Can you believe we’re into the 5th week of the summer season already? Man how times flies…

Sounan desu ka?

Still stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere, our 4 high school girls are once again on the hunt for food. Last week Homare introduced them to making traps to catch a rabbit, saving them for eating more shellfish, and while that’s all fine it’s turning out to be a lot longer of a wait than expected. It’s true, you don’t just set a trap then catch something 5 minutes later, this takes time. So until then it’s back to looking for other things to eat. Thanks to Homare’s knowledge, star fish are now on the menu. It’s not what Shion was expecting, but hey it’s better than nothing.

Speaking of Shion, she’s having trouble dealing with the situation they’re in. Being trapped on this island, eating weird food, it’s not an ideal situation for her. Thankfully Homare once again saves the day by finding her a nice meal this time, nothing weird or gross, just some nice fish they’re able to grill up and enjoy with some strangely brewed tea Mutsu made with spice tree branches. While it’s not the rabbit they’re hoping for this time, it looks like next time they’ll finally get what they want. I just wonder if they can stomach having to kill it if it’s still alive in the trap…


This week saw the return of Tejina’s sister along with a cool new quick costume change trick that actually worked out quite well, mainly because her sister thought it up and not Tejina. As usual it had sexy results but all in all it worked out well in the end. We also finally get introduced to Madara, who is the girl in the chemistry club and frequently seen in a lab coat. She’s kinda weird, then again everyone in this show is, and she even shows off a few science related magic tricks including the classic tilting of the pop can. I knew that once from years ago. Still cool though.

The back half brings up the romance aspect, something the show hasn’t touched on just yet. Of course it’s all based around a misunderstanding Tejina hears and because of that she acts accordingly to this news. Thankfully things were all cleared up by the end of the ep as Tejina invites Assistant-kun over to her place to give him a proper answer, only to learn that she didn’t have the whole story and just ended up embarrassing herself when all was said and done. Poor Tejina, she can’t catch a break.

Kanata no Astra

This week’s ep caught me off guard as there isn’t a preview at the end of the eps, so I really have no idea what’s happening the following week. But before we get to the main event, let’s talk about what’s been happening back on Earth for the past 49 days. This was the first time we’ve seen what’s been happening since the kids all disappeared and as you can expect the situation back home isn’t good either. Aries’s mother Emma seems to be the only one who isn’t ready to give up on them, even if it’s been 49 days without any contact. She believes in them and her daughter that they’re still alive out there and need rescuing. It’s kinda weird though, she’s the only one who still wants to find her lost child, all the other parents are ready to move on. Taking into consideration the possible plot to kill the kids on some space travel mishap, the reactions from the parents are making the plot seem a lot more plausible now. I mean logically if you lost your child I’m sure after 49 days you wouldn’t just throw in the towel and stop believing. There is much more to what’s happening then we’re being shown and as each ep passes, the mystery grows as well.

Trouble in paradise

Now on to the fun stuff. I wasn’t expecting them to somehow throw in a beach sequence into this show but they did and yes it was good. The highlight of it all has gotta be Quitterie though, the tanned beauty showing off in her simple yet sexy white bikini. Wow what a sight. Aries and Yunhua also gave us a lot to look at too, especially with Yunhua’s new haircut and look. All in all the swimsuits are a refreshing break from the usual stress of surviving in space and give everyone on the Astra a chance to relax for a bit and enjoy this nice planet. Of course the good times don’t last forever and by the end of the ep they’re back into another tough situation, with the always mysterious Ulgar finally making this move on the crew. From the start he seemed like a shady guy but now this proves it. For now it looks like Ulgar is the bad guy they’re looking for, it’s just now he’s got a gun pointed at Luca. They’ve made it through a lot so far, but now it’s time to face one of their own.

Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?

The highlight of my week is always the new Dumbbell ep. This week Hibiki faced Sports Day at school, something she’s not too fond of but this time with the help of Machio and his advice she’s able to face this dreaded day with confidence. Granted the 400m relay is actually pretty tough as it’s once around the track, so you can’t just go all out or you’ll run out of energy for the last push. When I did track the longest relay I did was a 200m as I was better at the short distance sprints, that was a lot of fun. Of course the 100m is where it’s at, that was the best. Anyways, Hibiki wants to do well in the 400m relay and not let her team down so she’s going hard with the training to get ready for the big day, of course it’s important to not go too hard or you’ll injure yourself. Sadly though after all this hard work and training Hibiki puts in, a dropped baton costs them the race. It wasn’t Hibiki who dropped it but her teammate, so picking it up was an instant disqualification. Tough break, especially after she came in second place.

The back half of the ep is highlighted by the sauna scene. Yes it’s time for the girls to get hot and sweaty together and this didn’t disappoint at all. Of course it wasn’t just a normal trip into the sauna, they had to make it a challenge to see who could last the longest. Not really recommend you do this as it’s actually pretty dangerous and you can die, they even have a warning about how dangerous it is, so for real don’t try it. One by one the girls tapped out until it’s just Hibiki and Satomi left before Hibiki finally had to call it quits. Satomi came out victorious, even if the cost was great. As usual we end with another instructional segment where you can learn how to properly do this week’s featured exercise, the bicycle crunch.

Machikado Mazoku

Did I mention how hilarious this show is? Because if not then I have now. It’s such a blast to watch and I find myself laughing so much every time. This week continued with Lilith and her antics and this time things got pretty wild. So that statue that Yuka is always carrying around with her is where Lilith lives, her space where Yuka talked with her in last week’s ep. Well it turns out on the bottom of that statue there is a switch that Yuka was supposed to flip when she met all the “requirements”, according to Lilith. Turns out meeting those requirements is quite easy. Anyways, that switch gives Lilith access to borrow Yuka’s body for a short while in an effort to battle Momo. But Yuka’s body isn’t exactly that powerhouse that Lilith was expecting so her abilities were quite limited.

The second half of the ep is back to the ongoing struggle of living under the poverty curse. On top of that, Yuka needs to pay off her slowly growing debt to Momo (her train ticket and trip to the hot springs) so in order to do that she’s able to land a small job on the weekend selling wieners at a food stand in a shopping mall. It’s not anything glamorous, but it’s something to help her make some money. I liked this segment of the ep, Yuka working hard and trying her best at this small job she’s got. And even when things didn’t go well, Momo still showed up at the right time and helped her out of the tight spot. Momo might be the “enemy” according to Yuka but she’s always there to help out when things look bad. Granted there still is much we don’t know about Momo and her magical girl past. Waiting for that back story ep at some point. Also that orange haired girl we see in the OP, I wonder when she’ll show up…

Another week has come to a close! Man we’re just ripping through this summer season so far, already on week 5! I’m enjoying the shows I’ve picked up, some more than others, but for the most part I’m happy with my picks for this season. I was just looking at the fall season the other day and man there are some great looking shows to watch for that season. I already have a few ideas for shows I’ll pick up for reviewing.

Anyways, how are you enjoying the summer season so far? What shows are your favorites at this point? Feel free to leave a comment below!

That’s it for me this week. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you right back here next week!