And here we are, the final season of 2018. It’s still pretty fresh in our minds, having only wrapped up about a month ago now, so now that it’s all over and we’ve had some time to think about what we watched, let’s talk about which shows were our favorites of the season!

Nick’s Highlights

Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai

Okay I’ll admit it, the words “bunny girl” caught my attention enough to put this show on my watch list. Yeah that’s something I like so if an anime is about that, then you can be damn sure it’s going on my list. But wait, is this show solely about bunny girls? Well, actually it’s not at all. Sure there was a bunny girl outfit in a few eps, but aside from that it wasn’t a huge factor overall. That aside though, Bunny Girl Senpai was a fantastic show. Like I went in expecting one thing and got something totally different but I loved that something different so much. For me it was like a mashup of Haruhi and Monogatari, it was a school life show with some supernatural elements at play but it all came together in a wonderful package. It’s a very dialogue heavy show, let me tell you, but the dialogue is soooo on point. I love it when a show has such tight dialogue and Bunny Girl Senpai excelled at that.

By far it’s the characters that make this show so incredible. It’s rare to find a show that has such a great lineup of characters like this, and they all work so well together. They draw you in and you really get caught up in their lives and struggle. It’s also rare for me to like the main guy of a show, but Sakuta Azusagawa was so good. Not to outshine the wonderful Mai Sakurajima though. She was incredible. I loved her so much. And together they made for one of the best couples I’ve seen in a long time. All in all Bunny Girl Senpai was my top pick for the fall season, a show that I highly recommend checking out as it surely will not disappoint you.

Bloom into You

Bloom into You is my second favorite show of the fall season. Sure I could easily call it my top favorite, but Bunny Girl Senpai just barely edged it out. That aside though, BiY is by far one of the most beautiful shows I’ve seen in a while. This was a show I caught wind of via a post on OG-Man’s blog and it prompted me to add it to my watch list for the fall season. By now we’ve also been blessed with some many great girls club and yuri shows, but this was the grand finale of the year. I haven’t seen a ton of actual yuri shows, I mean girls club shows have all these yuri vibes, but not an actual serious yuri story to them, so BiY was a serious yuri story and man was it good. It’s a show where you need patience to watch as it’s slower paced but it rewards you for staying with it. I greatly enjoyed watching the relationship between Yuu and Touko unfold and grow, it was so beautiful and natural to watch. Like I said, it rewards you for staying with it as by the end you can see how far they’ve come since the first ep and you’re rooting for them so much. And don’t worry, it’s got some steamy moments too, so it’s not just all drama.

And speaking of drama, most of the time I get pretty annoyed with the drama in shows as it’s just so over the top, but I loved how the drama was in the show. It never was beating you over the head and you actually felt invested in it, rather than slogging through it hoping it would end at some point. It just all add up to the overall execution of this show and how it all played out so well. The way it balanced the drama and serious points along with the lighter moments is brilliant. Everything really comes together in this show and it all makes for probably one of, if not the, best yuri show I’ve seen to date. Maybe if Kase-san ever get an actual anime then I can reevaluate that, but until then, Bloom into You holds the spot for best yuri show. Bloom into You is a must watch for any yuri fan, hell it’s a must watch in general. I hope we get another season in the future too, would love to see where the story goes next.

Anima Yell!

Much like Harukana Receive in the summer season, Anima Yell! caught my attention for being a sports show we haven’t seen before. As far as I know, there hasn’t been an anime about cheerleading before, so this was another first for me, watching a show about cheerleading. It’s a girls club show at heart so it’s very cute, bubbly, brightly animated, the music is upbeat and catchy, and the characters are so lovable. The group of girls in Anima Yell! are so enjoyable to watch and you feel yourself cheering them on as they work hard towards being a real cheerleading squad to help cheer on fellow classmates at basketball games, manga clubs, sibling soccer games, and even a girl confessing her love to another girl. It was a fun show but also it had heart to it too. It was positive and made me smile every time I watched it. Honestly these days everyone and everything is so negative, so having a show with so much positive energy was really nice to see. Nothing got these girls down, they kept on going, plowing through any obstacle in their way and kept cheering their hearts out. It was wonderful to see and I just loved watching this show every week.

