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Sounan desu ka?

After a thrilling rescue last week it’s time for Shion and Homare to make their way back to the island. Of course, easier said than done as they pretty much have no material to work with and absolutely no food or water to bring with them either. But this is Homare we’re talking about here, she’s always got a plan up her sleeve to help them get out of a tight spot. With the little bamboo they had from the previous rafts, Homare and Shion are able to make something big enough for them to sit on and carry them back to the island. As for the food and water situation, well they couldn’t find any food and Homare’s idea of “water” was probably one of the most extreme methods yet. I won’t get into detail but let’s just say it was very unconventional.

We end the ep, and show, with them arriving safely back on the island where Mutsu and Asuka are waiting for them, dinner all ready. At this point I’m starting to wonder if they’ll ever make it off the island or this will become a manga lure ending, but the literal last scene of the show is Homare’s dad in a boat coming to rescue them. I was hoping for a little more conclusion, maybe like an epilogue a few weeks or months later with them back home, but I guess we’ll just have to be satisfied with this ending. They made it out alive and that’s what matters the most.

Final thoughts: Are You Lost? was a funny and somewhat educational show, I felt that I did learn some things but I hope I’m not ever in a situation where I actually have to do any of those things. They didn’t focus too much on the fact the girls were trapped on this island but rather how they made the most of the situation they were in. There were times where they reflected on their past or how much they missed home, but the overall focus of the show wasn’t on that, it was how they survived on the island thanks to Homare’s survival skills. I did like the show, maybe not loved it, but it was an enjoyable short to watch each week and you pretty much knew what you were getting into each time. So tallying it all up, I’ll give Are You Lost? (Sounan desu ka?) a 5.5/5.


The final outing for Senpai and company wasn’t anything too special honestly, but I have to say the highlight was seeing Senpai in a bunny outfit. Aside from that we have more of the usual magical antics, Madara making a return with some more of her science tricks, and Saki and Ma-kun with more of their balloon art. But the main event was Senpai in the bunny outfit. Gotta say too, her approach for the last skit, while not exactly the best idea, did work as a perfect distraction. Assistant-kun got so caught up looking at her boobs that he completely missed her magic trick. So this proves that if Senpai wears a bunny outfit, she can preform her magic tricks successfully. Sounds like a win-win!

Final thoughts: For real I left like dropping this show most weeks. Sure it had some funny and sexy moments, but it just didn’t really click with me all that much and I felt like I was just sticking with it because I said I was going to review it so dropping it half way through was kinda a lame move. Although I’ve done that before and haven’t felt bad about it. Anyways, for a short show it wasn’t the worst ever, just maybe a little too silly for me. I’ve mentioned it before but I’ve got a surprisingly low tolerance for silly things and this was right on the line, if not over, most of the time. But at the end of the day maybe I just stuck with it because of this busty magician and her failing tricks. Tallying it all up I’ll give Tejina-senpai (Magical-Senpai) a 4/10.

Kanata no Astra

Once again this show has proved me wrong as it’s 48 minute finale neatly wrapped everything up and gave us the satisfying ending I was worried it might not deliver. So let’s jump in and take a look at how it all went down. The first part is mostly backstory as Charce returns to the Astra with the rest of the crew to explain his story and reveal the truth about what really happened. To quickly sum it all up, the migration to Astra still happened but before it even began there were wars about how the land would be divided up and a good chunk, about half, of humanity was killed in these wars. So when the move to Astra finally happened, the first generation decided to remove all nations and religion and start over with a clean slate so this would never happen again. Furthermore, they also decided to rewrite history and roll back the calendar 100 years and hide the truth from future generations to keep them from making the same mistake. This whole part kinda lost me I gotta say. So really instead of the year being 2063, it’s actually 2163 and instead of Polina being asleep for 12 years, she was asleep for 112 years, making her 140 years old. Damn….

The remainder of the ep is spent with the crew deciding to tell the world the truth as they need to know they’ve been lied to for all this time, so once they’re close enough to Astra, they prepare an information package and send it to Aries’s mother who in turn sent it to a detective Ulgar knows and from there they got the ball rolling with the arrest of the King and the rest of the originals. With that out of the way it was safe for them to return to Astra without fear of being killed or something by the originals trying to hide their secret.

I think the best part of this ep was from when they all returned home to the end of the ep. The amount of time spent on wrapping up loose ends and following up on all the details was nice to see as so many shows don’t spend this much time doing that. After all was said and done it really did feel like the story was properly concluded and the ending was satisfying, something I like to see as that’s so rarely done these days. The ep ended with a time skip where everyone is older and has moved on in life. Zack and Quitterie are married, Ulgar is a journalist, Kanata is a captain of his own ship. Charce became King, Polina is a history teacher, Funi is in high school, everyone is living a new life now, one for themselves and not as a clone made for spare parts or something. I also really like the insert song here sung by Yunhua as it really makes for a nice closing sequence.

