Time for an episode all about the T Cells. It is nice to see more stories that talk about the past for some of the characters, it works well with the more story telling aspects to show what happened to them rather than giving a large amount of info dumps. More on that later, and for now, let’s focus on what happened.

The Plot:

So, Killer T is training all the Naïve Cells so that they can become a Killer T Cell. They go through the rough training of several thousand push-ups, pull-ups, and more. But, Killer T still sees them as weak. While this is going on Helper T is starting to think they are being too loud, and just wants to drink his tea. Regulatory T Cell, she is in charge of making sure the Killer T Cells don’t go out of control and ignores Helper T when he asks her to take a break. It is then when one of the recruits gets thrown through the window crashing into him.


Thus, Killer T and Helper T start to argue. The Naïve Cells are then showed something by Dendritic Cell, who, a few episodes back did show some pictures to that one Naïve Cell. He is in charge of helping the Killer T Cells mature. So, he has a bunch of pictures of all of them growing up, including Helper T and Killer T.

Cells at Work Ep 9 Pic 4

It turns out the two were old classmates and butt heads a lot. While right now it looks like Killer T would be the stronger one, it is the opposite, Helper T in his younger days was the one beating on Killer T. They spend their days training. The young Regulatory T watches over them too, as she is in the same program as them.


Even at night the two train, and well, Dendritic seems to be always watching them taking pictures any chance he gets. It is honestly a little weird.

Cells at Work Ep 9 Pic 7


Some time passes, and well, they certainly looked like they aged a few years. A major test, Positive Selection, happens. This will test them to see if they are cut out to tell the difference between cells. Which, it is known a lot will fail, and many who try do.

Before Killer T goes up, Helper T, who already passed, gives him some advice, mostly to look where he is punching. He tends to keep his eyes closed, which makes him unable to connect the punches. But, thanks to a little shouting from the sidelines, Killer T passes.

Cells at Work Ep 9 Pic 10

The two later argue and ultimately agree to give it their best.


Cells at Work Ep 9 Pic 11

Back in the present, well, they stop arguing to realize what Dendritic is doing. The two team up to try to get those haunting memories back to burn the evidence, thus ending the episode.

Overall Thoughts:

The previous episode I thought was pretty good, giving focus to Red and her mission to not get lost. While that episode was good and all, this one simply proved that this show can be a lot better than it really is at times. The show has stepped away from the monster of the week style and gave it more life. While still being informative, the story telling has shined in recent episodes, and this one felt like the better ones of the last four. This show is certainly getting better and better and finding that perfect balance of being both informative, entertaining, and blending it well with its story telling.

Honestly, this episode shared a similar concept with the Naïve Cell a few episodes back, but, that one really did not work out too great. The other story focusing on when Red was young, it was only for half an episode, but that still worked out well. This one, certainly got better. Perhaps because it was a full episode dedicated to it, or because it was just done in the right way, or maybe unlike the Naïve Cell episode, these characters are more prevalent in the series and have appeared a few times before and likely will appear more in the end too. It was not trying to pump up the naïve cell, but, it was like how Red was just remembering the past. It gave the characters it was telling the story on, well, making them more complex, and not just a tough guy and a mastermind, but showed how they changed and gave development to characters who have not really received that treatment.

These last two episodes, stepped away from the monster of the week. Honestly, if one did appear, it feels like it would have taken away what they were trying to do. This show seems to shine brightest when it is not putting too much focus on the monster of the week. While the action certainly is good, the info dumping takes some of that enjoyment away. Story telling like this episode, did not have this issue, and it was certainly a nice thing to see. I still would not mind another episode like this before the end, however, I think I would prefer to see them find that right blend with action and storytelling. The Cancer episode was on the right track, but, this episode certainly sets the bar for what they could do for this series. It is starting to feel like they are finally getting the blend just right. Only time will tell if they can keep this momentum going, and hopefully they do, since there are only four episodes left.

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

Overall Score: A

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