So, this episode deals with cancer, and while under normal circumstances, I take my reviews seriously (even if I am joking sometimes) the subject of this episode hits rather close to home for me with some family members passing away or being diagnosed with various forms of cancer in recent years. So, while I normally give my Personal Enjoyment Score and an Overall Score relating more towards my analysis of the episode, I will not be doing a score for my analysis due to my own bias on the subject matter. While this might be just a show and work of fiction, cancer is a deadly disease, and this is a rare case (or even first case) where my personal experience does interfere with my view of an episode.

I may be starting on a more somber tone that normal, but, I won’t let it stop me from covering this episode. And without further delay, let’s get started.

The Plot:

So, between the split with Red and White in the previous episode, Red is now with her Senpai. And, well, while trying to catch up to her a few bad omens happen to Red. Such as, but not limited to: walking under a ladder, breaking dishes, her hair going out of control, and a few more. Thus, Red cannot help but to feel like something bad is going to happen.

Anyway, now continuing where NK Cell left off last episode. The cell she is questioning transforms himself. His hair turns white, his eyes become bloodshot, with weird appendages popping out of various parts of his body. He is a cancer cell. Which, specializes in blending in and multiplying rapidly.

Cells at Work Ep 7 Pic 3Cells at Work Ep 7 Pic 4

Seeing that NK’s job is to take down Cancer Cells, she cannot help but to laugh a bit knowing how weak this one appears to be. Even though he is slowly turning into a Cell like the Hulk, breaking walls and throwing her around like she weighed nothing.

Cells at Work Ep 7 Pic 5

Back to White, him and Killer T find strange notes on the walls, and some walls broken n to bits. White does state that there are signs that the cells there are ignoring the normal proliferation program, so, they are multiplying rather quickly, and well, causing issues. Of course, after noting this more Cancer Cells appear and attack the two.

While they quickly get swarmed, NK unwillingly crashes through a large Cancer Cell. The one she is fighting then appears and has clearly taken over the building. The Cancer Cell destroys the building trying to take down the three immune cells with him.

Back to a cheerier note, Red found some Platelets being adorable.

Cells at Work Ep 7 Pic 10

Oh yeah, her and her senpai also find a bunch more Red Blood Cells bringing an absurd amount of orders to the same housing complex. Upon peaking insides, Cancer Cells are feasting. But, while it does make Red feel uneasy, she does tell Macrophage about it as she goes to get more of the orders.

Back to the fight at hand, and a brief flashback too. Turns out the Cancer Cell as made due to a coding error. Thus, his friend was killed unjustly because all they did was come into the world. He beats each and every one of them. His plan is to overrun the world with more Cancer Cells, but White knows the world could not handle it.

Before the Cancer Cell can defeat them, all types of immune cells appear to help fight off the swarm of Cancer Cells.

Cells at Work Ep 7 Pic 16

NK gets a power up and delivers the final hit to the main Cancer Cell. Turns out the power of laughter is a strong source of healing and her source of power. Also, it makes sense with the earlier scene too.

White hears the Cancer Cell’s final words. How he just wanted to leave a mark on the world, and how he concedes defeat. But, the episode ends with the unsettling words he told White, that he only conceded defeat for just today and it would be different next time.

Overall Thoughts:

So, with my starting message, and then how the episode tries to I guess humanize Cancer Cells a bit more trying to get us to feel sad for them, yeah, I cannot really feel that way at all. The message that it was trying to give, and my personal experiences, certainly made me not enjoy the message of this episode.

Now, stepping away from that, was this episode still enjoyable? If this was some other type of villain, well, it was nice that they gave it some reason to feel sorry to care for them. But, Cancer Cell is not getting sympathy for me.  There was still that development, and the fact that, it is how Cancer Works. Then the ending deal with it, certainly gives the feeling they will return in the final episode or two.

With how the previous episode ended on a cliffhanger. I am glad it was the whole episode and not just “Problem Solved” all in the first few minutes. While, it did feel a little dragged out, mostly in minor ways. This episode did not have the typical issue of info dumping and had decent passing without it feeling interrupted. It took a step away from the more silly aspects of being over dramatic at times and actually gave drama, which help play a huge role in this episode compared to other episodes.

As a whole at this point, this episode was different. All episodes before were minor diseases, food poising, allergies, a scrape, and more. This was something from the inside. So, the drama, the attempt at giving emotion to cancer, and overall how the action was treated, made it come out more serious, because it was within the body and not something from the outside. Granted yes there were a few comedic moments, but, it did feel like there was a lot less compared to normal.

This episode certainly had ups and downs. To me, it feels like it is due to the message it was trying to convey. Even thinking about my enjoyment of this episode, despite still being one of the better ones, my own personal feelings for this subject matter make my overall thoughts on it more skewed than normal. I know I would like to say it was a great episode, 95/100 for enjoyment and all that typical stuff. But, it doesn’t sit well with me due to that message of cancer and what it was trying to make me feel about cancer. So, this episode is honestly one of the hardest for me to judge. I did not think it would with the previous episode, but after watching this one, it certainly is.

Anyway, still a good episode, great emphasis on the drama. Just, my own views are certainly getting in the way of how much I could normally have enjoyed an episode. If it was done with some other disease besides cancer, I honestly would have seen this episode differently. I think that could easily said about any form of media. Once it hits close to you, how you feel about it can be very different if it had no relation to you at all.

Overall Enjoyment: 75/100

One last note. Apparently this episode did a great job on describing how cancer is in the body, where even doctors talked about it. ANN has more in their article: here.

Crunchyroll is streaming this series.

As always feel free to comment your thoughts on the series. Just be mindful of spoilers.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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