Things got pretty intense this week actually.

Sounan desu ka?

We ended last week on sort of a cliffhanger as Mutsu and Asuka discovered their trap had finally caught something. But it was still alive, meaning they would have to kill the animal, which was a cute little rabbit. I gotta say this whole sequence of them killing the rabbit and the following scene of them cleaning it were actually really good in terms of character building. I’m sure it would be hard having to kill a wild rabbit like that, but given the situation they’re in having food means surviving and hopefully going home at some point, so whatever it takes to make it home is something they need to do. Mutsu couldn’t bring herself to actually kill the rabbit, so Asuka did that part, but I liked how Mutsu stepped up and volunteered to clean it. By far the messier job, but she soldiered on and by the end she had a nice piece of meat.

Homare was of course overseeing everything, as she’s the Master of the Island after all, so with her direction and Shion’s input on how they should cook the meat, the girls are able to make a wonderful meal for themselves. It’s the first time they’ve had meat in a while but after all their hard work catching it, cleaning it, and preparing all the ingredients, they finally are having a proper meal. All in all it was a good ep for Asuka and Mutsu to overcome their fears and really step up and help the group survive, good character building. Next week it looks like they’re finally going to explore this island they’ve been stuck on since ep 1. I wonder what things they’ll discover? Come back next week to find out!


Hey guess what, I’ve got something to talk about this week for this show. It took 6 eps but we finally have the last 2 characters joining the group. These are of course the orange haired girl we see in the OP along with the fat guy. Turns out these two are siblings, the girl being Saki and the guy Ma-kun. Saki is the usual gyaru type character but the twist is she’s got a major brother complex and she hold Ma-kun on the highest pedestal possible. Ma-kun ended up not exactly living up to the hype, but oh well at least she likes him so I guess that’s all that really matters. While Saki’s arrival did shake things up a bit, her views of magic and such being a little different that Tejina, I think the two will eventually get alone as they do have similar goals for the club, Saki wanting to go the street performance route while Tejina wants to do more traditional magic.

The back half was back to the usual magic antics with Tejina and Assistant-kun, this time dabbling in the art of hypnosis. Of course things don’t go well at all and the usual sexy results come from Assistant-kun maybe going a little too far and taking advantage of the situation. Call it payback for all the crazy things Tejina has put him through, but at least he was able to realize when enough is enough and called it quits. Of course aside from satisfying his carnal desires, Assistant-kun also realized that maybe he could use hypnosis to help Tejina overcome her stage fright and perform properly in front of a crowd. If only it was that easy…

Kanata no Astra

Okay this was a very eventful ep and one that played out very differently than I imagined it would. So we pick up right where we left off last week, Ulgar pointing a gun at Luca’s head, he’s finally made his move and revealed himself as the enemy who has been trying to kill them this whole time. Or at least that’s what we’re led to believe. Before we go any further let’s take a look at Ulgar’s backstory as it answers why this is all taking place.

Ulgar didn’t have a great childhood. He wasn’t liked by his parents or anyone else and because of this he spent a lot of time alone. But his older brother was different, he liked Ulgar and tried to spend time with him when he could. His brother was a freelance journalist who made a living going after politicians and big companies, exposing their dirty secrets to the world. Not exactly a job that makes you a lot of friends, but he liked it and Ulgar looked up to him. But his brother got in too deep on a certain story and ended up dying. That story he was covering was on Luca’s father, who just so happens to be a politician. From there it’s easy to piece together what happens next. Ulgar blamed Luca’s father for the death of his brother and vowed vengeance and once he learned Luca’s last name and realized who he was, an idea came to mind. What if he killed Luca, the son of this powerful politician and ended the family line of power that Luca would eventually receive. Great idea… except Luca had one huge secret that changed everything.

