Hello and welcome back to another week in review! I hope everyone’s enjoying this new season so far, I know it’s still pretty early but there are some anime that are showing real promise. Anyways, let’s get right into it!

Sounan desu ka?

We start off back on the deserted island with our 4 high school girls as they continue their ongoing quest to survive. This week’s adventure was about them trying to find food and water, as that’s extremely important to have in an emergency situation. It’s kinda weird when you think about it, you can be stuck on an island surrounded by water yet die of thirst because you can’t drink any of it.Thankfully they have Homare with them who is sort of an expert on survival stuff thanks to her father. So with her skills they’re able to find some drinking water, not a lot but enough to satisfy Asuka’s dying thirst. Meanwhile Mutsu and Shion are having their own water adventures, all leading back to the golden shower that I’m sure Bear Grylls is smiling with approval for.

The back half of the ep is about getting food, another situation that thankfully Homare can help with, although it’s not the most appealing meal to the rest of the girls. But hey, with your only other option being starving to death, I’m sure you’d want to step outside your comfort zone too. All in all I’m still enjoying this show after 2 eps. I’m sure it’ll pass the 3 ep trial period as I’m liking it so far. What are your thoughts on Are You Lost? after its second ep?


Ep 2 of Tejina-senpai continues the failed magic tricks of Tejina, this time ranging from fork bending to coin tricks to the sad death of Behemoth-kun. It’s a silly show and it continues to remind me more and more of Dagashi Kashi, although probably a little sillier. Tejina is cute and very clumsy, part of me is rooting for her to do her best and pull off a successful magic trick at least once, but with her current track record I’m not sure that’s going to be possible.

The latter half of the ep returns to the ongoing goal of Tejina trying to get members for her magic club. She resorted to more extreme methods to secure Assistant-kun, tying him to a chair and locking the door to make sure he couldn’t escape. In the end it looks like Assistant-kun will be stuck with Tejina for the foreseeable future, helping her with magic tricks and getting her out of tight situations, both literally and figuratively I’m guessing.

Kanata no Astra

Following up last week’s excellent premiere, Astra Lost in Space continued the other survival story we have this season. This week was also about them looking for food on a wild and uncharted planet. The ep also focused on a few characters in particular, Quitterie and her adopted sister Funicia. Quitterie so far hasn’t been too likeable, she’s got a pretty bristly personality and doesn’t play well with others too much, but this week get some backstory as to why she’s like this and how she can overcome that and her dislike for her sister. But more importantly, the mystery deepened as to why they’re in this whole situation.


I’m really getting into this show honestly, I’m liking this whole adventure through space with them landing on these planets, fighting monsters, and overcoming personal challenges as they try to make it back home alive. It’s exciting and a type of show I haven’t seen in a while, so I’m just really having a good time with it. I mentioned this in the previous post, but I’m pretty sure this show is only 12 eps long, so while I’m sure they’ll try to make this adventure as exciting as possible, I’m also a bit sad that it’s not going the distance with 24 eps. But oh well, I’ll take what they give me and if I’m still craving more after I can always go find the manga or something.

Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?

Hibiki is still having a tough time getting into the whole exercise thing, but she can feel herself already making progress, or at least she thought she did. A quick check of the scale sends her into panic mode as she sees she’s still gaining weight. What she didn’t know is that muscle is denser than fat, so while on a scale she’s getting heavier, it’s just the fat being replaced with muscle. I like how the anime is really taking time to explain these things, like the bit about protein shakes and how to properly do certain exercises too. It’s informative and helpful for someone who might want to start hitting the gym and working out.

We’re already getting swimsuits in this anime, although it wasn’t full on fan service just yet. Hibiki and Akemi are at the local pool for some water training, as swimming is very good exercise. There is still some decent fan service though, competition swimsuits are actually pretty sexy and both girls have them on. But of course the real eye candy was the other sexy ladies at the pool. I’m wondering how my good friends OG and Joe were able to make it through that scene. So hot! We also learned a bit more about Hibiki’s other friend, Ayaka. Turns out her family runs a boxing gym and she helps out there. There is a brief moment when Ayaka lifts up her shirt and shows off her abs. Holy shit, wow.

Lastly I just wanted to mention about how I read an article on ANN’s freak out over the “body shaming” that ep 1 promoted. Honestly it’s always ANN with these shitty takes about anime, they’re such a bunch of fucking snowflakes over there who get triggered by anything that doesn’t fit their own personal standards. It’s ridiculous and completely missing the point of the show. It’s about exercise and having a healthy body. Hibiki wants to work out and get her body in shape, that’s literally it. Reading that deep into it and making up some point to argue is just stupid and makes their “writers” look terrible. Which they are already. But yeah, I just found that to be really stupid but totally expected of the dipshits over at ANN. They can go fuck themselves.

Fuck you ANN

Machikado Mazoku

Sorry for all that language, just wanted to get that off my chest. Anyways, the final show I’ll talk about this week is the premiere of Machikado Mazoku. Simply put, ep 1 was absolutely hilarious. It’s a magical girl show but it felt like it didn’t take itself seriously at all and was almost a parody of other magical girl shows. The girl we follow isn’t actually the magical girl, rather she’s the enemy of the magical girl, she’s a demon. Turns out ordinary high school girl Yuko is actually part of a long line of demons who fight magical girls and she’s now been granted some power to continue this quest. The twist though, in this fight of the ages, the Light Clan that the magical girl belongs to has stripped most of the power away from the Dark Clan, cursing them with being poor and looking like humans. So here we have Yuko, a poor and weak demon girl, who now is tasked with defeating the local magical girl, a fellow classmate of course, to restore the Dark Clan’s power and status. It’s a wild plot and the ep played out totally differently than I had imagined.

I actually like that, when a show completely goes a different way than you expected but you absolutely love it. That’s what happened here as I hadn’t really seen much in the way of previews before watching this show, so my preconceived idea of what this show would be like was completely blown out of the water after ep 1. But I love it! It’s hilarious and I was laughing through most of the ep. The dialogue is sooooo on point. I love the quick banter from the characters, Yuko throwing in her two cents all the time, and just how all the characters play off each other. The whole opening ep was a delight to watch as my expectations were shattered but in a very good way. I hope this show can keep this up as it’s off to a very good start.

And that’s it for week 2! This season is off to a great start and the few shows I’m watching are so far going pretty well. At this point of writing I still need to watch the DanMachi S2 opener but aside from that all the shows on my list have started. At some point I might touch on some of the other shows I’m watching this season aside from these but that’ll be later on down the line, for now it’s going to be these 5 each week.

So what about you, how are you enjoying the summer season so far? I know it’s still each but have any shows really caught your interest? Let me know in the comments below!

That’s all for me, I’ll see you next week!