The end is in sight!

Sounan desu ka?

This week was about honey and the girl’s mission to get some. Turns out there are bees on this island and bees mean honey. Shion had been wanting something sweet anyways, so now here is their chance to get that. Of course you can’t just waltz over to a bee hive and collect the honey, that won’t really work out too well. Thankfully Homare has a plan to extract the honey in the most efficient way possible and without getting stung too much. It’s a race against time as the girls make their move on the nest and collect the honey but in the end it was all worth it.

The ending bit featured some more lingerie fishing action, this time Shion wanting to get in on it as she feels like she should be making herself more useful. While it was nice to see her finally stepping up, she’s still got some work to do as now she’s put herself into a dangerous position by getting pulled out into the ocean by the strong current. Looks like next week will be a rescue operation to get her back to safety!


The long awaited beach ep is finally here! After last week’s antics buying the swimsuits, it was finally time to see them in action! As expected this beach ep followed most of the usual activities that happen during these eps. Absent from this ep though was a sun screen applying moment, which usually happens in most beach eps, but oh well. We got the usual montage of the gang doing things ranging from building sand castles, floating around in the water, playing games, and eventually Senpai and Saki losing their bikini tops when they’re struck by a strong wave. As usual Senpai has a magic trick to help them solve this problem and as usual said magic trick fails. They eventually get back to shore, but even Saki’s plan didn’t pan out so well.

I think the best part about this ep was Madara making a return. She’s the girl in the science club with the long black hair and glasses. She was there visiting her grandmother and ended up running into Assistant-kun while out playing on the beach. Madara has her own magic tricks that she shows Assistant-kun, one the involves the sunset and seeing it from cool new ways.

The group finish up their day with a firework show, or at least try to until Senpai accidentally sets all the fireworks off at once. Thankfully Madara saves the day with her small stash of sparklers she had brought so the night can end on a high note.

Kanata no Astra

Another bomb dropping ep this week as we’re given more info on what the hell is going on. So for starters all this time they weren’t returning to Earth, rather they were returning to Astra. Polina is in absolute shock right now as she tries to understand what’s going on and why they’re not going back to Earth. Thankfully they’re able to get to the bottom of this rather quickly as everyone sits down for a quick history lesson. Things are going along pretty well until they hit 1962 when Aries calmly says that’s when World War III started. Poor Polina, she’s had one bomb dropped on her after another, this isn’t her day. Of course WWIII didn’t happen, not for Polina anyways, but she listens to this alternate history to try to make sense of it all.

Ayy lmao

Pretty much what happened was the Cuban Missile Crisis ended up becoming the next World War, which only lasted for 2 months because half of the world’s population died when all the nukes were launched. It’s hard for Polina to believe as her history is much different. Things went along as we know it until 2049, when a 300km asteroid was discovered heading towards Earth and would impact it in 8 years. So the only solution they came up with was the leave Earth and find a new planet to live on. This is where Polina comes into the picture as she was on the Ark VI out there looking for a new planet to live on. This takes me back to my theory I presented last week, I said that while her ship was out looking for a new planet, one was found but because of her ship crashing and her going into the cryo-chamber, she never knew that happened. That part is correct because Astra was the planet chosen for humans to live on, so I guess they never called back the other ships to tell them this, or maybe they did but Ark VI never got the message as it had crashed so the message never reached them. Either way a new home was found to and Kanata and the rest of the kids, that’s the planet they grew up on.

That brings us to the next point, how exactly did this exodus from Earth happen? I mean just considering the scale of something like that is insane, so how did they do it? Easy, wormholes. This answers another burning question of what exactly that glowing sphere was that swallowed them back in ep 1, well it turns out it was a wormhole that was made to help get everyone off Earth and to Astra. But that still brings up another question of why was one on MacPa that sent them into space? It’s a looming question that’s been put on hold for a while now as Kanata is still sure one of them is the killer, but that mystery has kinda been shelved for the past while as more pressing matter have come to hand. I’ll come back to this in a little bit though.

So far we’ve got some answers as to how Astra plays into this, what happened to Earth, and what the glowing spheres were. But one thing that stands out in all of this is the timing of all these events. Zack brings it up that something still doesn’t seem right. According to Polina, the exodus from Earth had to have been completed by 2057 as that’s when the asteroid hit and destroyed Earth, so with that in mind the current year is 2063 and as we’ve seen, Astra is a bustling planet. There is no way they could’ve colonized a whole planet in that time. Something isn’t lining up at all. But before they can progress any further, Aries says they should call it quits there and shouldn’t argue over theories about what might have happened. Maybe I’m just reading too deep into this, but that seemed a bit strange for her to say that. They’re trying to get to the bottom of this and she suddenly says they should stop talking about it out of fear of the atmosphere getting bad. Seems a bit strange.

