Another week, another round of eps to talk about. Let’s get to it!

Sounan desu ka?

We return to our 4 girls stranded on an island still trying to survive. This week the focus was put on Homare as she is quickly rising to the title ‘Master of the Island’. I mean if it wasn’t for her, they’d probably all be dead by now. From her knowledge of collecting water, how to check if food is edible, and even making a shower, Homare is carrying them hard. Not to say the other girls don’t help out, they play a small role in their survival, helping out where they can, but for the most part it’s the Homare show here.

Shion showing off her sexy body.

Speaking of showers, Shion was happy to finally take a shower again, something the girls haven’t really had in a while. And I’m sure we were all happy that she wanted to take a shower too. What a sight. With the shower out of the way it was back to looking for their next meal, this time Mutsu decided to help out Homare in searching the tide pools for anything to eat. While Mutsu wasn’t as bold as Homare was with stripping down to her underwear, she she got right in there, taking at least her skirt off to wade through the shallow water. In the end it was a success as she got some shellfish to eat, cooked on a hot rock too, as they ponder their next move.


Picking up where we left off last week, Assistant-kun has gone along with Tejina to join her club, now they just need to hand in the application. Although Tejina is nervous about going to the teacher’s office by herself, so Assistant-kun is dragged along to help her out. Turns out Tejina has an older sister who is a teacher at the school. She’s also pretty hands on with her younger sister too. I hope we see her again in the future, she’s pretty fun.

That’s pretty much it for any new developments for this week’s ep. The rest of the ep is just the usual Tejina’s failed magic tricks or just general fails at everything else. Not really a whole lot that’s worth talking about, just the some old stuff. Maybe next week I’ll have something more to talk about.

Kanata no Astra

Last week’s cliffhanger set the stage for more mystery and excitement and this week certainly brought that. Now faced with the possibility that someone on the ship is responsible for sabotaging the communication system, things quickly spiral into chaos as everyone starts to accuse each other of being the one who did it. Couple this with the fact Funi added some very interesting details about her time at the orphanage, the mystery of why they’re all on this ship is really growing. The more I watch this show the more I’m getting into it. I like this mystery that’s unfolding here, more pieces of the puzzle coming to light but still no real ideas of how to solve it.

The back half puts our group of students back into danger as their ship is hit with meteoroid as causes the ship to start loosing pressure and of course that’s really back when you’re in space. It’s a mad scramble to find the hold, plug it, and restore gravity and power to the ship, all while hurdling down towards another planet. It’s great to see everyone come together though and solve this problem. Even though they were accusing each other of being the killer at the start of the ep, they’ve put that aside and worked together to stay alive in this dangerous situation they’re all in. I’m looking forward to watching more of this next week as I’m honestly really enjoying it a lot!

Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?

Lots to unpack in this week’s ep of Dumbbell. Honestly the more I watch this show the more I want to exercise and maybe even go to the gym. Not that I’m overweight or something like that, but there is just something motivational about this show. The way they take the time to explain in detail how to do each exercise, what muscles it’s helping, and why it’s good for you. It’s educational and explained so nicely and clearly. Sure it’s still just anime at the end of the day, but it’s one you actually learn practical things from while being entertained.

I wish I had cutie gym buddies like them.

This week had the introduction of another new character, Satomi Tachibana, who is a teacher at the school Hibiki and Akemi attend. She too wants to get in shape, although it’s for another reason we learn about later in the ep. Her only issue so far about going to the Silverman gym is that it’s close to the school and she might run into some of the students there. But then again, high school girls don’t go to the gym so what’s there to worry about. I’m sure you can guess where things go from here. What started as a free trial for Satomi quickly turned into her signing up once she met the trainer, Machio Naruzou. Much like with Hibiki, his good looks won her over instantly.

The middle to back half of the ep brought on the info dump I referred to at the beginning before diving into Satomi’s hobby, which turns out to be cosplay. So her true intentions for going to the gym were to make sure she looked good for the summer comiket event where she’d be cosplaying. While all her hard work did pay off in the end and her cosplay worked out well, what she didn’t expect was that she’d get outdone by Machio, who was also at the event cosplaying. Of course Machio put on a show for everyone, flexing his massive guns and wowing the crowd, including Hibiki and Akemi who were also there to watch the show. Thankfully Satomi was able to keep her cosplaying hobby hidden, even when she was noticed by Hibiki leaving the event at the end of the day. Now she just has to deal with the misunderstanding that she was there for all the BL books…

Machikado Mazoku

I gotta say, this show surprises me. Like I mentioned in last week’s post, I went in with a preconceived idea of what this show would be like and how it would play out. That idea got blown out of the water and instead I got something completely different yet super hilarious and enjoyable. I liked that and instantly my feelings about this show got so much better. But the question is though, could ep 2 continue the fun ep 1 started? Actually yes and then some.

Behind you!

We join our high school girl turned demon overnight Yuka as she’s training hard to “muderize” the local magical girl and get her family out of poverty. The plots anime comes up with is absolutely ridiculous but somehow works. The quick banter that I loved so much about ep 1 was still very present here in the second ep, the characters playing so well off each other and just all the little comments and quips they make is so much fun to watch.

The latter half was more Yuka and Momo hanging out after school and going to the mall. Originally it was to buy weapons for their upcoming fight but Yuka ended up getting tricked into spending her 500 yen on food and drinks. Poor Yuka, she’s just trying her best with the situation she’s been put in. It’s not ideal in any means, I mean waking up with demon horns on your heads and being told you need to defeat the local magical girl to save your family from poverty, it’s a lot to take in and Yuka is just trying to keep her head above water. So with that it looks like she’ll be getting some support next week as the tanned loli demon Lilith will be making her appearance. Should be good!

Another week in the bag! The summer season has been going pretty well so far. I’m liking most of the shows I’ve picked up, I think they’re all passed the 3 ep trial and have made it on to the regular schedule. At this point I don’t think I’ll drop anything, the closest I came to doing that was Granbelm ep 1. I honestly didn’t like that at all, it felt like I’d seen that story a million times already. Eps 2 and 3 got better, but unless this show pulls out some serious surprises, I think it’ll going to be pretty run of the mill for the most part. Tejina-senpai might get dropped from weekly reviews if it doesn’t really pick up. After 3 eps I’ve got a good idea of what it’s going to be like, so I’ll see if things improve and if not it’ll probably get dropped from weekly reviews.

Anyways, I hope you’re enjoying the summer season. Feel free to leave any comments below with thoughts on the shows you’re watching. I’ll be sure to reply to them!

That’s it for me, thanks for reading and I’ll see you next week!