lane base. During their search we meet some other boats along the way before eventually running into Ayanami, who we see is wearing a black cloak. Now as everyone is wearing nice bright colors and going around happily, Ayanami is dressed up looking like a bad guy and honestly stands out a lot. Turns out she’s spying for the Sakura Empire who are about to launch an attack. Of course at the time Unicorn and company don’t realize she’s the enemy as she had found the lost plushy, so naturally they think she’s on their side.

From there the battle begins and the remainder of the ep is spent showcasing the boats in action. We’re also introduced to another couple of boats who were made a nice first impression, Kaga and Akagi. Both are part of the Sakura Empire and are aircraft carriers along with sisters who are very close to each other. While Akagi talks in length about what it means to battle and fondles her sister’s boobs guns, Kaga is all serious about the battle that’s about to take place. Much like in the KanColle anime, these two have a very intimate relationship and aren’t afraid to get a little hands on too. Great stuff, hope we see more of it.

I won’t go into detail about the battle but I’ll say that it’s a visual treat to watch. The planes flying around, the explosions, the cannons firing, it’s very intense and quite loud too. I hope going forward that all the battles are this much of a treat to watch as it’s very exciting and pulls you right in. Sakura Empire is dominating for most of the battle but just when all seems lost, Enterprise from the Eagle Union shows up and saves the day. Enterprise is the top boat in the Eagle Union and she makes a wonderful entrance, showing off her power on the battlefield. With their forces nearly destroyed, the Sakura Empire calls it quits for today and heads home to fight another day. Ayanami and Javelin were having their own personal battle during this whole sequence but when Akagi and Kaga pull back, Ayanami goes with them, leaving a sad Javelin and Laffey watching as she sails back to her side. I’m guessing we’ll see Ayanami come around at some point, but until then she’s one of the bad guys and I’m sure we’ll see her face off against Javelin, Laffey and Unicorn again at some point.

As far as opening eps go, Azur Lane did a fantastic job setting the stage for what’s to come. The story is neatly laid out for us at the beginning and we’re introduced to a number of boats that I’m guessing will be the main characters of the show. In the OP there are many other boats seen who I hope show up at some point because I’ve seen so much art of these boats and I want to see them animated at some point. Still hoping for some big, busty, redhead boats to make an appearance too for the obvious reasons, but I guess we’ll see how it all plays out.

That’s pretty much it for this ep and post. Future posts won’t be this long as I’ll be talking about 2 shows, but as this is an opening up I wanted to talk a little more about things going on and set the stage for the story and such. All in all I really liked this ep, it had a lot going on and I’m really excited to see more. Whether or not this will make me want to pick up the game and try it out remains to be seen, but given my recent track record with mobile games, I’m not sure how long I’d even stick with it.

Anyways thanks for reading this, feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts on this opening ep and I’ll be sure to get back to you. Once again if you want to all any further details on this show in general as I cover it weekly, feel free to do that. I’m totally open to learning new details and such about this show and the boats.

That’s it for me, see you next week!