New season means new shows, and well, this season it only seems like there are a few shows I see as worth checking out, most being sequels. But, either way I will be covering that, less so on the ones I will be reviewing on my own blog. Those series are Lord El Mellio’s Case Files and A Certain Scientific Accelerator. Either way my thoughts on everything else will be here.

As it is a new season I would like to say I will only be watching shows that are legally streamed in the US. For the first new post of the season I will not be talking about shows that are ongoing series or second episodes of the new shows if any aired by the time this is posted. Starting in the next post I may cover those or multiple episodes in bulk as well as not cover everything I am watching.

With that said, let’s get right to it.

Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks Ep 1

Plot: Kid goes to a fantasy world, and just as he thinks he is the hero the world needs it is actually his mom. Also the world is a super realistic video game and they are just the beta testers.


So, those of you that follow my twitter, I been rather hyped about this show ever since I heard of the light novels being what they are. I would be lying if I am just watching this for cute anime moms, but that would obviously be a lie. But, yeah. I will just ignore that, starting off on this post on a super random note.

Anyway, as for the show itself, which I expected to be bad. Honestly it was better than expected, so mediocre. It put a spin on the iseikai anime, harem (possibly, I can only guess from the op), and I honestly found it a tad funny too. I mean I might actually watch it for the plot. Like, that is not a lie in this shows case.

But wow, Mamoko is so adorable.

Mom anime week 1 ep 1

Magical Senpai Ep 1

Plot: Dude gets thrown into a club with a senpai that tries and fails to be a magician.


Yeah I dropped it after 1 episode. I got 1 laugh out of the 12 minute comedy, and that was it. So, yeah, it was honestly boring.

magical sempai week 1 ep 1

A Certain Scientific Accelerator Ep 1

Plot: Index Spin off focusing on the strongest Esper/Best Boy, Accelerator being the villain he would like to be.

I am reviewing this on my blog so most of my thoughts on this first episode are there. To keep a long story short, it was alright. Naturally I enjoyed it as entertainment, but this episode did give me some worries with it following the strongest character.

Lord Melloi II’s Case Files Ep 1

Plot: The best boy from Fate/Zero now all grown up dealing with the loss of King of Bros.


I am not really into mysteries. But, I rather did enjoy this one. I am also reviewing this on my blog as well. So, more thoughts on the episode could be found there. Gray is also best girl.

Waver week 1 ep 1

Danmachi S2 Ep 1

Plot: The sequel to Danmachi kicks off with a war brewing, also Apollo is creepy.


It is weird to think it has already been four years since season one. It honestly does not feel that long ago when it aired. Surprisingly I remembered a lot about the first season. I didn’t see the spin off, blame Anime Strike for that one. But, I am glad season two came off rather well. I am honestly looking forward to it, when at first, I was thinking about skipping it in general.

danmachi week 1 ep 1

Symphogear S4 Ep 1-2

Thoughts: I have waited two years for this to get licensed. All I have to say is I hope season six gets announced with a season seven since this show seems to have the odd trend of even seasons never getting licensed until the next odd season comes out. Either way it was worth the wait. The downside is I now have to wait for this one to be done weekly before I can start the currently airing season.

sympho gear s4 ep 1 week 1

Dr. Stone Ep 1:

Plot: Annoying guy wants to tell the girl he likes he loves her only to have humanity freeze in time for several centuries. And when you think the series will revolve around finding a cure for the petrification of the human race, they manage to find the solution in an episode.


It was alright. At the time of posting this up to episode three have aired, but I haven’t watch those episodes yet. I want to, but this episode was just alright. I am disappointed with how long it took to find the solution to free humanity. I honestly thought this series would take a completely different turn, so, I guess now it is a matter of waiting to see where it goes from there.


I honestly think that is about it for new shows I am watching. There is not really that much, there are a few on my radar, but I might wait a few more weeks before checking them out. I am not sure. Fire Force I know is one show I was thinking about watching. I just wish everything I am watching didn’t air in the span of two days.

Either way feel free to give your thoughts on shows you are watching this season. Or if you have any to recommend to me to check out.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Until next time.

– Joe