The Microphages are easily my favorite cell in this series. But, more as to why on that later. Without further ado, let’s get started.

The Plot:

This episode started well planned, and rather nice. Red seemingly did not get lost doing her job. The Platelet is still super adorable. And, right before the opening Red says how Red Cells are never attacked. Only to be immediately attacked after the opening theme. It certainly was a nice touch.


Well, with Red in trouble, now is about the time where she gets lost, which she sort of does, well, maybe not lost, just bad luck. The street is a dead-end. While, the norm for this show after 10 episodes is White showing up to save her, well, that yellow hazmat suit cell appears and beats the germ to an inch of its life.

Then White shows up.

Cells at Work Ep 10 Pic 6

Anyway, it turns out that this hazmat cell is a Monocytes. They are also Immune Cells, but they are certainly a lot fewer of them. Red begins to start noticing them more and more on her work day. They drink, sleep, and seem kind of goofy.

Cells at Work Ep 10 Pic 7

Then the villain of the week appears, Staphylococcus Aureus, who was a villain back on the Platelet’s episode.

Cells at Work Ep 10 Pic 8

The fight seems to quickly go into the white blood cells advantage, as well, they fought this germ before. But, then they fuse into a giantess. There was even a flashback to how everything was before, and it is quickly reminded with this fused giantess, that it is nothing like before. She has new attacks, and everything to quickly put an end to the White Blood Cells. She even uses the Platelet’s Fibrin to attack the White Blood Cells.

Just when hope seems lost, the Monocyte cells appear. After getting out of the blood stream, they take off the hazmat suits and turn into the Microphages.

Thus, these battle maids quickly dispose of the enemy.

Cells at Work Ep 10 Pic 18

Of course, Red is in shock by this transformation too.

Cells at Work Ep 10 Pic 17

Anyway, the episode ends with Microphage saying she certainly has a few secrets up her sleeve.

Overall Thoughts:

I liked this episode. While there was a lot of Info dumping compared to previous episodes, it did not seem to bother me. Maybe because of how the show has been in recent weeks, or because I am just used to it by now.

Either way, this episode was interesting, since it not only gave more information about what only seemed like a background character, but also brought back an old villain with a new twist. Both were done rather well. When I saw the sceenshots on how the villain was reappearing, I did not think much of it, then they did a nice twist, and made it not seem as run of the mill like the previous time they appeared.

As for the Microphages, that was nice to do some explaining more to who they are. Although, we might not get to know how they fit their poofy and frilly dresses into those hazmat suits, it is always welcoming to see them pop in and kick some serious butt.

This episode did feel like a calm before the storm. There are only a few episodes left, and while the action did kick up this week, it still feels like there is a bit more before a final.

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

Overall Score: B

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As always I hope you enjoyed.

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