Alright, time to start the new series I am going to review here. However, things will be different from my normal way of doing reviews. I will be doing it bi-weekly, with the exception of the first and final episode, since the show is only 12 episodes long. One more thing, this show is by Trigger, and while I watched or tried to watch Darling in the Franxx earlier this year thinking it was by Trigger, well they only played a minor role. This one they were in charge of, so hopefully I can get through with it. This show is also based on a 90s monster of the week live action show Gridman, but, I doubt I will watch that. Nor does this show have any relation to the original. So, no need to try to find that anywhere. So, let’s get right into it.

The Plot:

A boy wakes up with no memory of who he is. So, he tries to do just that. Of course, a computer screen saying that “I am a Hyper Agent, Gridman,” appears. It is also something only this boy, Yuta can see, so the person he is with thinks he is a bit crazy. Even outside, well, only Yuta can see the giant monster that is away from the town.

The following day, well, his classmates sort of don’t believe his story about amnesia.

ssss gridman ep 1 pic 6

Upon heading home, he is told by Gridman that danger is soon. It is then when a monster attacks. They watch and see the destruction it causes. Yuta wishes to stop it and runs back to Gridman.


He gets sucked into the computer and turns into a giant Gridman to fight the monster. Meanwhile his friends Rikka and Sho can only watch. Before deciding to type on the computer after they see what they believe is the monsters weakness.

ssss gridman ep 1 pic 10

With the monster defeated, all there was left was the countless number of destroyed buildings, including their school.

ssss gridman ep 1 pic 11

The next day, well, it was weird, everything was completely restored like no monster ever attacked. Thus, ending the episode.

ssss gridman ep 1 pic 12

Overall Thoughts:

After the first episode, I think covering this bi-weekly will work. It felt like there was not much to talk about, and even the fight was more in the last five minutes. This opener episode hopefully showed the set up for this show. I can easily be picturing it like other types of these monster of the week series, a bit of an issue, monster appears, and the issue resolves. It was basically that. However, I can easily see something different happening. It won’t be as apparent in the first episode or so, but in a few more. I only say this because of how Trigger is. The first few episodes are about the characters before diving deeper into the plot itself. This one being twelve episodes long, I can see this sped up.

Anyway, this episode was enjoyable. I doubt the amnesia situation will be super important, at least early on, but I could see it playing a role later. But, who knows, I mean with A Certain Magical Index although it is referenced all the time that the MC has amnesia nothing is really done about it. But, series are always different.

It does feel what was missing the most this episode was substance. It felt like something was missing. I am not fully certain what that could be, perhaps the way the plot is set up because of it following the monster of the week style. Perhaps because it felt a little slow passed and the fight at the end ended fairly quickly. Perhaps it was due to the lack of depth of the characters this first episode, we only really know that the MC has amnesia and the other characters just know him for being in the same class. It will certainly take another episode for them to be more fleshed out. It is too soon to say.

Still, it was enjoyable first episode. I could see other things happening, especially later on, but, for right now, I do not mind if they keep a similar set up for another episode or so.

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

Overall Score: C+

Either way again, I plan to make this bi-weekly, covering two episodes a post. Still, feel free to comment your thoughts on this series.

SSSS.Gridman is licensed by Funimation.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe