Starting to reach the end of the season now, but things are really starting to heat up!

Sounan desu ka?

This week was pretty much Homare recounting her travels with her father and applying things learned in said travels to their current situation. From making an adhesive for the handle of the knife to homemade sunscreen, Homare has the knowledge and know-how to do pretty much about everything. I think the main highlight from this ep has gotta be the sunscreen sequence. Shion mentions that the UV rays are going to bake them out on that bright beach, so Homare sets to work collecting needed materials to make a sunscreen for them. She starts by catching a squid (yes I know that’s not a great start when it comes to sunscreen) as apparently squid ink works as a sun screen. Not too appealing, but Mutsu ends up getting the ink treatment turning her face quite dark. While I was watching I couldn’t help but think of people getting triggered by this somehow as this normally fair skinned Japanese girl now has black ink all over her face. Oh well, I’m more upset that I even was considering that in the first place as it’s nothing to even get worked up about.

The next sunscreen concoction that Homare makes up looks a bit more like normal sunscreen, oily and a bit slimy. It was supposed to be for the rest of the girls, but Shino accidentally drops the container and spills most of it onto Homare. Here’s where things get sexy. Seeing her chance to get all oiled up, Asuka slips underneath Homare to make sure none of the sunscreen goes to waste. Very nice moment.

The remainder of the ep is more Homare with her endless knowledge of survival tips and tricks to help the girls out during their stay. Looks like next week they’ll be doing something with honey. Sounds interesting!


Another week of magic antics with Senpai and company. This week was kinda like the prelude for next week’s beach ep, so there was the usual swimsuit shopping sequence filled with the usual sexy results. Other magic related antics included mind reading tricks, number games, and ice cream eating. Each didn’t exactly go as planned, as expected, and they had the usual dose of sexy results. Yeah you could tell I’m grasping at what to talk about this week as it was just another run of the mill ep. I think next week I’ll just have all pics of the girls in swimsuits or something as finding something to talk about regarding this show is tough. On to the next one!

Kanata no Astra

Oh man do we have a lot to talk about this week. So for starters we pick up with Zack bringing together the crew to announce the results of the DNA check done on Funi and Quitterie. If we recall back to last week, Funi and Quitterie were found to have the exact same DNA, something that does not happen, even for identical twins. So that left only one answer, she’s a clone. Well they waste no time answering that for us as we return to another meeting of the parents, only this time they’re discussing their evil plan. So it turns out they each made a clone of themselves for future rejuvenation reasons and to stay young and healthy. It’s something seen done before in sci-fi shows and movies, but honestly I was expecting this to be the grand plan the whole time. But in doing this they ran the risk of getting caught by a newly formed anti-cloning law so they needed to get rid of their clones before anyone found out, hence the doomed space trip. So while that scene answers a few questions, it also brings up some more than haven’t been touched on just yet.

No one can believe what the hell is happening right now

For starters the whole glowing sphere that swallowed everyone in ep 1 and spit them out into space, what exactly was that? It’s mentioned briefly during the meeting of the parents how they were surprised such a thing existed, but that’s as far as things so regarding that. I’m interested to learn more about this thing, what it is, where is came from, why they know about it, how they’re able to use it, just all the basic questions because it played such a large role in this grand plan of theirs. Next is who exactly got cloned here and who didn’t. How I see this is that everyone except Aries and Charce is a clone. Why? Well let’s take a look at a few details here starting with the first meeting of the parents in ep 5. Charce’s mother was present at that meeting but didn’t actually contribute much to the overall conversation until the very end when she asks why Luca’s father isn’t there. She didn’t really seem that suspicious and she’s not included in the OP when it shows the main group of parents who are behind the cloning thing. Go back and watch the OP in ep 8 and none of Charce’s parents are even present at all. Next we learn in ep 7 that he left his parents after “Seira” went into a coma, so if he truly was a clone I don’t think they’d want him just up and leaving like that, especially with cloning being illegal and a simple DNA check being able to reveal that. Also, no one was there to represent Charce during the second meeting of the parents so it’s looking more and more likely that Charce isn’t a clone. As for why he’s on this trip, I think he also knows Aries and Seira are one in the same and he found out that she was placed on this trip as someone wanted to get rid of her, but Charce found out and came to see if it really is her. It honestly makes sense the more you think about.

Aries, if that really is her name, also can’t be a clone. For starters she looks nothing like her mother as all the other clones look very much like their original. Aries has pink hair while her mother has brown hair. Their eyes are different colors, hell their personalities are completely different. I still firmly believe that Aries and Seira are the same person, there are just too many things about them that seem odd and given what information we know so far via Charce’s backstory and just general observation, Aries and Seira have to be the same person. I’m really sure that’s the answer to this. As for why she’s on this trip, like I mentioned above, maybe she was placed on this trip to be gotten rid of as Charce’s parents clearly didn’t like him seeing this girl before the accident, so this would be a good opportunity to make her disappear, except Charce found out and came to investigate. I think it’s a good theory but I’ll have to wait to see if my predictions will be accurate. Once again no manga/light novel spoilers or I will end you.

