Hey there, Nick here with a really quick post.

I know it’s been rather quiet here over the past while, but I thought I’d take a moment to write up this post as this is a pretty big moment for this blog. 500 followers! Yep we’ve reached that huge milestone! I’d like to thank of course all you amazing people for following this blog here, those who have been here from day 1 or just followed today, all this couldn’t have happened without your support, so for that I thank you so much.

I did mention that it’s been slow around here lately, we’ve all got things happening in our lives and blogging might not be a central focus all the time, but by no means is Anime Corps dead or anything. We’re all still here and while posts might not be as frequent as before, we’ll strive to get some new content out each month. Who knows, maybe I’ll even return to weekly reviews should a new show catch my interest.

Anyways before I get completely sidetracked here, thank you once again for helping us reaching this milestone. I’m so proud to see that this blog has grown so much. Thank you everyone!


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