As the end slowly approaches, things are ramping up as the quest to the Nationals begins. But first, making it through the qualifiers.

Here’s my review!

Here we are, summer again and ready for the qualifying matches to determine who’s going to the Nationals. Our girls Haruka and Kanata are competing along side fan favorites Claire and Emily, each pair have their eyes set on the grand prize, playing in the Nationals. It’s what this who tournament is about, seeing who gets to go. But as excited as they were a few eps ago about how this year two teams from Okinawa would be able to go, that dream is quickly shattered by the reality that because not enough teams entered, that means there will only be one team going to the Nationals.

It’s a tough blow to everyone, but especially to Akari who feels like it’ll end up destroying the club, if one of the pairs makes it while the other doesn’t. What’s worse is that depending how the games go, Haruka and Kanata could end up playing against the Thomas girls, leaving Akari torn between who to support. It’s not something she expected when she became the coach for the team, but now with this unfortunate situation upon them, she’s faced with trying to cope with it. However she does find something to help make the situation a bit more bearable. Scrunchies.

It’s an idea given to her by Ayasa and Narumi as a way to express her feelings about this whole matter to her club members. Akari cares deeply for the club as it’s a place that welcomed her with open arms and has been such a joy for her over the past while, the last thing she wants is them to end up torn apart by the very game they all love. So her token, the scrunchies, is a way of saying that she’s supporting all of them, no matter the outcome of their games. Maybe she’s overthinking the whole situation but it’s nice to see Akari expressing how much the club, and in turn these four girls, mean to her. So with that settled, it’s time for the games to begin!

The back half is once again straight volleyball action. The main focus of it though is on the second round match up between Harukana and the Aragaki twins. What’s significant about this match up is that the Aragaki twins actually played against Claire and Emily before and lost, so they’re coming into this tournament with payback on their mind. But as Haruka quickly points out, to play against the Thomas girls, they’d have to get through Harukana first.

If you were expecting a thrilling, closely matched game then this wasn’t the one you were looking for. It’s more of a blow out than anything. Harukana are clearly the better pair and they put up big points against the Aragaki twins early on and hold that lead through the first set. Even with use of a topspin shot, the Aragaki girls aren’t getting past the brick wall blocking by Haruka. After all, she learned from the best, Claire. As pointed out by Mai, who was on hand as a ref, the gap is huge, so much so it’s barely a game. But they keep using the topspin shot regardless of it failing every time.

But they something happens in the ending of the second set, the topspin shot somehow makes it through Haruka’s block! Is this the start of a huge comeback? Not at all. It’s match point and even though the ball made it by the block, Kanata is there to make sure they don’t score a point. A quick set up later and Haruka is spiking the ball onto their opponents side, winning the game. For the Aragaki twins, this match was more of a practice for when they actually face off against the Thomas girls, whenever that will be.

So now the stage is set, Harukana vs Eclair. This is a battle long in the making and one I’m sure we’re all eager to see play out. Of course we already know who will win in the end, but even with that knowledge it’s still going to be exciting to see how they arrive at that finish.

Short review this week as there wasn’t a whole lot to talk about as it was mainly them playing volleyball. Oh and as a side note, Marissa has left us. Yes the tall, blonde, gorgeous, and jacked Hype Mom who graced us for the past few eps has left. They wasted no time with that, showing her leaving within the opening 20 seconds. Oh well, hopefully she’ll return later. I wanna see her abs again.

But yeah, good ep as usual. I’m really looking forward to seeing Harukana face off against Eclair, that’s gonna be a great match up. Of course the Nationals will have the main event that we’ve all been waiting for, but I’m sure this next one will still have just as much hype to it.

So yeah that’s all I’ve gotta say about this week’s ep. I’d love to hear your thoughts about it thought so feel free to leave a comment below or even stop by my Twitter and share your thoughts about the ep with me there. Either way I’ll be sure to reply as fast as I can. Which is pretty fast.

Full size images were taken from the ep 9 thread on r/anime.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you back here next week!


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