The final point I want to talk about is regarding Polina and how she fits into all of this, because after thinking about it I think I’ve also got her angle figured out too. For starters her mission aboard the Ark VI was to look for a new planets that could support life but because of what happened her ship ended up stranded on this alien planet and her crew all killed so she went into the cryo-chamber in hopes of someone finding her in the future. Well 12 years pass, what if during that time a planet was found to support life and was populated while she was still asleep, because the ep ends with yet another massive bomb dropping that the “home” everyone keeps referring to isn’t Earth. Rather this “home” they’ve been striving towards the past 80+ days is Planet Astra. I got chills during this part as I was sure this ep couldn’t have anymore bombs dropping as the second half was all upbeat and fun again. But yeah, they’re not from Earth, but from Astra. And when you stop and think about it, no one actually mentions the word ‘Earth’ at all, they always just say “home”. I never really noticed that until this moment which made me go back and watch a few scenes from previous eps. So maybe Polina’s mission to find a new planet for humans was a success, Astra was found, but she was just asleep that whole time and isn’t up to speed just yet. And finally one very small detail, the dogtag Kanata picked up in ep 8 that belonged to her former crew clearly said ‘Seattle. WA’ on it, so she’s clearly  from the real Earth, but these kids aren’t at all.


So yeah I think that’s all I wanted to talk about for this week’s ep. I know I said I’d be keeping this whole weekly review thing short, but honestly I needed to go into detail to explain my theories about what the hell is happening in this show. If you have theories of your own feel free to mention them in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter and we can chat about it. Once again though, absolutely no manga/light novel spoilers. I’ll hate you forever if you spoil it for me.

Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?

Turns out trouble wasn’t really coming for Machio, rather it was just an old friend who wanted to meet up with him. If we recall back to ep 2 when Hibiki and Ayaka are watching old action movies, there is a certain movie star they’re obsessed with, Barnold Shortsinator, well it turns out that get is the one who trained Machio. It’s clearly a take on the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger and they even make mention of some of his movies too, not exactly by name, but I’m sure you can guess their real names. Unfortunately Satomi wasn’t up on her old action movie knowledge and which she mistakenly thought Barnold was actually Arnold and began to talk about the classic 1984 movie The Terminator, only to get the disapproval of Hibiki and Ayaka in the end. Poor Satomi, she was so sure he was the real Arnold.

The rest of the ep features the usual training moments, the girls explaining handgrips and the joys of using those, some back exercises, and finally the main event which is a bodybuilding competition which Barnold gets Machio to compete in. Machio ends up completely dominating and winning with ease. He then goes on to say that while all those other guys on the stage were very good, none of the greatest international bodybuilders were there, so it was an easy win for him. The ep wraps up with another surprise visit from someone kinda famous, Barnold’s secretary Jason Sgatham. Man this show never fails to disappoint!

Machikado Mazoku

Finally we have the arrival of the orange haired girl, who is another magical girl and friend of Momo. Her name is Mikan Hinatsuki. She’s in town because Momo texted her and told her about her loss of magical energy and how she can’t protect the city like she used to, so Mikan is in town to help out. The thing is though Mikan has this curse which makes all hell break loose around her and causes chaos whenever her heart rate goes up or she gets flustered by something. So things like complementing her on something gets her heart rate going and chaos starts to happen all around her to people she’s close with. It makes for some humorous situations that Yuko and Momo are put in due to this unfortunate curse. Yuko and Mikan really seemed to hit it off those in terms of getting along. I really liked their interactions, they seemed to really click and will end up being good friends.

The back half of the ep is Momo training Yuko once again. It’s another humorous sequence that includes Yuko’s Crisis Management Form making another appearance. Man that outfit is so sexy. Speaking of sexy outfits, I really liked Mikan’s training outfit too, very good. All in all this week’s ep was focusing on Mikan mostly but Yuko and Momo also got a good amount of screen time in as well. Looking forward to seeing the three of them together in the coming eps as I’m sure they’ll get into some wild antics together.

Another week in the bag! I know I spent most of this week mainly talking about Astra, but holy shit is that show off the rails right now. Just when you think you’ve got it figured out, they drop another bomb on your head. Goddamn, loving that show so much right now!

So that pretty much wraps things up for me here. If you’ve got any comments about any of the shows I’ve discussed or just other shows your watching this season and are enjoying, leave a comment down below!

As always thanks for reading and I’ll see you back here next week!