Hello and welcome to the Anime Corps 5th anniversary post!

Hard to believe it’s been 5 years already, but time sure flies when you’re having fun. So for this year’s installment of the anniversary post, I originally wanted to do a Q&A but seeing how absolutely no one submitted any questions we had to scrap that idea and now you’re stuck with me rambling on for a few paragraphs about this blog. But for real though, for this post it’s going to be more of a reflection on my work here over the years and my thoughts on anime blogging. So with that out-of-the-way, let’s get started.

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When I look back at my work for the past 5 years I can see areas where I’ve improved and areas where I still could use some work. There are certain series that I enjoyed reviewing and talking about more than others and looking back at my weekly reviews I can recapture the feelings I had when I first wrote them. For example a series I really enjoyed talking about weekly is last summer’s Harukana Receive, that was a show I looked forward to each week to review as I was thoroughly enjoying it and everything about it. But even with shows that I wasn’t super fond of, Plastic Memories for example, I can look back at reviews for that show can I’m impressed with my work. Not every show I pick ends up being one I enjoy and like to review, sometimes I’m not feeling it and they’ve gotta be dropped, but for the most part I tend to stick with shows that I’m fairly certain I’ll like and will enjoy writing about.

That kinda ties into my next point, about anime blogging and enjoying writing about anime. Now, I started this blog 5 years ago on this day and since then I’ve watched a ton of anime and blogged about a decent number too. But, there is always that question in the back of my mind, the one I don’t like thinking about as maybe I’m afraid of the answer or just don’t want to accept it, but how much longer do I want to do this? It’s been 5 years already and I can see my passion for anime blogging declining over the years. It’s not that I’m not enjoying anime, I still love it and I’m constantly amazed by the stories that get told every season, but that initial spark to express my feelings in written form just isn’t the same as it was when I first started. It’s something I’ve had similar issues with on my personal blog, the lack of motivation to blog about something, but it’s pretty noticeable for this blog too. Granted I’ll never return to blogging about 6 shows in a season, even if I had all the free time in the world I wouldn’t, but nowadays it’s like 2 a year.

I’ve more or less come to an answer for my other blog, but for this one I’m not sure if that answer can apply. I love anime and talking about anime on Twitter with friends, so blogging about it should be the next logical step, but somehow it’s not. So that leaves me with trying to figure out why things have ended up like this and can it be fixed. It’s not like there aren’t interesting shows to blog about, each season offers something for everyone so it’s hard not to find a show to blog about, but nothing has been catching my attention as of late. Next season for me is another pass as I’ll stick to watching and not writing, but the summer is looking like I’ll have a few things to possibly write about. But once again it’s not like there aren’t interesting shows next season, hell Fairy Gone or Carole & Tuesday are shows I’d totally jump on a few years ago, I’d be all over that in a heartbeat. But now… I’m just here to watch.

So as the seasons roll on and the shows continue, I’ll be looking for that spark to get back into the zone and pick up the passion I once had some 5 years ago. It’s there, I know it is, even if I can feel my overall enjoyment starting to fade I know at some point there will be a spark that makes me remember how much I used to enjoy doing this, blogging about anime and having a great time doing it. Maybe this is too much of a forced happy end to this somewhat depressing blog post, especially for an anniversary post, but I can’t end it on such a sour note. I mean had we done a Q&A like we planned to…

I’m not mad or anything.

Looking back at it all, I can say for sure though that I don’t regret starting this blog and bringing people on board to help it grow. I’m proud of the current team, Deven, Joe, and Tsuyuki for all the hard work they’re done over the years, be it weekly reviews or well written editorials, I’ve been constantly amazed at what they bring to the table. Even if it’s not a show I’m following or a topic that might not be of interest to me, I’ll still give that post a read as I know they’ve put a lot of time into making it for the blog. Sure I probably could’ve run this blog on my own, but had I done that things would be much slower here and it would be looking more like my personal blog than anything. So for all your hard work and time spent, I really do want to thank you guys. You’ve made Anime Corps that much better and it honestly wouldn’t be as successful without you. We recently hit 500 followers, huge numbers for anyone running a blog and looking through the stats we regularly get over 100 views a day. There might not be that steady flow of content like there used to be, but what’s here is still getting read and viewed quite often each day.

Anime Corps is by no means dead. We’ve been going for the past 5 years and I can’t see us throwing in the towel now. Until we’ve all hit that stopping point, Anime Corps will keep on going, new content coming and more stuff for all these 500 followers to read. Maybe we’ll just have to change things up, get some new and different content in here or collabs or something new and fresh to get that spark back. Who knows what the future will bring in the 5th year of anime blogging.

So I think I’ve rambled long enough now. Sorry if I got all depressed halfway through, that wasn’t my intention it just sorta slipped out once I got going, but hey I wrapped it up on a much higher note so we’ll call that win, eh?

Thanks Joe.

In 5 years there has been 924 posts, 560,487 views, 248,049 visitors, 1527 comments, 513 followers, those are numbers I’m extremely proud of and it really does amaze me how I’ve made this idea of an anime blog grow into something so successful. I want to really thank you for all the support over the years, from the rough beginnings to this moment, thank you so much for making this blog of mine more than just an idea I thought of one day but a place where I could share my thoughts on anime with a large and wonderful community of fellow WordPress anime bloggers. You guys are all amazing people and if you’re just starting out or have been playing the game for many years now, don’t stop. Keep at it and follow your passion for blogging about anime or manga or games or cosplay or whatever. Keep at it and don’t let that passion fade. Hell I should follow my own advice.

Okay for real now I’ll end this. Thank you so much for reading and be sure to stick around as each Monday this month there will be another post, one from each team member reflecting on their past years of blogging here at Anime Corps. So make sure to come back and check those out, it’s all part of the 5th anniversary for this blog.

Thank you all once again and I’ll see you around!


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