So I mentioned I’d get back to the wormhole thing, I’ll do that now. So remember back in ep 1 when they just went through the wormhole and were floating in space? Remember the planet they were orbiting? Turns out that’s what was left of Earth. The conclusion they reached is that the wormhole shot them out back there and the ship that was floating nearby must have been docked at a space station but broke loose when the asteroid impacted Earth. So really then, all this time they’ve been traveling from Earth to Astra. As for why the initial scans of the planet didn’t list it as Earth, I’m not sure. Maybe this will be touched on in future eps.

We’ve covered a lot already but we’re not even at the end yet. The ep continues and the crew reaches their final planet before Astra. They do the usual food gathering and such but as this is happening Kanata comes face to face with the wormhole once again. He runs from it but it follows, determined to swallow him up but it suddenly disappears right as Kanata finds Aries who is also out looking for food. From here on in Kanata is drafting up a plan to catch the killer as he now knows who it is, it’s Ulgar. Kanata puts the plan in motion are it’s looking like they’ve got him cornered and the wormhole opens once again, but then Kanata comes out and grabs not Ulgar’s arm, but Charce! Turns out it’s Charce who is the enemy, he’s the guy who has been trying to kill them this whole time. What’s more is that he’s also a clone (RIP my theory) and his job was to make sure they all died and the cloning conspiracy would be covered up. But why Charce, why was him? Out of all the clones why Charce? Well it turns out he knew he was a clone the whole time, a clone of his father the king of Vixia Royal Quater! We’ll have to leave it there though as this part has gone on long enough. I’ll talk more about this next week.

Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?

It’s Christmas time and the girls are feeling the pressure of being single. Christmas is more of a couples holiday in Japan so being single is tough, especially when going out to the mall or other public areas as there are lots of couples going around. Thankfully Machio has a plan to help the girls meet some guys, that is a Christmas Gym Party! I like how they all dressed up too, Satomi going all out with some cosplay that wasn’t even Christmas themed, but the rest of the girls all looked super cute. As for their mission to meet some hot guys, well it turns out they were just a little too nervous to ask them for numbers or to train together. And all of them just so happen to be ultra macho gorilla guys that already have girlfriends or are married. Well at least they tried, that’s commendable.

The back half takes place at a local amusement part as Satomi won a pair of tickets at the party, but is busy with winter comiket things and won’t be able to make it before they expire, so she gives them to Akemi who invites none other than Machio! It’s a shocker for everyone but as we’ll find out later it wasn’t for the reason they all thought. The highlight of this whole amusement park sequence is probably Satomi wearing a school uniform. Honestly that woman looks amazing in anything, she’s so good. Turns out Akemi just wanted to bring Machio along as there was a cosplay event happening at the park and she wanted to see his pecs in leather clad armor. To each their own I guess.

Machikado Mazoku

Momo and Shamiko were back to battling this week, although instead of using magic they used their brains. Yes this week’s battle was of the academic kind. But why though? In last week’s ep near the end there was a moment where Shamiko said she wanted Momo to acknowledge her more so to do that she wants to beat her in an upcoming test by getting a higher score. But Momo is a good student and won’t be beaten so easily, so Shamiko will have to study hard if she wants to get the better grade. Lilith does offer to whisper her answers via telepathy and she really pushes Shamiko to do this as it would guarantee an easy win but when the time arrives and Shamiko is about to start the test, she hands over Lilith in the statue to her teacher so she can’t cheat. It’s a good move by Shamiko, wanting to battle Momo fairly, even if she did end up losing in the end. But maybe after all is said and done, Momo might start to pay her more attention.

The back half brings back Mikan as she spends the morning with Shamiko and the two go to the movies. Mikan wants to work on getting her curse under control and her idea was to go watch a scary movie to help keep her heart rate down thus making her curse more manageable. Shamiko isn’t exactly thrilled about it all, she’s not too good with scary movies, but she goes along just the same and actually ends up enjoying the zombie movie quite a bit. Mikan on the other hand ended up sleeping through most of the movie so in the end she really didn’t even get to work on keeping her curse under control. Oh well, I guess they’ll just have to go to the movies once more! We end the ep with Shamiko’s other friend Shion as she’s acting somewhat suspicious. Looks like next week we’ll get to see what really goes on in her club!

That’s it for this week! Another full week with a lot to talk about again. it’s crazy how fast this season has gone though, I mean we’re into September already! Gotta start looking ahead to next season and what I’ll be watching and maybe reviewing.

So that pretty much wraps things up for me here. If you’ve got any comments about any of the shows I’ve discussed or just other shows your watching this season and are enjoying, leave a comment down below!

As always thanks for reading and I’ll see you back here next week!