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Sounan desu ka?

Unfortunately there isn’t anyone else on the island, as of yet, and that “smoke” Homare saw wasn’t actually smoke at all, rather steam. Steam? From what? A hot spring! Yes they somehow managed to put a hot spring scene in this show and I’m very thankful they did. Finally the girls have a moment to relax and enjoy the soothing hot water on their bodies, something they haven’t had the luxury of being able to do in quite a while. But as fun as it is, the natural hot spring doesn’t last forever and before they know it, a wave comes up and washes them out of the hot tide pool they were enjoying. Oh well, maybe it’ll come back again?

The second half was back to the educational stuff, Homare teaching the girls, and us viewers, the importance of staying safe during a lightening storm. Now I’m pretty sure it goes without saying the you shouldn’t be outside while a lightening storm is happening, but if you do then do panic and run around like Asuka was doing, that’s not going to help the situation. Thankfully Homare was able to teach the girls an important lesson here along with more survival tips. Honestly what would they do without her?


The magic antics continue this week with Senpai and company, but also there was a moment where Senpai was able to show off her magical brilliance as the group got invited to a nursery school to perform some tricks. We start off the ep with some Chinese magic tricks, Senpai attempting to wow the club members but instead it was Saki’s chest doing the wowing. She can be useful for somethings. I liked Assisant-kun’s vision of Senpai in the China dress, that was really nice. If only she actually wore one…

The middle to back half of the ep is more random antics Senpai and Assistant get up to, the usual sexy results following. They tried to make a website, some of them were decent, others looking borderline porn-esque, and while we didn’t get to see the finished product we’re left to assume it was good because they get a request to perform at a local nursery home for some kids. Senpai actually did pretty good here, she didn’t have a complete meltdown in front of everyone, so I think performing in front of kids is something she’s more suited for, instead of regular people. While she still had a few issues, the kids didn’t seem to mind and enjoyed the show. I think this might be the first win for Senpai! Awesome!

Kanata no Astra

Man this show just gets better and better each week! I love it! So ep 7 ended on the cliffhanger of Kanata, Zack, and Ulgar discovering a girl in the cryo-chamber aboard this mystery ship that was also on the planet, so of course the big question is: who is she? Here we go, story time!

Well for starts her name is Polina Livinskaya, a crew member on that ship they found, called the Ark VI. Pretty much her story is they were heading to another planet but had to make an emergency landing and while doing do their ship also got attacked by those giant plants thus crashing much like the Astra. The rest of her crew went outside, I guess to either see if the ship could be fixed or explore around, but they never returned. Faced with only a few options, Polina decided to enter the cryo-chamber and sleep until someone found her. The thing is though the odds of someone actually finding her were extremely slim. She could’ve easily spent the rest of her life in that chamber asleep waiting for help, so just the fact they found her is incredible.

Moving back to the current issue, the Astra is still grounded with no way of being repaired. Or is it? Turns out these ships, the Astra and Ark VI, are able to split apart into 3 pieces, so what they’re able to do is swap out the broken Astra pieces with the pieces on the Ark VI and get the Astra working again. It’s a pretty good idea and one that will send them back on their journey home.

A few interesting bits to talk about too, namely the scene in the medical bay with Polina and Yunhua. When Polina is told what year it is, she freaks out and mentions “nothing happened?” a few times. Yunhua presses for an explanation, but Polina doesn’t go into details. I’m very curious as to what exactly she was talking about.

Next up is a bit one regarding Funi and Quitterie. It’s pretty easy to call them sisters as they look very much alike, the dark skin, purple eyes, blonde-ish hair, they could easily be passed off as sisters, as Polina thought they were. But they’re not, Funi is adopted thus not Quitterie’s biological sister. What’s weird though is that when the crew all donated some blood to Polina (I guess she needed blood for some unexplained reason) Quitterie noticed that she has the same blood type as Funi, which is strange as they’re not sisters. Quitterie even jokes that maybe they are and her mother just never told her about Funi. Zack however suggests they do a quick DNA test to see if they really are and the results he find out are nothing short of jaw dropping. Hell I didn’t even see this one coming. Turns out they’re not related… rather they’re the same person! And just when things couldn’t get stranger, they launch this on us, I was legit shocked by this one. So many more questions now, I can’t wait for the next ep!

Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?

This week’s ep put the focus on a couple of the other teachers, Rumika Aina and Kure Yakusha, as they too enter the fitness world and Silverman Gym. Satomi is a little embarrassed about her coworkers also at the gym with her, but once Machio shows up and gets them started on some training, the embarrassment wears off and it’s back to the usual exercising. Aina and Kure would go on to register at gyms closer to where they live, but I’m guessing we’ll still see them from time to time.

The whole second half takes place in the great outdoors as the school is going on a hiking trip to the top of a mountain and having a barbecue lunch when they reach the summit. While the mountain selected for this journey has a slightly ominous feeling to it, Aina and Kure are confident that the route mapped out will “probably” be safe. It actually was, it’s just that Hibiki, Satomi and Aina ended up getting lost along the way. Despite their best efforts and ideas to find help, but in the end it turns out they weren’t actually that far from the summit and everything ended well. All they missed out on was a nice barbecue lunch. Oh well.

A smaller side story that was starting up in this ep involved Machio and this currently unnamed huge guy that’s looking for him. Maybe he’s a former associate or friend, whatever the case the ep ends with the narrator saying a storm is coming, something that’s always ominous. I’m sure it’s nothing too crazy, but it looks like Machio will be having some trouble coming his way in the near future.

Machikado Mazoku

I loved the dream recap sequence to open the ep, it was so epic and over the top too, but it just looked so damn cool. Props to Lilith for whipping that ep, even if a lot of it was exaggerated, still awesome to watch.

Anyways, it looks like things are finally going to start getting better for Yuko and her family. Ever since Momo has been down and out with the cold, it looks like the $400 curse is starting to be lifted. Yuko’s mother got a call from the police saying her purse with $1080 that fell into the gutter was all returned. It’s a promising start as they could sure use the money. To celebrate she decides to go all out and get a ton of food to make okonomiyaki, which looked really delicious. Yuko also made a trip to see the still sick Momo to give her some food as their fridge back at home isn’t in working condition to hold all the food. It was a nice moment see Yuko go over in the rain to deliver the food to the girl she likes, even if she claimed to have other reasons for doing so. Oh these two are so cute.

The back half was more classic Momo and Yuko fun. Momo saying last week that since some of her blood was taken, her magic powers have gone down a considerable amount and that she can’t protect the city by herself. Yuko got drafted into helping but she still needs training, so part of the back half was spent trying to train her some more. Of course things didn’t exactly go as planned, Yuko not making the progress needed. We also see Yuko having yet another part time job to help earn some dollars. Her friend Anri sets her up with this gig working as a mascot for a store, the job requirements being a little strange but Yuko accepts it. And finally this is how we meet the orange haired girl we see in the OP and ED. Not officially, but she’s finally made her appearance, so for real next week we’ll meet her and see what she has to bring to the table.

Another great week of anime, but at this point the end is actually in sight. Kinda crazy to think this is week 8 and we’ve only got a month of summer shows left. How time flies when you’re having fun. I’ll have some tweets later next month about what shows I’ll be covering, so don’t worry about that.

Anyways, how did you enjoy this week’s round of shows? Be sure to leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you in a timely manner!

That’s all for me, thanks for reading and I’ll see you back here next week!