Well, for any new faces here I am Joe, while I am not one of the original members of Anime Corps who have been here for the full five years, I joined back in 2015, a few months after their one-year anniversary. At first, I was just an editor, asked by Mitzuka. Oddly enough the first post I edited was one of those blogging awards I nominated them for. I don’t really see those posts any more, still, kind of find it funny how the first post I edited was one I nominated them for. I was already friends with the members and I was still fairly new to blogging, it wasn’t even a full year yet at The Reviewer’s Corner when I joined here. Still, I am jumping on the stroll through memory lane a bit too quickly. Let me step back a bit:

Thank you for the last five years here.  Here is to many more years to come.

Either way, I wanted to do something special for the five-year anniversary. Truth be told we were struggling for ideas, and I wanted to at least do a post that was just by me as a means to celebrate. Then everyone liked the idea and they decided to do one as well. But anyway, I decided to look back on all my posts here. All the series I dropped, kept, and surprisingly did a series review. Anyway, let’s get started.

While I still consider myself the editor here, even though it is slowly becoming more and more of a title instead of a job here, I did not do posts right away. I mainly served at editing posts for the first several months I started here.

First Post:

I still remember the first post I did, back when we did Love Live Birthday Posts. There were talks of not doing it, I just saw the series in recent months thanks to Nick and Deven talking a lot about it. My follower and following accounts on Twitter were low, so a lot of them were still talking about that series, so I gave it a shot. Either way, while Rin was not one of my favorites, I offered to do the post.

Looking at the post, and honestly, a part of me forgot I used to refer to myself as Editor in the Shadows. I honestly think I did put that in a few other posts that I edited. Kind of wish I didn’t. But, that was a long time ago. Still, I remember wanting to do it perfectly since this was, at least in my eyes, “The Big Time.” I saw Anime Corps as a massive blog, back when I only recently discovered I was not the only one who makes anime blogs. That was a weird time. Really thought no one created an anime blog before. Still, it was my first post, and that mindset of trying to do things perfectly lasted all the way until the first weekly reviews I did a few months later.

First Weekly Reviews:

Luck and Logic was a dumpster fire. It’s fine if I say that, right?

I put myself into a corner on my first weekly review here. It was so bad. I still had the notion in my head that “One Screw Up and I am out.” So, I really did not want to drop it. Mostly since I was very self-conscious still in my writing even after a year of blogging at this point. I still did not want to get exiled. My self consious with my writing luckily got a lot better the following few months and I was certainly much more open on my opinions on my blog.

Honestly the only thing I remember from the show, other than the fact I dropped it after eight episodes, a seemingly trend on my weekly reviews here. Is this picture:

Logic ep 3 9

Never Forget Whip of Love.

It is still up there right next to Fish Gun.

order 6 29

So, looking at the first post, and well, I find it odd how it was the first weekly review I did after managing to balance two on my blog the summer before. This was a time before I dedicated 90 percent of my content to weekly reviews. I miss those times. Anyway, that is all I have to say about that show.

Second Weekly Reviews:

The just as much of a dumpster fire as Luck and Logic, but it was so bad it was manageable, Big Order.

This show, it was both rushed, made no sense, and somehow managed to get more ridiculous with each passing episode. I honestly thought something was wrong with the last episode because it was in black and white for no explained reason for 90 percent of it.

Series, the show was just bad, but super enjoyable, but super bad, but enjoyable. Like every episode made less sense than the next and yet I found myself craving more each time. While I do not remember much from the series, besides FISH GUN, looking back on these posts, I can easily remember how bad this series was. I even thought that way too, glad some things never change.

Yeah, I am skipping my thoughts on my Taboo Tattoo posts. Problem solved there. Dropped that one since I could not deal with it.

Fourth and Sixth Weekly Reviews:

I figured at this point I might as well talk about shows I actually stuck with. So, I guess I won’t be talking about Chaos;Child, which was merely okay, and I honestly only dropped it because I forgot to watch it, or Black Clover, which honestly now I am grateful for since there is no way I would continue to review it 70 episodes later, or Darling in the Franxx, which is easily has the best last post I did for it titled “I didn’t drop this Show,” only to then drop it, nothing will beat that title.

So, while I have certainly had a bad track record here for continuing shows I review, only to drop them because either A: The are Bad, or B: Due to forgetting and being lazy, I really want to change that. I did not include SSSS.Gridman in this since I have two posts in the works despite that show ending months ago. I swear I will get it out, or this will just turn into a fruitless effort on my part more than normal since I been saying for months I plan to finish it. I really hope this one doesn’t become a running joke now too.

Anyway, the fourth series I reviewed was Occultic;Nine, which honestly I still hope it gets another season given the fact it ended slightly on a cliffhanger. While I certainly had a lot of issues with the series, I did like the twists towards the end and the fact that with all the different main characters there was so many stories that intersected with one another that made it interesting. Sure, I remember having problems with it at times and rather often too, but I still found myself enjoying it. It was an interesting mystery, and honestly if another season happens to come out while I am still blogging, I will be sure to cover it, maybe, probably not, since again, I did have issues with it.

Now, the sixth series I reviewed here, Sakura Quest, certainly had a special place in my heart. I was watching it during a time when my mild-depression was at its worst. The show really spoke to me and gave me some personal hope. It was not a series with the main characters in high school, but ones starting to be adults, finding their place. It really spoke to me, and fueled my hope in my hard times, granted I am still struggling with everything else in terms of finding my place and career, but my mild-depression is lessening. Still, this series was an enjoyment for me, and one when I was in a dark place that gave me the inspiration I needed to move on.

Now, as for the final post for weekly reviews here, Cells at Works. Season two was announced and since I loved every minute of the first season, besides the cancer episode, I will certainly be covering season two once it is released. It was just so fun, I still get a tad emotional when thinking about Red Blood Cell’s character development. I don’t know why but in recent months I seem to get a little teary eyed whenever a character actually changes dramatically. Seriously, she was good. This show was a blast from start to finish, certainly I had issues at times, like all series, but it was still fun even when it did step away from a monster of the week format. Both ways worked for it and the show was able to accomplish being both entertaining and informative, and certainly by the end it had the perfect balance of both.

Cells at Work Ep 13 Pic 15

Ok, with memory lane stuff out-of-the-way, and actually looking back on those posts. I guess it is time to talk a bit about of what I hope to do. Sure, writing my posts have been a lot of fun here. I was new to blogging, and certainly working on posts here had made me make a few long-time friends. Some members may have left, but, they are certainly not forgotten in my eyes. I know someday, hopefully not soon, my time writing here will come to an end. For now, I want to try new things. Weekly reviews, at least here, have not always worked out. I want to try different post ideas and help do my part and give a bit of variety. I am still working on back up plans, but for new my posts from now on will be taking a different approach. I will be doing weekly to bi-weekly impression posts. A new direction I think is a nice way to start off the new year for this site, at least for what I am doing. The joke of me never really completing anything here has run its course, so, hopefully this new goal will change it. Maybe for the ten-year anniversary I can look back and laugh at the reviews, or maybe see how far I have come the last four years since I started here.

Either way it was a lot of fun getting here, so, hopefully there is just as much if not more fun to come.

Again thank you everyone both readers and other members here at Anime Corps.

– Joe