4 weeks into the summer season and it’s just getting hotter and hotter.

Sounan desu ka?

If it seems like every ep is about them getting food, well that’s because having food to eat is very important to surviving. Of course having hermit crabs is nice and all and the girls do like them, despite them looking a bit strange, but they can’t live off hermit crabs forever. They need something bigger, something that will satisfy them more than a few bites of crab. They need a real animal. Homare knows that too so she sets to work making a trap to catch something.

I find that this show is also, in a strange way, informative in that they walked us through each step on how to create a trap to catch a small animal, like a rabbit or squirrel. I’m pretty sure they’ll be able to pull this off, given how Homare’s other ideas have worked out so far. We’ll see how this all goes down next week as their prey is about to make its appearance.


It seems like every anime has this happen at one point or another, there aren’t enough members to form a club and the proposal is rejected. Well with only the 2 members in the Magic Club, there was no way it would ever get approved. Seeing his chance to move on, Assistant-kun decides to look for a new club to join, although he can’t seem to escape Tejina as she keeps on showing up behind the door to each club room he visits.

We also learn that despite Tejina being a very busty girl, she’s actually really good at running and is very fast. Her talent gets her an invite to the track team, seeing how they’re always looking for fast people, but in the end she turned things around and tried to recruit them for the Magic Club. Oh Tejina… We end the ep with a rare look at Tejina’s magic tricks going well thanks to her practicing them alone, along with a look at a new character we’ll probably be seeing more of next week. It looks like things are finally starting to pick up in this show, meaning I’ll have more to actually talk about too.

Kanata no Astra

Another week, another new planet, another new adventure. The crew of the Astra are also looking for food on a weekly basis as being in space you still need food to survive. This week’s adventure takes them to Shummoor in search of more supplies as they slowly make their way back home. We also got some backstory on one of the most mysterious characters, Yunhua. Turns out she’s got a pretty sad story. Her mother really ingrained into her she shouldn’t strive to stand out or draw attention to herself, that she should just stay quiet, out of sight and out of mind. It’s sad really, as Yunhua’s dream of being s singer pretty much ended right there with those words from her mother. So it helps explain why she’s always so quiet and constantly apologizing to everyone, she’s just doing what she’s been told all her life.

The back half of the ep gets really intense as the crew find themselves in the middle of a life or death situation, well I mean on top of the being lost in space situation. While the planet does have food to eat, it also has these tall pole trees that pretty much control everything on the planet with the spores they release. I did think the pole trees did look a bit strange, but I didn’t expect this to happen. Gotta say I was pretty stressed as the back half of the ep played out. Sure they’ve been in tight spots before, but this one wasn’t looking too good. Yunhua came up pretty big in thee end, keeping the crew morale up when she was the last one standing. Kanata also delivered once again, doing whatever it took to bring home the antidote to save everyone. And of course I gotta mention the lovely insert song that Yunhua sung, her voice actress being the one and only Saori Hayami, so you know it’s going to be good. On to the next planet!

Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?

As usual Dumbbell is the highlight of my week (along with Symphogear of course) and as usual, it didn’t disappoint. One thing I did find interesting about this ep is that we’ve already reached the end of summer, meaning Hibiki’s plan to lose weight and have that killer beach body has already been accomplished in just 4 eps. Not that I’m complaining about the pace of this show or anything, I just thought that was going to happen later on and we’d get more of the journey to that moment. Once again, not upset by this at all, I mean we’re 4 eps in and we’re getting a swimsuit ep (not including the pool training ep) and man did they deliver on the swimsuits. Incredibly sexy!

Aside from the swimsuits, the rest of the ep was the usual training sequences, Machio showing us how the chest machine works and the benefits from using it. Honestly the more I watch this show the more I want to get out there and work out. Just the way it’s all presented, how they teach you about each machine or piece of equipment and how it’s used, it’s so informative and like I’ve mentioned before, motivational. It’s anime but it honestly feels like you’re learning something important each ep. Hell by the end of this show I might have a gym membership and be working out too!

Machikado Mazoku

3 eps into The Demon Girl Next Door and man I’m having so much fun with this show. This week was the much anticipated arrival of Lilith, the sexy tan demon girl who we’ve seen briefly already but she hasn’t been part of the show too much until now. Basically she was there to provide motivation to Yuka who is struggling with her newfound demon powers and situation she’s suddenly part of. I mean waking up one day and finding out you’ve become a demon who has to defeat the local magical girl is a lot to take in for anyone.

Momo and Yuka’s relationship continues to grow as well, Yuka still trying to get herself ready to fight Momo, but Momo is enjoying the moment and helping her out along the way. From lending her a spare uniform when Yuka’s shrunk in the wash, to helping her figure out how to use her powers to shoot things, Momo is sticking close by Yuka’s side under the guise of “making sure she doesn’t lose control of her powers” but there is obviously much more to Momo than that flimsy excuse. As the eps move on we’ll get more of the story, why exactly Momo is doing all this and also who is that cute orange haired girl seen in the OP and eye-catch. I’m guessing she’s a friend of Momo’s a fellow magical girl, but we’ll have to wait and see whenever she’s introduced. So for now, I’m continuing to enjoy this show and its adorable characters.

And that’s week 4 in the bag! I’m honestly really enjoying this season of anime so far, lots of great shows to watch and this format of covering a few with small weekly write ups is actually really fun.

What about you? How are you enjoying the summer season so far? Are the shows you’re watching going well? Leave a comment below with your thoughts on this season so far!

That’s it for this post! As always thank you so much for reading it and I’ll see you right back here next Sunday!