Final thoughts: After a thrilling 12 weeks, Kanata no Astra has come to a close. Honestly this show was by far one of my favorites of the summer season as its story was as its story was so engaging and kept you on the edge of your seat the whole time. So many twists and turns, you never know what’s coming next, and even if you think you do, they’ll throw you a curve ball and catch you off guard. I love a good story and Astra really provided that and them some. This ended up being more than a group of kids lost in space, but it turned into something so much bigger and so much more exciting. Tallying it all up, I’ll give Kanata no Astra (Astra Lost in Space) a solid 9/10. Excellent show, definitely recommend it!

Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?

Dumbbell ended on a high note this week with the girls taking part in another talent show, this time on a tropical island in the Pacific. We got to see the girls in swimsuits one final time too, which was even better too, and they were different swimsuits this time as well, not the ones we’ve seen before in their first talent show or in the OP, these were new! All in all this was pretty much the beach ep that we were promised after their trip in ep 4 ended abruptly as the beach was closed due to sharks. Nice to see that they made it up to us by ending the show with a beach ep. Although by now we’ve seen the girls in swimsuits and other exercise wear so it’s not like this was anything huge.

The majority of the ep is the talent show, each girl showing off a new and excited talent we haven’t seen yet. Granted Gina and Ayaka didn’t get their chance to as things didn’t exactly work out for them. Hibiki and Akemi ended up putting on a great show though, Hibiki showing off her extreme strength with a punching bag while Akemi showed us hardcore handstand push ups. In the end both girls faced off against each other for the final round but by then Hibiki was completely out of energy and Akemi won the grand prize. With Hibiki it’s always about the food.

Final thoughts: Looking back at this show I gotta say it was truly everything I wanted out of it, but what I was expecting was how educational it was too. I’ve seen a few exercise shows before, namely Ani Tore! but Dumbbell by far exceeded in terms of educational value, and most importantly, Dumbbell really motivated you to get up and exercise too. I honestly wanted to start going to the gym after watching a few eps of this show, the way they explained things and made it simple and easy for anyone to work out, it was such a nice touch and they really brought across how fun and healthy exercise is for you. Yeah it’s got cute and sexy anime girls exercising and getting all sweaty together, but the true star of the show is the exercising and showing you how to have a healthy and strong body. The girls are there to demonstrate how to reach that goal and provide the much needed encouragement along the way. All in all Dumbbell wins for my Anime of the Season as it just hit all the right points and then some. Tallying it up, Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru? (How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift?) gets a well earned 9.5/10.

Machikado Mazoku

As this show started a week later, it’s ending a week later so this is the only show where I’ll have my final impressions next week. This week was supposed to be an in depth look at Momo, but somehow things turned around and it ended up being an in depth look on Shamiko’s mom and some more details on this curse the family is under. Pretty much Shamiko was born with most of the most of the dark clan’s power, which is why she’s so frail, and spent most of her childhood in hospital because of this. Her father ended up making a deal with the previous magical girl Sakura Chiyoda, Momo’s sister, who was protecting the city before her. But in the process Sakura used up a lot of magical energy doing so and protecting the city was extremely hard for her afterwards. Also somehow in all of this Shamiko’s dad ended up being sealed away in the mikan box they’re always using a table in the living room. Feels bad man.

All in all while this ep still had its usual humorous moments, it was a rather drama heavy ep as the truth was finally explained to Shamiko and Momo too. While we did learn a bit more about Momo, it was really more on Shamiko’s side where the bombs were dropping, and after all is said and done, how will Shamiko and Mom process this and move on, finally knowing the truth. Tune in next week for the final ep!

It’s a bittersweet time of year, a season of anime ending but a brand new season with new shows and returning favorites right around the corner. I’ve enjoyed the summer season quite a bit, lots of great shows to watch and I’ll really miss this season, much like how I miss every season. By far Dumbbell is my AOTS with Astra and Symphogear following it up closely. What about you, what were your top shows of the summer season? Let me know in the comments below!

So with this season pretty much over, it’s time I finally announce my plans for next season! As I hinted on Twitter a few days ago, both shows were involving water related activities, so with that clue in mind, the two shows I’ll be reviewing next season are Azur Lane and Kandagawa Jet Girls. Yep I’ll be sticking with just two shows this time, five was a bit much for this season but it somehow all worked out. If you’ve made it this far with me and my half assed anime blogging, I hope to see you back next season as I talk about these two shows!

As always thanks for reading this and I’ll see you right back here for the Demon Girl finale next week!