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Let’s get to it!

Sounan desu ka?

It seems kinda funny that it’s taken this long for the girls to finally get around to exploring the island, but for the first little bit they really needed to establish a game plan and get supplies to survive. So with that now pretty sorted out, Homare decides it’s finally time to explore the island and see what else it has to offer. It’s not the most eventful ep, which is fine really as they need some downtime after recent events, so there isn’t a whole lot worth getting into a discussion about. A few key highlights though, during their travels they found an old dock and house, meaning at some point other people were on the island. It’s a very positive start as that means they might be one step closer to being rescued. Or maybe they’ll be able to find something more that’ll help them survive longer. Either way, it seems like they deserted island in the middle of nowhere might not being as deserted as they once thought. We end on a cliffhanger with the girls on the highest point of the island to get a look at their surroundings when Homare suddenly notices smoke. Could this be another person stranded on the island too? Come back next week and we’ll find out!


Another week of Tejina and her magic antics. I think the highlight of this week’s ep were the swimsuits, as that’s always a highlight. Of course there was a reason why swimsuits were suddenly introduced, it’s because Tejina wanted to try her hand at underwater magic, specifically a daring underwater escape. Just the sound of it is dangerous but this being Tejina she was all gung-ho to try it out. While everyone was pretty adamant about her not doing it, Assistant-kun finally gave into her pouting and let her try it out, with just her wrists tied. Of course the usual sexy results followed.

The closing skit was back to Tejina and her stage fright. It’s still an ongoing problem and one she’s not getting any better at. Assistant-kun had a few ideas he wanted to try out to see at what point her stage fright kicked in. While Tejina may seem like a total mess all the time, she’s actually quite normal when doing some things, it’s just when it comes to doing magic in front of someone that she becoming a complete and total mess. While his efforts mostly worked, in the end things were back right where they started. Oh Tejina, what are you gonna do about this…

Kanata no Astra

Ep 6 ended with a terrifying look from Charce, a look that made everyone wonder if the friendly nice guy on the team was actually the killer the whole time. It was a suspenseful end to the ep and this week we pick up right where we left off. While everyone has slowly started opening up about their pasts and family life, Charce hasn’t said a word, until now. So once again this week was another backstory ep, this time featuring Charce.

So his deal is that he’s actually from a royal family. Okay didn’t see that coming at all. He grew up in a pretty protected area that was separate from the common folk. Even so he formed a friendship with a girl named Seira who lived on the other side. One day he brought her over onto his side to play and show her an amazing view from the top of a tower. Unfortunately while up there they were caught by a guard and in the struggle she ended up falling. Now I’m pretty sure a fall from that great a height would kill a person, but apparently she just ended up in a coma. Not as bad as dying, but still just as bad. Couple that with the fact his family didn’t like him always going to visit this girl, Charce decided it was time to leave the Kingdom and his family. So this really continues the theme on the Astra of everyone having family issues that might make them a target to be killed. Still need some more evidence to prove this is true.


Out of this shocking and sad story, there is one very interesting detail that stuck out for me. Maybe you noticed it or not, but I’m just gonna come out and say it: Seira and Aries are the same person. Okay hear me out because I think I’m not reading too deep into this for once and this theory isn’t too out there. For starters her voice sounds similar and her hairstyle is similar to that of Aries. Next, there have been a few moments with Charce and Aries together, be it cooking or whatever, and just their interactions seem very natural together and Charce seems to like being around her (I might be reading too deep into that part I’ll admit). Charce also mentions that Seira is a lot like Aries when asked by her, prompting a perplexed reaction from Aries. Next up is a big one, their names. Take Aries and flip it around, what do you get? Seira. I can’t be the only one who thought that seems a bit strange. And lastly we get a very brief moment of Charce in his room looking at a picture of “Seira” but I’m like 98% positive the girl in the picture had pink hair just like Aries. Also throughout the whole flashback and when Charce looks at the picture, we never see the face of this “Seira”, not once. I’m very confident my theory is correct here because there are just too many things to call this all just one big coincidence. Manga/light novel readers DO NOT spoil anything for me here.

