From the first three episodes I do rather enjoy this show. Oddly enough to allow myself to continue this show I decided to cover two episodes in one review, however, at least with this one, I found myself pushing off watching the two episodes until episode 3 aired, and then I got lazy and did not see episode 3 until after episode 6 aired. Right now I do not plan to drop this show. I aim to keep it up. And while I do not have the greatest track record of finishing shows I started here. But, as of right now, I hope that is not the case. I did enjoy these episodes, but more on that in a bit.

Episode 2 Plot:

A lot of strange things happened with the reveal last episode that everything is fine. It turns out that no one remembers the kaiju attack or Gridman from the day before. The weirdness does not stop there as some classmates at missing. So, Yuta and company decide to go out and search for clues.

ssss gridman ep 2 pic 1

It only gets weirder from there. A man named Samurai Calibur shows up, he updates Gridman so now that Sho and Rikka can hear him. Also, upon looking into the missing classmates, it turns out they died.

Behind all this was one of their classmates, who may have a connection to one of the monsters. It turns out, at least in this episode, she wants her teacher dead because he was impolite.

ssss gridman ep 2 pic 2

A new Monster of the Week appears, and well, the fight happens, Yuta wins, thanks to Samurai turning into a sword. Everything is then back to normal and everyone is alive too. So, fairly strange things are going on. Yuta even questions if it is all worth it if everyone forgets what happens.

ssss gridman ep 2 pic 5

Episode 2 Thoughts:

I honestly need to skip this section, since I forgot to write about it back when I saw this episode. I will say it certainly was interesting with it becoming more of a mystery. But, this episode certainly did feel like it paled in comparison to the first episode. This is due to the issues being solved off-screen and rather quickly.

Episode 3 Plot:

Let’s see, so, Sho does something dumb, and it really gets on Yuta’s nerves. He jokes saying maybe the monsters are humans. Of course, it doesn’t help that the monster this week shows up early, and can talk like a human. Thus, Yuta loses the will to fight and loses.

The villain then gets to cheer that she won and Gridman is dead. But, it is only episode three and half way through it. Turns out when more of Gridman’s friends show up, well, he is not dead. They were just waiting to ambush the monster.

They fight, get more powers, and win. Oddly enough this picture sums up most of my thoughts on this episode.

ssss gridman ep 3 pic 6

Episode 3 Thoughts:

While I did like this episode, there were a lot of dumb things that happened. Mostly what Sho said. What he said had an impact, and honestly made for a rather deep question for this show. But, it was quickly followed by the fact he was joking, which only ruined the drama that built it up. The episode only suffers because it all relates back to what he said. While, it was nice that they played with this idea, having a more human like monster, it felt like it was just shoved aside too much by the end. There is also a matter of how episode two ended with Yuta wondering if what he is doing is worth it, it was an important question with no follow-up what so ever this episode.

The biggest issue I have with this series is, it is introducing characters too quickly and it is not giving time for even the three main before introducing more that only serve as a plot device so the hero can get a new transformation. It makes it feel like the plot is progressing too much for its own good. Hopefully this will be different in future episodes. But, it makes it the biggest drawback to this show.

Three episodes down, and while I do enjoy it, there are a lot of issues with the pacing of the plot. I hope these changes but all we can do is wait and see.

Overall Enjoyment: 80/100

Overall Score Ep 2: B

Overall Score Ep 3: C

SSSS.Gridman is licensed by Funimation.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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