Compared to the recent episode, it is nice to bring focus back to Red. Of course, this loveable Red Blood Cell, might get lost nearly every episode, but this time, she is trying to do her job by herself and without getting lost. I feel this episode was long overdue, but, well, I will save more on my thoughts about this for later. So, let’s get started.

The Plot:

It goes without saying, (even though I already brought up a paragraph ago), that Red tends to get lost all the time. Well, this episode starts with Red seeing the newbies getting a tour and about to go on their first delivery. She feels like she never did this on her own before and only was able to do it because of her senpai or White. So, to not rely on them, she decides to do it her own, and not get lost.

Of course, shortly after getting into this mindset, she gets attacked and saved by White. Only to then leave him as he offered to help, to then nearly fall down a pit.

Cells at Work Ep 8 Pic 3

But she is still fired up to do this on her own, and White realizes this. At the same time, while he does say he will let her be, he follows her around the whole episode to help her without her realizing it.

After her travels, Red makes it to the heart, and remembers where White saved her for the first time.

Cells at Work Ep 8 Pic 6

As her journey continues, White steps up and takes care of a few germs. Tries to make sure signs are pointing in the right direction and doing everything in his power to help her without realizing it. But, not too much. It was just little things. Except maybe the sign.

Cells at Work Ep 8 Pic 7

Anyway, Red succeeded.

Cells at Work Ep 8 Pic 8

White then gets stopped by Killer T, while he watches Red get congratulated. White goes on about the realization of everyone’s job and what not. But, Killer T is not having it. Feeling and understanding were just not his thing. He does not feel like immune cells should be friends with anyone.

Cells at Work Ep 8 Pic 9

Of course, White then talks to Red about her day. B Cell talks with other cells about some inventions, all while making it clear as the episode ends, Killer T is jealous.

Cells at Work Ep 8 Pic 10Cells at Work Ep 8 Pic 11

Overall Thoughts:

While the drama and action kicked up a notch last week, this time it certainly was a more peaceful approach. Now, as for the much-needed focus for Red, it feels like this was the perfect time. It gave us a drama episode, and before that a little back story on Red. After some time of having episodes focus on others, and Red getting character development in the background, well, having an episode dedicated to her worked well. If done any later in the series, it would just seem odd. Now, if this allows for Red to not get lost all the time, that would be nice. It would not make the joke get more stale.

Now, as for what White was saying at the end, I think that could be said about a lot of things. But, while, Killer T is just unable to make friends with anyone, he did make a point. They are immune cells. Any time a cell could turn on them. It is a twisted way to look at it, but, Killer T just did not want White to get too attached to Red or any cell for that matter, because someday someone could die.

But, it is not just that. I mean, White does have a connection with Red. I think in all honesty with how this episode was, maybe all the run-ins were so oddly convenient. But, who knows. The flashback a few episodes only told Red’s view of things, maybe White remembers it in a different way.

Either way, this episode was nice change compared to the monster of the week episodes before. So, hopefully in the final few episodes something else like this will happen.

Overall Enjoyment: 85/100

Overall Score: A

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