The season is almost over!

Sounan desu ka?

Last week ended with Shion having drifted off into the ocean while fishing, sending the usually calm and collected Homare into a panic. They’d made it this far without any serious problems yet, but now one of the girls is potentially lost for real, so it was a tense situation. Homare felt responsible for this happening as she was with Shion when they were fishing, so Homare decides to go out and look for her. It’s a risky move, one that even she realizes might not be the best idea, but she continues on in search for the lost girl.

Thankfully Shion had washed up on another island, well it was more like a rock mass sticking out of the water, but she was at least safe for the time being as help was on its way. That would be a terrible feeling though, lost in the middle of the ocean on some weird rock mass. No food or shelter like back on the island. Shion really thought this was the end of the line for her, but Homare came up huge and found her. Now their next issue is getting back to the island…


After last week’s beach adventure, it was back to the usual after school magic club activities. This week actually showed off that Senpai is actually relatively normal when she’s not doing anything magic related. Assistant-kun, Saki, and Ma-kun begin to suspect Senpai might be seeing someone after school so they decide to follow her one day and see what she does.

Turns out she was just helping out her sister’s husband find a birthday present for his wife so it was just all one big misunderstanding on their part. Senpai wasn’t seeing anyone after school, just helping out some family with a birthday party. Assistant-kun got pretty worked up about this whole thing, even though he’s always going on that he doesn’t have any feelings towards the busty magic obsessed girl. I think it’s pretty obvious that he does and this ep really proved it. Like I mentioned at the outset though, when it comes to non-magic related things, Senpai is somewhat normal. Although having her as a girlfriend… I’m not so sure about that.

Kanata no Astra

I’ll try to keep it shorter this week, I promise. So for starters we ended off last week with the true enemy being revealed as Charce, not Ulgar as Kanata had us believing. This week was pretty much all backstory as Charce explained the truth about himself and what his plan was. We also learn some shocking details about Aries too. But out of all of this, there still are questions that aren’t answered yet and with perhaps 1 ep left, I can’t see how they’re going to wrap everything up neatly.

First up is the truth about Charce. Back in ep 7 he told everyone about his time growing up, the girl Seira he hung out with and about her unfortunate accident. That was all a lie. Charce knew the whole time he was a clone, his father the King, made that very well aware to him. For his whole childhood Charce was told he’d have to die one day for the King, so that’s gonna do a number on anyone honestly. Charce grew up confined to the castle grounds and because of this he took up studying biology to pass the time, hence why he knows so much about plants and animals. But when he turned 17 and the laws about cloning were changed, the King couldn’t keep him around anymore, so he gave him the wormhole device an gave him the mission to kill himself and all the other clones.

Along with studying plants and animals to pass the time, Charce also hung out with the princess, Seira. I think you can start to see where this is going now. Seira and Aries are indeed the same person, just not exactly how I was imagining them to be. Turns out Aries is a clone after all, a clone of the princess Seira. The King had a clone made of Seira too, against her wishes, and she was pretty much made to be spare parts for Seira in case she ever became gravely sick or something. Of course once Seira learned this, she decided to do something about it and that was to send the clone away. So she gave this newborn child to a servant of hers named Emma, who became Aries’s mother we see now. So that answers the burning questions I’ve had about Aries and if she was a clone or not. Seira still ended up dying though, she was pushed from a cliff by an unknown attacker and that’s kinda where things are left off with her story.

The answer was always there…

Back to the cave and Charce explaining all of this. With his plan exposed now and everyone knowing the truth, Charce decided the only way to end this was to kill himself. Of course Kanata isn’t the sort of guy to sit back and let that happen, so in a brilliant display of speed, strength, and agility, he makes it up and over the reopened wormhole and tackles Charce trying to stop him. Unfortunately though in the struggle Kanata’s arm gets partly caught in the wormhole and when Charce turns it off, guess what was still on the other side? Yeah… so now Kanata is missing part of his right arm.

It’s an emotional end to the ep and while it finally sheds light on these two characters, there still are questions that remain unanswered. I really hope this doesn’t end next week as I really don’t think they can neatly wrap this up in just 1 more ep. Even if it’s an hour long, I still think that might be packing too much into a single ep. On the other hand, I would hate to see a manga lure ending too as those are the worst. Whatever happens though, it’s going to make for one hell of a final ep.

Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?

This week’s Dumbbell ep felt like a calm before the finale next week. It was pretty normal for the most part, just only a few things really happening this time around while they teased some big stuff for the final ep next week. Not to say it was a bad ep or anything, just nothing super stand out amazing. The girls visit the local shrine for their New Year’s Eve prayers and to get some stair climbing exercise in too. Ayaka and Satomi demonstrated the art of stair climbing for us, the two ladies making it look effortless as always. What awaited them at the top came as a surprise, but honestly it’s almost something they should’ve expected. Machio’s family runs the local shrine so he gets to be the priest for occasions like this, so the usual macho crowd showed up to pray and see the Muscle God in action.

The middle to back half of the ep saw the girls trying out some street workout activities along with returning to another talent show to prove their worth again, and hopefully win some money along the way too. Not really a whole lot to talk about during these sequences, both were fun to watch and had great moments. I liked how Satomi was once again dragged into performing with the rest of the girls, this time she wore a wrestling mask to hid her identity, and we also saw her in the school uniform once again. She looked great in it last week so it was nice to see that uniform make a return so quickly. The ep ends with what looks like a promise of some beach fun next week, if so then it’s going to be one great final ep!

Machikado Mazoku

Last week ended with Shamiko’s other friend Shion making an appearance, so this week it was finally her time to shine and show off what she’s always up to in his club of hers. The first half was Shamiko and Momo visiting the club room where Shion did some experiments on Lilith and we even got to see Momo use some of her magic to let Lilith control a doll for a short period of time. Lilith doesn’t really get to move around that much while in statue mode, so being free to run and jump was a nice change for her.

The back half saw the return of Ryo as the two sisters went to visit Momo because the laptop she lent them a few eps ago was acting up. All in all it was a nice segment as Momo and Shamiko got some spend some quality time together and even Mikan made an appearance too. Momo and Shamiko are so cute together even if they’re a bit awkward. It’s nice that Shamiko is making an effort to get closer to the magical girl. But even so, there is still so much Shamiko, along with us viewers, don’t know about Momo. So it looks like next week we’ll finally dive into Momo’s past and see if we can find some answers about her.

The season truly is almost over. Hard to believe it went by so fast, but I guess that’s what happens then you’re watching some great anime, it’s gone in a flash. Another great week here as all the shows are gearing up for their final eps, always a sad time as the shows you enjoyed watching so much over the past 3 months are now coming to a close. But it’s also a happy time too as brand new shows and returning favorites will be starting up in a few weeks time.

So that’s it for me this week, feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts on this week’s round of shows and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

As always, thanks for reading and I’ll see you next week!