After all that training, swimsuit buying and modding, it’s finally time to play a real game. Are Haruka and Kanata up to the challenge? Let’s find out!

Here’s my review!

If you were one of those people complaining about too much fan service every ep, or the show following the same patter of fan service in the first half and volleyball stuff in the back half, well let me tell you that this whole ep is volleyball. But don’t worry, we still get those wonderful ass shots too. Couldn’t be beach volleyball without that.

So after last week’s ep of Haruka and Kanata officially becoming a couple, it was time for their first test by means of a tournament. Remember back in ep 3 when Claire mentioned an upcoming tournament and Haruka jumped on the chance to play in it? Well this is that tournament and both Haruka and Kanata are eagerly looking forward to playing a real match now. But as hyped as they may be for this, their first round opponent isn’t going to make this an easy victory.

Remember Ai and Mai from the swimsuit shop last week? Well they’re up first to play our two girls. Honestly I’m a bit surprised to see them up first. I was expecting maybe later on in the tournament they might face off, but not right away. Usually they have a few rando teams up first before things get serious, but I guess this isn’t going to be a walk in the park.

Harukana come out flying and get an early lead, flexing their strength and capitalizing on the mistakes Ai and Mai are making. Ai and Mai played indoor volleyball before switching to beach volleyball, so their defense is strong but Kanata was able to throw them for a loop by serving the ball to Mai, being that she’s the short one and guessed her spike wouldn’t be that strong. Good call on her part.

Their early lead continues one but near the end of the round Ai and Mai have started to catch back up. What’s interesting though is that both teams have a veteran and rookie, meaning neither team is super powerful, rather both are fairly balanced because of this. Haruka has certainly improved a lot since we first saw her 4 weeks prior, but this is her first real match so she’s still getting used to how things are on a competitive level.

In the final moments of the first set we get a quick back story of Ai and Mai, just to give them a bit more relevance than a couple girls we meet at the swimsuit shop in the previous ep. Ai did mention that they had poor results in a previous tournament and were looking to bounce back, so this flashback is pretty much that. Ai was recruiting for new players, she picked Mai and showed her the volleyball isn’t just for tall people, it’s for defeating tall people. Anyways her promise of excitement was soon lost as an early second round exit hit pretty hard for Mai. Ai feels responsible for this and wants to win this tournament for Mai. While it’s a touching flashback, it’s not enough for them to win the first set, although they do come out flying in the second set.

Speaking of that, Emily and Claire are also present at this tournament and have drawn quite the crowd. Well, that’s to be expected of a team that placed second in the nationals, plus who wouldn’t want to watch The Hype Twins play?


But back to our girls, the second set is underway and things aren’t looking good now. Ai and Mai have their strategy set and can easily counter Kanata’s pokeys. With seemingly everything going in their opponents favor, Harukana are suddenly playing catch up after dominating in the first round. But while Kanata continues to use her pokeys despite each one being countered, something tells me she’s got a trick up her sleeve (figuratively speaking as she’s in a bikini) and she’ll help begin the comeback. As for what this trick is, we’ll find out next week!

Short review this week as honestly there wasn’t a whole lot to talk about this time. It was just all volleyball and a little back story here for Ai and Mai. We also saw that mysterious girl from last week once more, still not sure how she fits into all of this but I’m sure that’ll be revealed soon enough.

That’s it’s for me, thanks for reading and be sure to leave a comment about what you thought of this ep and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You can also hit me up on Twitter if you wanna chat about this show or anything else I’m watching this season.

Once again thanks for reading and I’ll see you next week!


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