Tsuyuki’s Highlights

Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai

Sometimes heavy inspiration from your peers is the best way to create a meaningful and intriguing story. While that may not have been the case with Hajime Kamoshida writing the original light novel behind this show, the result was still a story heavily reminiscent of some community favourites. Namely, Aobuta feels as though it takes from the Monogatari Series’ story structure to a large degree and, although lesser spoken about, the character writing and general plot progression feels ripped almost straight out of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu. However, instead of the result feeling like a rip off, Aobuta was able to craft a story that filled the holes the aforementioned shows left behind in their inevitable conclusions.

While I do agree that this show was able to make me feel the same feelings over a narrative that could be incredibly dumb and times as Haruhi and Monogatari I think that beyond trying to sell the show to people familiar with the those the comparison doesn’t do Aobuta any justice. Would you like a story about the various stresses found throughout daily high school life? Would you like a story is equal parts deeply intriguing and genuinely funny? Would you like a story that has a loveable cast down to literally every single character? Then you’d like Aobuta and get a complimentary set of super good opening and ending songs.

Goblin Slayer

Oh hey it’s that show that was somehow simultaneously only for disgusting edge lords and super boring so no matter what you definitely shouldn’t have watched it. Especially if you dislike genuinely interesting grimdark stories on smaller scales than something like Berserk, references to Dungeons & Dragons that were written by someone who’s actually played the game, monsters that actually feel evil (you know… like they’re supposed to), and just stories in general that adapt a game-ey feel better than almost anything else I’ve ever watched. Who likes violent fun? Not any sane person that’s for sure, am I right?

Joe’s Highlights

I have two shows to talk about. Both are still ongoing. One is a sequel while the other is completely new.

A Certain Magical Index Season 3

Six years, six long years of waiting and constantly being lied to that the wait was not that much longer for a third season. Six years of questioning if a third season would ever happen. Granted I was lucky and saw the series six years ago, but those that saw it when it aired, that was eight years ago. Still a very long time between seasons. So, needless to say I am very happy one of my favorite series finally got its sequel. Shortly after the season started more series were announced for its spin-off. So, I will just leave it at that. Certainly my hopes came true, and I am free from the eternal damnation of the wait.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

There were a lot of shows the past few seasons where I had no intention of watching them, only to like them a lot. This show is the prime example, and one I am still continuing to watch. I am glad that it is in its second cour, and while there are not many shows that come to mind that I can talk about from this particular season. This one stands out the most. While I am never a fan of over powered characters when they get transported to a fantasy world, it does build up the world a lot, while at the same time give a sense of no major plot line. It is not trying to be dramatic or comedic like others of its kind, but, it still maintains a nice balance in doing something slightly different from the norm, which is what I enjoy.

Deven’s Highlights


The Fall season of anime was a really bad time for me. I didn’t really watch anime that much and I only just recently finished this anime but it was quite the ride.

I usually dislike mecha/kaiju anime but I found myself enjoy Gridman mostly for the characters especially Akane for some reason. Mostly because of the fact that she’s an active villain and she’s always playful for most of the series. While the main cast of protagonists are interesting, I don’t see them as having as much depth as Akane does which does make sense seeing how the world is of her creation. They fit the roles that she wants them to fit. They’re like dolls and she’s the child playing make-believe.

In the end, all of our major main character go through development Akane has the most and that makes her more interesting in my personal opinion.

And there you have it, our favorite shows from the final season of the year. What an amazing year 2018 was for anime, so many incredible shows for pretty much everyone out there. What were your favorite shows of the fall season? Leave a comment below with your picks!

Up next is the final part of the Year in Review series, that being Anime of the Year. It’s the grand finale so be sure to come back here next Friday as we end with a bang!

Until next time!



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