Turns out Luca isn’t a boy… and here’s the kicker, he isn’t a girl either. I had a feeling Luca might be a girl as there were a few things that got me thinking, but I didn’t see that second twist coming in which he wasn’t a boy or girl. As Quitterie puts it, he’s intersexual, neither completely male or female. And to top it all off, he’s adopted too. That’s quite the 3 part twist there. So now with all this new information, Ulgar’s reason to kill Luca to get back at his father isn’t really a plan that’s gonna work anymore as Luca’s father doesn’t even care about Luca all that much anyways. But before things can go any further, we have a very Interstellar moment with a giant wall of water coming towards them. Turns out that earthquake they felt earlier was a lot more serious than they thought. After a tense rescue operation to get everyone off the surface, they decide to leave the planet and head on to the next one. Now that people are starting to open up more and talk about themselves, the morale is going back up and everyone is happier. But as things usually go in this show, that doesn’t last forever as their next hurdle has already presented itself, and once again it’s one of their own.

Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?

You might have noticed in the OP there is this white/silver haired girl who hasn’t been present in the show just yet, well all changed this week. Enter Zina Voyd and yes if that name sounds Russian it’s because it is and so is she. Oh and if you’re wondering, she’s voice by the always wonderful Nao Toyama. So Zina is in town for the world arm wrestling championships representing Russia and also happens to be the only other girl to enter aside from Hibiki. As we’ve seen earlier on, Hibiki is actually crazy strong and she even forced Machio to use some of his true power when they were practicing arm wrestling. It’s funny how Hibiki is so average with other things, but when she needs to be, she’s insanely strong. So while Zina is strong in her won rights, she’s no match for the superhuman strength of Hibiki, who takes her down with ease.

The back half of the ep is getting to know Zina a bit more and some of the exercises she did while back in at the Moscow branch of Silverman Gym. There is also a cameo of Putin too, actually he shows up a few times. Didn’t see that one coming. My initial impressions of Zina after this ep are positive. She’s pretty wild but she’s a fun character to watch. Plus being voiced by Nao Toyama already makes me like her even more. We end the ep with a surprise, that being Zina’s host family is none other than Hibiki’s family. Now she’s sharing her house with this Russian girl, I wonder what antics they’ll get up to?

Machikado Mazoku

I’m continually impressed by this show each week and it’s just so hilarious and the characters are so good. This week picked up where last week ended with Yuko finally getting enough money to pay off her debt to Momo and finally continue their battle. However Momo doesn’t want to accept her money at this point in time, especially after hearing that Yuko’s going to buy something for her little sister, Ryoko. After a walk around the shopping district, Yuko notices that Ryoko has been eyeing up this camera for most of the time, and realizes this is what she wants. So being the nice big sister she is, Yuko buys it for her and enjoys seeing how happy her little sister is at this. It’s a nice moment, her buying this gift for her sister despite their financial situation at home.

The back half of the ep follows Yuko as she attempts to transport a borrowed laptop from Momo back home. You see Ryoko wants to look at these pics she’s taken and the only way to do that is via a computer, so Momo lends one of her old laptops to Yuko for this. It’s a hilarious sequence of Yuko trying to get back home and avoiding all these things that are out to get her. The highlight of this whole sequence, at least for me, was seeing Yuko transform into her Demon Girl outfit, or Crisis Management Form as she calls it. It’s pretty much what Lilith wears, except Yuko has more of a chest that Lilith does so this outfit looks a lot sexier on her that Lilith. While it’s pretty embarrassing, and cold, outfit for Yuko, it’s nice to see her powers are slowly getting better. I mean she might not be able to shoot any real projectiles just yet, but at least she’s got enough power to transform into a sexy battle outfit. While the laptop finally made it home, it was one hell of a trip and even though it ended up taking a beating, it was protected enough to still work. Thanks Momo for thinking ahead.

An eventful week this time with a lot happening in these eps. Astra by far had the most to talk about with so many twists and turns they threw at us. I enjoyed Zina’s arrival too. And Demon Girl Next Door provided tons of laughs as usual. Great shows to be watching this season.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of these shows if you’re watching them, so feel free to leave a comment down below and I’ll make sure to reply to you in due time.

That’s it for me, thanks for reading and I’ll see you next week!