I know I say this every now and again, but I never really pay attention to the score. At times when I do hear it, it is just the opening theme’s instrumental version, however, this show, wow, it is great. Typically, when I do take note of it, it does a great job. This episode certainly delivered with that end. But enough about that, time to actually talk about the episode, and maybe mention the score a bit later too.

The Plot:

It sort of felt like this episode received a similar treatment to the last one, only in all honestly, it felt like it worked a lot more. This episode starts with Red and White, well, seemingly on a date. I mean, neither are doing work, and I mean, I guess they could just be friends now seeing they have met several times this show so far, despite in the first episode saying that was unlikely. But this possible date was ruined as White then got his little radar going off, thus rushing to the scene.

So, once White gets to the scene a new cell is there waiting. She is an Eosinophil, who honestly, I will call Pink to make this easier. While Pink is considered a White Blood Cell, she is rather weak, despite her job being to take out bacteria. Thus, although White does save the day, Pink on the other hand, well, people wonder why she is so weak.

It also turns out White and Pink knew one another, so, I guess even the human body has childhood friends.

Cells at Work Ep 4 Pic 6

But, another cell shows up, Basophil, who makes a rather ominous prophecy before leaving. Of course, the alarms from the Helper T Cells go off, as more bacteria are invading from raw sea food.

Cells at Work Ep 4 Pic 7Cells at Work Ep 4 Pic 8

So, White and Pink go off to fight these new invaders, and ultimately win. But, again, not only does the crowd think Pink is super weak. White nearly dies in the process after the big bad of all the bacteria decides to make a little snack out of him.

While it does start to give the feeling that the episode is wrapping up, well, the fact there is still ten more minutes left kind of ruins the fact that the episode is far from over. The first wave of foes damaged the wall of the stomach, thus, something far more powerful was able to quickly sneak in and nearly burst through the walls.

Cells at Work Ep 4 Pic 11

It turns out this titan size creature is a parasite. The screeches are so powerful that no one, including other White Blood cells want nothing to do with this creature. And while everyone is afraid, it is Pink’s time to shine. While she is weak to defeat bacteria, her real job is to fight off parasites. Thus, she kills the giant beast in a single hit.

The episode ends with Pink getting cheered for by the crowd and getting a little embarrassed too. Parasites probably do not invade that often in that case.

Cells at Work Ep 4 Pic 15

Overall Thoughts:

Like I started on for the score, this episode turned out really well with it, this is more in the fights. It just was able to draw my attention in while the fight was kicking off. It was even mid-way though the episode too, not the insta-kill one with Pink, but the earlier fight with White just before he got eaten.

Now, I think the biggest drawback for this episode is the fact it was like the previous one in terms of plot. I mean, not just in the sense it was a character who is seen as weak and wants to get stronger, but in more ways than just that. But, this one felt like it worked better overall. This had a more of a moral to the story, the “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Pink was seen as weak because she is technically a white blood cell, she just cannot beat bacteria. However, it is due to her real job being more focused on parasites. So, her real power was hidden, unlike the previous episode with Naïve, where he only got stronger for a short time.

Outside of the comparison to the previous episode, this one just felt more like it knew what it wanted to do. This might be because, unlike the previous one, there was not as many info-dumps. Which, while I certainly do not mind them, as they make some information clearer, I am glad from what I was told how the manga does a lot more info-dumping. It is this show’s double edge sword. While it does make more information known, it at times it can ruin the buildup the show was trying to do and putting it at important times is crucial. This episode, more specifically with Pink, worked out well, not revealing all the information until it was needed.

While this episode was good, and honestly the previous episode was not nearly as good after giving it some thought, I know this show does have a lot of potential of being better, however, I think it might be a few more episodes. It certainly feels like the longer the show goes on, the less info-dumping it may come. I could be wrong though.

Overall Enjoyment: 80/100

Overall Score: C

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