This post is another short one, I am still on a video game binge, but, still am slowly working my way through the shows on list to continue. Of course, I am several weeks behind, but I am okay with that. Anyway, there is no theme this time, and so I am just going to get right into it.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 4-7

It has been awhile since I talked about this show, and honestly, I am really liking it. While episode 4 to 5 were about Tanjiro becoming a demon slayer, and episode 6 and 7 were him fighting off his first demon. Episode 7 was the big highlight for these batch of episodes. This show is two cour and is also based on a weekly manga. But, wow, not only did the big bad appear this early but a lot of questions come into play that certainly make it interesting. This is mostly the fact that he clearly can turn people into demons rather easily, has a human family, and really, begs the question, how can Tanjiro take this person out since he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I really wanted to watch the next episode before this post, but, in all honestly I really just wanted to talk about it before either I get disappointed or I forgot to talk about it.

Week 10 Demon Slayer

Hitoriboochi no Marumaruseikatsu Episode 8-10

Wow, this show really took a different direction than I thought. It started off cute and goofy but has slowly becoming a bit more dramatic with each passing episode. While this is not a bad thing, it is still nice to see the change of pace with the drama element. Between Ninja trying to tell Boochi that she wants to be friends to even Boochi running into the friend she made a promise with. I honestly questioned how they would top the following episode and they did each time. This show, with the direction it is heading, could be one of the best this year in my eyes providing it keeps it up.

Week 8 Boochi

Mobile Suit Gundam the Origin Episode 3-5

I am really liking this origin story. Sure, I never saw the original Gundam series, since it is not licensed, streamed, or can even be found anywhere. But, still, it is nice to get a Gundam series before Gundams were a thing. A lot of drama and build up for everything that leads to the main events that spark the franchise. These batch of episodes really set everything in place for what is to come in the franchise. While the first two episodes did not have this case, this batch of episodes clearly did. I am honestly surprised how much I am enjoying a Gundam series without mecha fights. Typically, the political intrigue bores me and it is were at times I can get lost in the series, but, this time not so much. Still, it is really good. Of course there were Char clones, and how Char became the first Char.

week 10 gundam the origin

Anyway, that is about it for shows I am currently watching. I plan to catch up on a few more. I might also start talking about Yu-gi-oh Vrains, despite being on episode 104, just to give something else to talk about. Either way next post might be the last about Spring shows.