Hello everyone, Nick here! It’s been a while since I last did any anime blogging, but I’m finally back and excited to announce this brand new series I’ll be doing for the summer season. So as I mentioned in a few lengthy threads on the blog Twitter account, what I’ll be doing this season is covering a number of shows each week, writing a paragraph or two on what I’m watching and how I’m enjoying it so far. So it’s like a bunch of mini reviews I guess. Anyways, it’s something I think will help me get back into anime blogging in general as it’s been a year since I last reviewed a show weekly. That’s pretty much the idea behind how this all got started, I may have also borrowed a little bit from Joe as he’s doing something very similar. Anyways then, let’s get right into this and begin with the first show on the list.

Sounan desu ka?

Up first we’ve got one of the two shorts I’m watching this season, Sounan desu ka? or Are You Lost? So the basic idea behind this show is that we have 4 high school girls who are stranded on an island in the middle of the ocean. Yes it’s a classic scenario we’ve probably seen a number of times before, but with the addition of cute anime girls, it’s a new take on the stranded island scenario. As most opening eps are, we get to know the 4 girls a bit along with a little back story as to how they got there.

Overall the first ep is quite funny actually, I was expecting some humor but it had me laughing a lot more than I though. It’s tagged as being an “ecchi” show, so we get some panning shots of the girls in their wet uniforms sprawled out on  the sand, along with some underwear scenes and even fluid sharing. I don’t mind this approach to things, then again I can’t imagine why I would mind, but as always if you have a low tolerance for fan service or ecchiness like this, maybe give this one a pass.

Fluid sharing

I liked the opener and as all new shows I’ll be giving it to 3 before making a final decision, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be sticking with this one for season. Looking forward to the further adventures of these girls as they try their best to survive on this island in the middle of nowhere.


Up next is the second short I’m watching this season, Tejina-senpai. What drew me to this show initially was the fact the main girl, Tejina, looks and reminds me of Hotaru Shidare from Dagashi Kashi. Maybe it’s her purple hair, maybe it’s her big bouncing boobs, or maybe it’s just her wild personality, whatever it is, Tejina just reminds me a lot of Hotaru. Now that’s a good thing, I liked Hotaru a lot (S1 way more than S2) so naturally I already had a liking for Tejina based on the similarities. But anyways, on to the actual contents of the show now.

So pretty much the deal with this show is Tejina is a magician, or at least tries to be, and she’s looking for new members to join the school’s magic club. In walks Assistant (he’s not actually named) and suddenly finds himself caught up with Tejina and her wild magic antics. All in all the whole show reminds me a lot of Dagashi Kashi, so I getting that’s a good thing because I liked S1 of that and it was pretty silly. Tejina is off to a funny start, I’m glad that’s it only 12 minutes because it’s definitely a show that’s better off in small doses. Remember I have a low tolerance for very silly things, so 12 minutes is just right.

Kanata no Astra

Up next is a full length show, Kanata no Astra or Astra Lost in Space. Getting lost seems to be a theme this season. Anyways, this had the best opening ep so far, I really, really liked what I saw out of this show. I honestly don’t want to say too much as it’s great going in and not really knowing what to expect because I was a little caught off guard as to how exactly they ended up lost in space. I had something slightly different imagined then things took a different turn and yeah it’s looked pretty good so far.

I haven’t really seen a full on space anime in recent times, so this was cool to see a show set mainly in space for a change. The 48 minute opening ep was a nice overall intro to what the show will be about, a group of students suddenly lost at space after their trip takes an unexpected turn. I’m pretty hooked on seeing where things will go from here on out, I hope things can live up to the excitement that ep 1 brought.

This looks like a show to keep your eye on for sure as it’s got a lot of potential to be something fantastic in the long run. I’m pretty sure it’s just 12 eps, so don’t expected some massive epicly large interstellar story, but I think it’s going to be a solid one just the same. Definitely one I’m looking forward to watching more of, that’s for sure.

Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru?

Another show I’ve been eagerly looking forward to is this one, the tanned weight lifting cuties as I like to call it. I mean honestly that’s pretty much what it is. Hibiki is a girl who loves to eat, maybe a little too much than she should be and is now putting on weight. So in order to get back in shape, Hibiki decides to join a gym, although it’s a lot more hardcore than she was expecting. The opener for this has a lot of shirts exploding off bodies, huge muscles, sweat, and some wonderful views too. If you enjoyed the sexiness of AniTore, then you should like this too as it’s right up there. Granted there weren’t any guys in AniTore as there are in Dumbbell, but hopefully the focus will mainly be on the girls training and not the guys. I mean that’s why we’re all here, right?

This one is probably my second favorite opener so far, I’ve still got a few more shows to check out still so that could change, but for now I’ll go with this and Astra. Looking forward to more of Hibiki’s adventures at the gym, and who knows maybe it’ll inspire me to get exercising more too.

So that’s it for the opening post in this new series of mine. I might be a little rusty off the start but I’m sure once I get going it’ll all come back to me. I’ve been out of this blogging game for a while now, so don’t be too hard on me.

Out of the new shows that have started so far, what’s caught your interest? Leave a comment below with some of the shows you’re watching this season.

That’s it for me, thanks for reading and I hope to see you back here next week for week 2!


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