So, hello and welcome to a new series of posts I am doing here. I always wanted to try to do a post series talking about my thoughts on what I watch each week for the latest anime season. Considering I have had poor luck the previous, few years since joining Anime Corps in finishing the weekly reviews, I decided to do a post talking about shows that I am probably going to drop by the end of the season. Hopefully this won’t be the case for all shows I watch, but I know a few will get a little lost along the way. So, here are a few things to know at what I am watching and the future posts to come.

  1. These posts will be weekly to bi-weekly.
  2. All shows mentioned on here have legal simulcasts in the US.
  3. Any shows I watch, if any, later in the season will be talked about on either the episode I am on or the episodes that just aired. This also applies to watching multiple episodes to catch up. If the posts are bi-weekly expect maybe two episodes covered for some if they are noteworthy, but only if they are noteworthy.

Of course, as the season goes on some shows get better, others get worse. So, if a show I cover here I drop early on, and it gets better, feel free to tell me. Same goes for if a show is really good and you would like to see me talk about it.

Anyway, enough of that intro, let’s get started.

Fruit Basket Episode 1


Girl is homeless after her mom dies and then she meets the school pretty boy.

Week 1 Fruit Basket


So, Fruit Basket, I honestly been wanting to watch the original from 2001, (I think that is when it came out), for a few years now. I never got around to watching it, either due to forgetting I wanted to watch it or just never getting around to it. But, since it is a remake, and I am just going to guess since the manga ended 13 years ago. Although the article I found did also mention it covering the entire manga. So, it won’t surprise me if this goes on for a year. The manga is 23 volumes long, so there is a lot to cover.

But enough about that.  As for the episode, the set up was nice, it did seem slow, but, it all worked out in all honesty. This show feels like it is going to be either humorous at times or super focused on romance, or perhaps I am wrong, and all the pretty boys are just messing with my senses and it will just be about who knows what.

Amazing Stranger Episode 1


Robot Girl or Doll is alive and well, yeah, that is about it.

Week 1 Amazing Stranger


This is a show about a man who gets a figurine that turns out to be a real person from the anime he likes. It is a short, nothing too amazing happened, certainly an interesting premise, but I do not know what to expect from this series after just one episode, and a short one at that.

We Never Learn Episode 1


Two geniuses are dumb and need help with what they are bad at.

Week 1 We Never Learn


I did not expect much from this show. I figured I would give it a shot, hardly anything is airing this season anyway. Honestly, I did enjoy it. I liked the idea of two really talented people not doing what they are good at in a pursuit of what they enjoy, even though they aren’t good at it. I can see this show being more of a comedy, but I can see some dramatic moments appearing, which honestly, I hope there is. Still, this show, is mealy alright.

Hitoribocchi no Marumaruseikatsu


Girl can’t make friends who tries to make friends.



I remember reading this manga a long time ago, and honestly, I was glad the anime was announced. I was, and honestly still am thinking about reviewing it weekly on my blog. Still, this episode was a lot of fun and cute, and honestly a perfect anime to just sit back and relax too, so I probably will not review it for that very reason. Either way, this one is looking to be a highlight of the season for me.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba


Dude heads home only to have demons kill his family, also his sister turns into one.

Week 1 Demon Slayer


I found this show really predictable. Ufotable certainly did a good job with animation. But, the plot was predictable at times, I even knew what they were going to say it was that bad. Still the show was alright, and I certainly will give it a few episodes. Nothing really more to say besides that.


Anyway, I figured I would wrap this post up. For starters, at the time of posting this, some of these shows second episodes aired. Next post I will not be covering those. I did not want to make it too long after all. So, next post I will be talking about some shows, mainly the shows Funimation got, since those will be available for free to watch after a week, hopefully their schedule isn’t lying like last time I tried two years ago. After that starting in the third post I will cover various episodes for shows, ones that I hold onto, and really my thoughts when the episodes are good.

Any suggestions on what to do in this series, I know I made the plot part a bit more comedic and aimed to be brief, if more details on that would be wanted I can comply. I figured it would be odd to talk without giving the basic plot. Still this is my first-time doing posts like this, so any suggestions would be appreciated.

As always, feel free to comment your thoughts on what you are watching this season and any suggestions you may have.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Until next time.

– Joe