Moving right along now, we’ve reached the spring 2018 season. Here are our favorites from that season!

Nick’s Highlights

Comic Girls

Comic Girls was my number 1 pick for this season as once again it was just the most enjoyable show to watch. It’s another girls club show, something I’ve seen many times before but honestly I’m not growing tired of these type shows. They’re always so much fun, the characters are great, it’s a well animated, bright and just all around fun show to watch. It was the show I always looked forward to watching when I got home from work, the show I thought about a lot during the week and how much I was looking forward to the next ep. Kaos, Ruki, Koyume, Tsubasa, and Fuura, they were such fun characters and they brought so much to each ep. Koyume and Ruki were my favorites, I really liked them a lot, but honestly all the girls were so good and you can’t go wrong picking any of them. I’ve watched a number of girls club shows this year and while all of them were good, Comic Girls is one that really stands out for me. I know I say it for every show I like, but I’d love another season or even just an OVA in the future. Comic Girls was that good and one I recommend checking out.

Magical Girl Site

Oh boy, this show was not one many people liked. In a way I can understand why, it’s not exactly the most comfortable show to sit through and touches on some subjects that don’t sit well with many, but still how it got dragged through the mud is a bit much. Maybe it’s because I do enjoy a little darkness with my magical girl shows every now and then, but I found myself getting into this one quite a bit. Sure it starts off rough but once you get into it, look past the shock and awe aspects, it’s a pretty thrilling and engaging story to it. It’s by no means another Madoka clone, everyone loves using that as an excuse to bash it, but no it’s not like Madoka at all. It reminder me a bit more of Magical Girl Raising Project (another great show by the way) but this one was a bit more gritty overall. Still I enjoyed it a lot and was really into it as the show progressed. Out of all the shows I like this one actually deserves another season as it ended on a cliffhanger and I really want to see what happens next. Whether or not that happens is another thing entirely.

Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii

Another show that might have been overlooked by many, WotaKoi was such a great show and nice change from the norm. So many shows I watch are about high school kids, so seeing one about adults was very welcoming. For me the characters were the strong point of this show as overall it’s mainly a slice of life type show, but the characters really brought it to life and made it so great to watch. There still is a story to the show, nothing super in depth or out of this world amazing, but it moves along well and handles the romance and such better than the usual high school drama we see in so many other anime. As far as adult centered anime, this is one I’d recommend checking out. It’s not often we get shows like this, so check this one out for sure.

Honorable Mentions

SAO made a return this season too, this time with a spinoff about the GGO world. A cool entry in the wildly popular SAO franchise, I liked this gun themed show a lot it was an action packed and exciting show to watch and one I recommend checking out if you’re a fan of SAO. Plus it’s got a nice surprise at the end too.

Joe’s Highlights

So, I only finished two shows this season, I am still working on a third, Cutie Honey Universe.  I did do Hinamatsuri for weekly reviews on my site, which I highly recommend. But, I am not here to talk about something I talked a lot about on my blog, since honestly I need to post more here. Anyway, I am here to talk about:

Gundam Build Divers

Now, up until a few years ago I never saw a Gundam series. I always wanted to. Since I began I have seen several, and only finished a few. One of my favorites was Gundam Build Fighters. While its sequel did lack what I enjoyed, in Gundam Build Fighters Tri, I had hopes for this one that it might be able to rekindle this type of Gundam series again, and it did not disappoint one bit.

It had throwbacks to the original Build Fighters, from the machines they used. And in the Build universe, Gundam is a very popular anime series and the gun-play can be made and to fight in real life. This series it still has that, but now it is also a massively popular MMO. Which they did rather well, capturing both the game aspects, mecha fights, Gundam arguments over morality, while still being a comedic entry. It had that nice balance of knowing when to be comedic or when to crank up the fight, and it was just really great. Easily a major highlight for the year for me.

Tsuyuki’s Highlights

Uma Musume Pretty Derby

Let the fanfare fill the air and the bitter rivalries shoot straight through the heart of the crowd in a sport as old as time but with a fresh modern twist! Runners blessed by fate and with the voice of angels here for one reason and one reason only: to claim victory and become the greatest horse girl in Japan! Wait… horse girl?

My dramatic monologue aside, if Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san caught me off guard then Uma Musume went straight for the stealth kill. As a preface, I don’t like horses; I grew up around them but I’m allergic to pretty much everything they eat, as light I am they could pretty easily end my life if they felt like it, and feeling like being a big bully just because seems to be in their DNA for no good reason — a way I like to describe them is dogs but only the negatives. I also don’t like animal girls with a pretty prominent personal philosophy of “Okay but what if they weren’t literally animals?”. So, when a show wears their inspirations for the characters on their sleeves right down to naming and basing the designs of characters after real race horses, that seemed like it’d be a death sentence. Heck, and they’re idols too? Worst anime of the year incoming… or so I thought.

Then, Uma Musume delivered a meaningful narrative about giving 110% and still falling short, overworking yourself, and dealing with anxiety induced by the thing you love and you could say I had a bit of a change of heart. Relationships between characters all having two sides in their simplest forms, learning from failures, relying on friends, and my favourite beacon of positive narrative messages “Believing yourself is the best thing you can do to succeed” also all played major parts in the overall story and boy was I not ready for that. It wasn’t perfect and it wasn’t for everyone, but if it was for you oh boy was it for you.

Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online

And while I casually rant about shows for longer than I probably should, let’s quickly mention GGO as a shining example that Sword Art Online’s worst enemy is its own protagonist. As someone who genuinely really likes Sword Art Online, GGO wore all the same medals of ridiculousness but with a much more charismatic and badass lead and wowsers did it feel like a completely different show. Part of me wishes we got more of this show than Sword Art Online proper, but Alicization is a super cool arc so I guess I’ll live.

Deven’s Highlights

Persona 5 the Animation

Before this anime, I had no idea about the Persona series…ah I remember those days…those innocent days. Now I’ve played Persona 5 once and beaten it, started my second play through and plan to play Persona 4 and 3. It’s safe to say that I’m on the team now. The anime was one of my favorites for the season because arguably it did what anime are supposed to do for the company, promote the game. We may dislike but I can’t deny that I bought the game because of how awesome the anime was even though the anime condensed down a lot of the stuff that was in the game. I had to say that my favorite Palaces were probably Futaba’s and Sae’s, the music there was incredible. I’d definitely recommend the anime and the game to anyone.

Grancrest Senki

This is something that I missed in the winter season. Lately anime and a lot of entertainment mediums have been getting back to their roots with the good old swords and horses fantasy. And Grancrest Senki is one of those anime. However what makes it really good it’s not too dark yet not to light. It’s got a good greyness to it in terms of actions. It’s a heavy political plot which added to with magic battles and traditional medieval battles which I love.

The main thing that I liked about the anime was the fact that our protagonist Theo starts off as your average protagonist, your typical farmboy not meant for much type. He’s so inept at the beginning it grated my nerves. However by the end of the season, he’s had so much good character development he had me rooting for him in the end. He’s definitely one of my favorite male protagonists of the year solely because of his development and his leadership ability.

And that’s it for the spring season! Another season packed full of great shows.

What about yourself? What spring shows did you enjoy the most? Leave a comment below with your picks for top spring shows!

Next week we’ll be discussing our picks for the summer season. Hope to see you back for that post too!

Until next time!

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