Alright, the next to last “Monster of the Week.” Despite not being the final episode next time, it does look like it is a two-part episode, given the name saying part one. Either way, the final episode does not deal with Cancer, so, I kind of am glad, and a little disappointed. Glad, because, I don’t like talking about cancer. But, disappointed, since that Cancer episode did build up to make it sound like they would return, and the final episode of the season certainly would work perfectly for it. But, enough about what could have been, and let’s get right into it.

The Plot:

Right from the start of the episode issues begin popping up. It turns out fluid is starting to run low. Which, is a huge problem. Heat is starting to rise. To combat this, the Red Blood Cells start going in bulk to the skin. This is to regulate the heat.

But, the areas that are normally springs, and natural water areas, are dried. Thus, it is a concern, especially, since nothing is happening from the command center to fix this. The red blood cells start to worry about this.

Cells at Work Ep 11 Pic 3

More issues arise, since even sending the Red Blood Cells to the skin is still not lowing the body’s temperature. The command center starts to realize the issue is coming from outside the body.

Cells at Work Ep 11 Pic 4

Issues continue, with vertigo, fainting, and more, causing all the red blood cells to be thrown around.

Cells at Work Ep 11 Pic 5

To make matters worse, the monster of the week appears, and White, certainly is not bringing his A game. He himself is about to fall victim to heat stroke too, like how the body is. The issues continue even more, when this germ does not wish to fight, but instead wait it out and go into hiding.

White calls back up, but, not only can they not handle this new foe, but, White is struggling to keep up. Nearly collapsing when cornered by the enemy.

Things don’t seem to well at the command center either.

Cells at Work Ep 11 Pic 10

The germ holds onto White, noting how the world is coming to an end, and there is nothing he could do. The fight, well, slaughter of White continues before he falls off the cliff.

When hope seems lost, the heavens answer the prayers, as some bizarre tube comes from the sky, spraying water. It turns out a transfusion is going on.

Cells at Work Ep 11 Pic 13

White then recovers and saves the day.

Cells at Work Ep 11 Pic 14

The bizarre cool air continues, and the cells cool off for the rest of the day, to end the episode.

Cells at Work Ep 11 Pic 15

Overall Thoughts:

Alright, so, this brings me back to the episode with the Steroid, episode 5. The steroid was some sort of alien technology, and well, I like how they kept that idea in this episode. However, it was more like what it normally would look like in terms of a needle. It was a nice touch, as well as implying the ice pack at the end of the episode. These two things, were a nice touch, and help bring more character to how this world is. I hope something like this appears again, but it is fine if it doesn’t. It works out well with how they did implement it.

Now, as for everything else this episode, it felt standard compared to the episodes before it. It was kind of like the previous episodes, but it did its own thing. It did feel like there was a bit too much info dumping when the vertigo kicked in, but, after that it was well spaced out. This wasn’t the greatest episode, nor was it the worst. It was just average.

But, out of all the things this episode, one did stick out rather nicely, and it was how White was. He was sort of having the same symptoms of Heat Stroke as well. Sure, we could not see what goes on within his body, but, the same issues were there in a sort of juxtaposed way.

Either way, good episode, with those little details making what seems average, stand out just a tiny bit more.

Overall Enjoyment: 95/100

Overall Score: B- 

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