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Here’s my review.

In a way it wasn’t the most eventful ep but at the same time there is so much happening. The end is in sight, the light at the end of the tunnel is so close, but there is still a lot of volleyball left to play. Both sides are at their limits, playing their absolute hardest as a trip to the Nationals is on the line, but only one team can go and honestly it’s looking like it could go either way.

Now so more than ever am I eating what I said a couple weeks ago. I mean I know this is probably going to end one way, but these past two eps really have me second guessing. I feel like that early call was completely wrong now and my whole plan I mapped out in my head is nowhere near what’s actually going to happen. Whatever the case is though, this game is by far the most intense to date.

So much like last week there isn’t a whole lot to talk about as it’s mainly just the second and third set being played out. Things pick up right where they ended last week with Claire seeing that look in Kanata’s eyes that she’s wanted to see for a long time now, and that really sets the tone for the remainder of the ep.

Eclair have tasted defeat by Kanata before, back when she was still teammates with Narumi. It was a tough loss but one they built on, as Marissa got them to see the positive side of that loss. They now had a rival, someone to make them play harder than they were before. It’s some additional backstory to how they met and trained together, but this time it adds a previously unseen piece of the story. As time went on and the 4 girls kept training and playing together, Kanata started to fade as she was going through that rough patch where her height was restricting her from playing her best. The dream rematch Claire had always wanted against Kanata was now looking exactly like that, a dream. But all hope wasn’t lost.

When we first met the Thomas girls at the end of ep 2 as they were watching the match between Harukana and AyaNaru, Claire saw a glimmer of the Kanata of old, playing with the burning passion like she used to. That was all she needed to get that dream back on her mind. So all that training and such in all the eps leading up to this game was Claire preparing for her dream rematch. But now it also begs the question: during that time to Kanata surpass Claire?

It’s honestly looking like that might be the case. This game has been close all the way through as Harukana have kept up pace with Eclair for the whole time, keeping them within striking distance and never letting them breathe. It’s the ultimate dream rematch that Claire has always wanted, all that’s left is for her to come out victorious this time.

After battling back to tie the game at one a piece, they enter the third set in a winner take all set. Only to 15 points instead of 21, it’s time for both sides to lay it all on the line and play with every last bit of energy they have left in them. The remainder of the ep is this third set being played out. It’s a very tense match to watch, each passing moment you can feel the pressure building, knowing that only one side will make it to the Nationals.

For this final set Haruka has decided to pull out all the stops and try something new, the topspin. Used by Kanna in the previous match, it was an effective weapon as it was hard to read and hard to block against. Turns out that was a good call by Haruka as they open the set 3-0, but Eclair quickly catch on and defend against it.

The back and forth action continues on, the spread between them only being 2 points for most of the time, but then things take a bad turn for our main girls. Haruka’s spike is a bit too low and hits the net, dropping on their side. It’s the wort case scenario now as the game is at match point and Eclair has the ball. This is looking like the end for Harukana, their battle might finally come to an end. Down 2 and their opponents with the ball it would take a miracle to get them out of this position and tie the game up. But that’s exactly what happens as Kanata comes up huge with a quick two points.

And so we’ve arrived at match point again but this time with both sides tied at 14. This is it, the entire game has come down to this final play. It’s taken a long time to get to this point, but it’ll be over in seconds. Harukana have the ball and are ready to serve. How will this end?

Tune in next week to find out!

By far the most intense game of the whole show, hell this second and third set have been nail biting! I like both sides though so however this shakes out I’ll be happy. But one thing I’m not happy about is that this show is over next week. That’s right, the finale, ep 12, is next Friday. Seems like it went by so fast. I’ll have my final thoughts along with a score for this show so I hope you can join me for that.

That’s all for me, but I’d love to hear what you thought of this ep. Leave a comment below or hit me up on Twitter and we can chat there. Either way I’ll be sure to reply.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you back here next week for the grand finale!


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