From a personal experience, allergies are terrible. Thus, everything will go wrong this episode since it deals with allergies. Anyway, let’s get started.

The Plot:

A strange meteor falls out of the sky. While it does land in the water it does cause Macrophage to spill her tea. They are cedar pollen, and well, there are a lot coming to the body.

Cells at Work Ep 5 Pic 1

Back to Red, as she is now in an area of the eye, which now got a warning that the cedar pollen was on its way there. Well, it’s right behind her. Luckily White is there to save her, again. He does not know exactly what it is, so he naturally starts to eat it. While it is silly, at least the show explained the reasoning for this.

It is then when Memory Cell shows up, and well, there was a legend that has been passed down from Memory Cell to Memory cell for generations. It talks about a mist that covers the land, and hell rising, and total destruction.

Cells at Work Ep 5 Pic 4

Before he finishes explaining, well, a lot more Cedar Pollen shows up. With it becoming more of an issue by the moment, B Cell shows up to save the day with his anti-body weapons.

But, the over use of the IgE weapon soon causes issues, and Mast Cell tries to figure it out. The solution, a lot of Histamine enters the body to flood the area, as that is what the manual told her to do.

This causes constant problems throughout the body, from the Immune System, to the sneezing rockets, all the way to the point of earthquakes and floods from the tearducks.

The normal cells are fed up and drag Mast out. Which ultimately turns into a fight between her and B Cell blaming one another for the issues that are going on.

It is then when a bizarre orb comes rolling down. It turns out, the bizzare creature is a steroid. Which then proceeds to cause more destruction and wipes out a lot of buildings and Cedar Pollen in the process. Thus, it eventually runs out power. White does note that this issue, even if they knew what was going to happen, could not have been avoided, everyone was simply doing their job.

Overall Thoughts:

First things first, the Steroid. I really liked the fact they made it a robot looking thing. It worked wonderfully. Seeing that the human body is set up like everyday life, well, something from outside of the body that is medical, it makes sense that it does not look like the human like cells. It was a nice idea to make something foreign to the body, look nothing like what is already there.

It feels like there is a trend for each episode. Every time I watch it, it certainly feels harder on what to talk about. There is always lot of info dumping, and well, in terms of character development, it feels like very little ever happens. This is mostly due to how many characters appear. But, more than anything, the show is trying to be both informative but mostly entertaining, and it certainly does that all right.

I want to say the previous episode was a good example on still being entertaining and informative, but also having character development. This episode not so much. Regardless of how each episode is after this one, it feels like this is the start of a trend. Not every episode will be great, but not every episode will be bad. This show has a lot it is trying to do, and sometimes they are better executed than others. This one seemed to fall under “More Entertaining” than actual focus on characters as a whole.

Overall Enjoyment: 85/100

Overall Score: C+

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