Wow, I know the previous episode I mentioned that some episodes do not give a lot of focus to the characters and might have a bit too much info dumping. Well, this episode was certainly different, despite being split into two parts and to lead into a cliffhanger for the next episode, it managed to go beyond my normal expectations for this show. But, more on that later, let’s get started.

The Plot:

So, Red is lost, again. This time she got lost and wound up going down memory lane landing in the Red Bone Marrow. She sees all the Erythroblast’s before they turn into Red Blood Cells. The show then goes onto talk about the process of them, and how even the Hemopoietic Stem Cells chose what cell goes to what.

Eventually the info dumping stops, and the flash back finally begins with Red as a child. Well, she certainly hasn’t changed, as she even got lost on the practice course, and was known by the other students that she gets lost often.

One day a White Blood Cell stops by to help teach her class on how to flee from all sorts of nasty creatures they might encounter day-to-day. Typical of a White Blood Cell, he gets a little too into it, causing the children to rapidly flee. Red does get lost. But sees all the Red Blood Cells at work, inspiring her to be more like them someday. That is until a virus appears.

So, she runs for some time. But, because this a show, conveniently a small version of White appears. He stricks the creature with his plastic knife, only that does nothing to the monster, and he gets beat up fairly badly as a result. However, he refuses to back down. Luckily the White Blood Cell in charge of the class saves the day.

The two kids say goodbye, wondering if they will ever see one another again. It honestly reminded me of the ending to episode one.

Cells at Work Ep 6 Pic 11

Back in the present they see one another again. Red simply wonders if she will see that kid from all that time ago, not knowing it is the person that she bumps into all the time.

Cells at Work Ep 6 Pic 12

The second half of the episode starts with White continuing to direct Red to her destination. The other cells note how peaceful it has been lately. That is until some bizarre cell starts trying to attack everyone. But, White manages.

Cells at Work Ep 6 Pic 13

Killer T shows up to take away the body. Then NK Cell appears to land on top of him. Her job deals with Cancer Cells and Viruses. It also turns out that her and Killer T do not get along all that well, as the two quickly break into a fight.

Once the fighting is over, the other cell shows the trio to where others bizarre cells have appeared. NK takes the cell away from White and Killer T. The episode ends with NK seeing the truth that the cell helping them was actually in disguise.

Cells at Work Ep 6 Pic 17

Overall Thoughts:

Honestly, even with the fact this episode was split in half, it honestly felt like one of the better episodes. It did not do too much info dumping, and when it did do a lot, it was right before a lot of plot, characterization, and more was done. This episode weaved in the info dumping at just the right times without getting in the way of the enjoyment or overall drama the show was trying to build up.

But, as for the past half of the episode. It was nice to see that back story, and obvious connection between White and Red. Plus, there was a small glimpse ta the cell that Red calls Senpai. I honestly wish somehow this part of the episode was longer. But even though it was only half of the episode, the ending of this part weaved nicely into the latter half of the episode. Some shows really trip up here when they try doing two things in a second episode, while they were two different things, it just had that nice smooth transition that made the second half work perfectly.

But again, I do wish that this was two episodes. With the fact it ended in a cliffhanger, well, the only way for it to make up for that, is how it pays off in the next episode. Some shows spoil it with the preview, that the cliffhanger means nothing. I am still very annoyed at last year’s Granblue Fantasy and their terrible cliffhangers at the end of each episode that had the issue solved in a minute. So, with how this episode ended, and then the preview showing absolutely nothing but the outside of the building, well, hopefully this cliffhanger pays off. Seeing the episode is called Cancer Cells, well, I was honestly thinking this would have been more of a final episode material. Looking at the title for manga chapters, Cancer Cells are the first one to have multiple chapters. It even looks like it returns later on, for a second time. So, sorry about that minor spoiler. But, I honestly doubt that what they are doing next episode will have the issue solved in the first half of the episode.

Anyway, a bit more on the second half. While it was a bit more comedic, it was still enjoyable. It might have been shorter, but it certainly did a good job on not only building on the relationship with the new character and Killer T Cell, but also allowed for that character development and drama to help shape what could easily be an issue for these characters next episode. It did not feel rushed at the end, and worked well with not making the ending seemed forced.

Again, this was honestly one of the better episodes, if not maybe one of the best episodes. It had that right amount of balance that I been looking for in this show. For once Info dumping did not seem to take away some of that enjoyment too.

Overall Enjoyment: 99/100

Overall Score: B+/A-

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