Wow, the end is in sight. Since this is a two-part final, I have all the more reason to complete this series for review. It has been a long time coming. The last show I finished here was Sakura Quest last year. So, anyway, more celebration next time. Time to see how Red is doing.

The Plot:

Red gets an important mission from her senpai. Well, Red has been doing well at her job, so she now gets to be the senpai. At first, she believes she cannot hand a Kouhai, but, well, her senpai does tell her that taking a kouhai and training them is like a way to repay all the times the senpai has come to her aid.

It turns out her kouhai is very smart. Red shows her around, from White, to Pink, to the adorable Platelets.

But, while this peaceful day seems fine, everything changed when a massive explosion went off.

Cells at Work Ep 12 Pic 7

High blood pressure soon follows. In the massive confusion no one knows what to do. There is only one thing that can happen, a state of emergency, as a life-threatening scenario is happening. There is massive head damage and a bunch of enemies are bound to show up. So, every must do their jobs as efficiently as possible.

But what about Red, the one who is always afraid, uncertain, and easily flustered. Well, she isn’t. She is calm and treats this as serious as possible, calming her kouhai down and taking charge to ensure they do their job properly.

Cells at Work Ep 12 Pic 10

Meanwhile, White goes on a rampage.

Cells at Work Ep 12 Pic 11

He then makes it to the sight of the damage, and well, not a single red blood cell is to be seen. The episode ends with that shocking realization.

Cells at Work Ep 12 Pic 12

Overall Thoughts:

When the title says part one, well, I honestly did not think it would take as long for the actual theme to kick in. Honestly, I am okay with that. I did like the first half of the episode. I mean, Red’s character growth over the series, I was not really expecting too much. I thought she would be how she started, constantly getting lost, flustered, and afraid of it all. But, then her focused episode happened, and she did not get lost as much. Then the start of this episode happened, and she was given a lot of responsibility. Sure, she got lost, was flustered, and was a lot like how she was throughout the series. But then the crisis happened, when it seems like she would be afraid the most, she wasn’t. Her character might have changed dramatically, but, even then, in a crisis, she was able to pull through, calm herself, and calm those who were typically the calm ones. She really matured. Will this last, probably not, well, for the final two episodes it will, but, if there is ever more, without a crisis she will probably be a little like her same old safe, but maybe a bit calmer in some situations.

While, I would love to talk about how much I loved this sudden change, and how well it was, the second half of the episode, really ramped up the drama. No one knows what to do, and everyone is tasked with something, it is much like a real crisis, and this episode help capture that. The ending was a nice note, and certainly makes the question more of what is going one. While the title of the episode gives the medical situation, unless one knows what it really is, well, it certainly still begs the question what will happen plot wise and where anything could go.

Either way, decent episode and for a show I was not expecting much character development wise, it certainly knows when to add those nice little surprises at just the right time.

Overall Enjoyment: 95/100

Overall Score: A

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