Alright, a new week, meaning new episodes to talk about. With how Funimation is doing things, and I can only guess by their schedule, but it seems like their shows are released for free each week, but only for a short time. I am not sure, I just need to hope I don’t fall behind any of them, if I keep any of them that is. Anyway, this post will continue to talk about first episodes for a few other shows I did not cover last time, namely ones Funimation got a hold of. I will cover some second episodes too, well, the ones that I thought were good anyway.

But, since this is the second post. Here were the guidelines I set last time for these posts.

  1. These posts will be weekly to bi-weekly.
  2. All shows mentioned on here have legal simulcasts in the US.
  3. Any shows I watch, if any, later in the season will be talked about on either the episode I am on or the episodes I am on. This also applies to watching multiple episodes to catch up. If the posts are bi-weekly expect two episodes covered for some if they are noteworthy.

Again, feel free to recommend any shows not covered if you think I will like them, and I will check them out.

One Punch Man S2: Episode 1 and 2 (Not counting the recap)


The dude who can beat things in a single punch is back. Clearly, he KO’d Madhouse in one punch, but hopefully this time JC Staff can hold its own and a wait for a third season won’t be too long, providing there is enough content that is.

Episode 1 Thoughts:

I read the manga back when season one was airing. I did not read too far past where season one ended, I want to say it will be enough content for at least the first at most five episodes. Still, while the animation does feel like it changed a bit, this episode certainly gives a fresh feel to the series. I did like the starting joke being “Oh wow, finally a sequel after three and a half years” while it was talking about a game, it was almost exactly three and a half years ago when the first season started to air. Plus, while it wasn’t humor filled, this episode did have plenty of action and started off building up a lot of things to come this season. Either way, nice start to a new season.

Episode 2 Thoughts:

Torando’s sister appears and she is the best girl, that is all that really needs to be said, it was a good episode, plenty of action, and really adds more heroes that will appear rather often.

week 2 one punch man

Isekai Quartet: Episode 1

Plot: The most ambitious anime crossover ever. Konosuba, Re:Zero, Overlord, and some fourth show I didn’t see. Putting 3 serious shows and one Isekai comedy into a comedy series.


The set up was good, honestly the 10 minute format works perfectly any longer it probably would not last long. It doesn’t feel like there is too much to say going off just one episode. But it does feel like you need to see a majority of these series in order to get the full enjoyment from it.


The Helpful Fox Senko-san: Episode 1


Basically, Oh My Goddess, but with foxes. So, an upset guy gets a fox god to appear and pamper him to make him happy.

Week 2 the helpful fox


It was cute. That is really about all I can say about this 20 minute long show. It also really made me want to rewatch Oh My Goddess, since that it was the first anime I saw acknowledging it was an anime, which honestly, I did start to rewatch watch that show. Still, this was just an alright show, I will have to give it the three-episode test.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 2


Following the previous episode when the sister was turned into a demon, well, she still is, and she is adorable. Also her brother goes through some training and unintentionally kills a demon by leaving it out at sunrise.

Week 2 Demon Slayer


The first episode, well, was predictable. It was the main thing I focused on. But, the reason why I am talking about episode two is mainly because it is a lot better. This is going to be a two cour series and I really hope I hold it all the way through. Ufotable is always great with animation, and this episode made that clear, between the fights, the scenery, and even the short little training. It is always well done. The plot was a bit better and some aspects were not as predictable, which certainly was a plus.


So, I think for future posts for this series I am going to aim to try to have one series that I talk about be the main focus. While, I might not talk about all the shows I am currently watching with each post, I do not want to make it too long. Right now these are longer than my reviews Afterall, despite the fact I feel like I am not writing as much, when it is the opposite. Either way, next time I have no idea what the main focus series will be, maybe Fruit Basket.

As always feel free to give your thoughts on what you are watching this season.

A lot of second episodes aired for these series, but, I want to try to stick to just talking about one of them. I do have one other show I want to check out this season, Fairy Gone, so hopefully I will get to it by the next post.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Until next time.

– Joe