Oh and for the rest of the ep, as a lot happened, the Astra crash landed on a planet and is unable to continue its journey. It was a pretty soul crushing moment there as Zack breaks the news that this is the end of the line for them. While out looking for food and supplies though, Charce, Ulgar, Luca, Yunhua and Fumi make a shocking discovery, there is another ship on the planet that looks exactly like theirs. So many theories popped into my head at this point as this whole ep just went up a lot of notches. Zack, Kanata and Ulgar board the ship to investigate and they discover a message for help and a cryo-pod with someone inside! The mysteries just keep on piling up here!

Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?

This week was pretty chill actually compared to recent weeks. Zina is settling into her new life in Japan, learning the language and other customs by watching anime, but she’s still bent on having her revenge and beating Hibiki at some point. The first half of the ep is of the girls visiting Hibiki’s workplace, where she serves them some exquisite looking meat that had my mouth watering. Machio and Satomi went on to explain, in great detail, all about the nutritional value of the meat they were eating. It was very informative I must say.

The back half featured the unlikely team up of Zina and Satomi as they spent the afternoon together hanging out around the city. How exactly did this come about? Well it turns out Zina is a very perceptive person and figured out right away that Satomi is actually the famous cosplayer Yulia Riko. This is the absolute worst possible thing Satomi could imagine happening as her cosplay is a bit sexual and probably not something a teacher should be doing. Of course to each their own, one should be free to have whatever hobby they want to have, be it legal and nothing involving killing or something like that. Anyways Satomi agreed to do anything for Zina so shw wouldn’t tell anyone, but Zina is a good girl and just wants to chill, hang out, and take pictures of her in Chun-Li cosplay. No reputation ruining here. I also need to mention that Satomi looked really nice in casual clothing. Her hat was really cute too!

We end the ep with the mini idol arc in which the girls try out and a local idol competition, they of course crushed it (quite literally actually) but in the end they didn’t make the cut. Although I’m pretty sure they were the fan favorites. Oh and guess what, we got to see Zina in a swimsuit too! All in all I’d say this was another great ep!

Machikado Mazoku

For starters I want to apologize for all the past reviews. I’m pretty sure I’ve been referring to Yuko as ‘Yuka’ and I only just realized it recently. I don’t know how or why this happened, but it somehow did and I’m now going to make sure I call her by her proper name. Anyways, this ep wasn’t exactly the Momo backstory ep I thought it might be, and while we do learn a bit more about this magical girl, there still is a lot that hasn’t been touched on. Not that I want to know everything about her, but I still would like to learn a bit more about Momo and her magical girl past as it’s been alluded to a few times but so far we’ve gotten nothing more than that. Anyways Lilith’s new plan is to subconsciously plant an idea in Momo’s mind while she’s sleeping, something that could turn the tide in this ongoing battle. Inception much? Yuko initially doesn’t like the idea as it feels like brainwashing her, but she does come around eventually as Lilith explains that this way avoid direct conflict with her and losing another fight.

The plan kinda works but by the next day Momo isn’t feeling too well. Yuko might have cleaned up some subconscious sludge that had been building up in her mind, but in doing so it’s made Momo sick. Also Momo’s terrible cooking contributed greatly to her being sick too. Yeah don’t mess up cooking meat, it’s not pretty. The back half of the ep was Yuko taking care of Momo at her massive house filled with pink appliances. There were a lot of humorous moments and general Yuko and Momo goodness. It also looks like next week will finally be the entrance of the orange haired girl we see in the OP and ED, maybe then we’ll learn more about Momo and her past. Oh and we got to see Yuko in her sexy battle attire once again. Love that outfit!

Another full week of shows and things to talk about. Out of everything I’m watching right now I’ve gotta say Astra is by far the most exciting. The mystery just keeps growing and I’m really into this show, I can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen next week! Dumbbell continues to be my overall favorite as every week is an absolute joy to watch. The girls in that show are soooooo good.

After 7 weeks how are you enjoying the summer season? Feel free to leave a comment down below and I’ll make sure to get back to you as soon as I can!

That’s it for me, thanks for reading and I’ll see you right back here next week!