It has been little over a year since Fate Grand Order has broken free from being a Japan only release and made its way around the world. However, this time of the year does not only mark when it was available in the US and other parts of the world, but also when it was released in Japan. Seeing that I do not know what it is like to play the Japanese Version, nor what it was like to play from the release, this is the first part in a two-part post. I cover my thoughts on the first year of the English Release, and Deven will be covering his thoughts on the three years of the Japanese release on his own post, as well as both of us answering some questions from the other.

Let me first by stating, that this post would have been out earlier (well my part anyway) for two things. The first being that although the One Year Anniversary for Fate/GO was June 26th in English, nothing was revealed for it until the panel at AX on July 7th. The other reason being the fact that at least a paragraph or two was planned to be about me complaining about the gacha and how I can’t roll Artoria, but the promised day came and well, I rolled her, well, sort of, not the Saber one that everyone knows but the Lancer version, but I rolled Artoria either way, so, I mean that kind of takes a good quarter away from what I was planning to write. This was then followed by milking everything from the anniversary stuff, from half AP cost, and more, so I could then max her level out, which again took about two weeks to do. It was then followed by the current summer time event that I been waiting for since the announcement of the game. So, I been a pretty busy boy when it has come to this game. But, enough about that massive ramble.

Fate Go Post Joe 1

I still remember when it was announced last year in April, it caught me and a lot of people off guard that they were releasing this game outside of Japan. Granted we were happy, and well, I still was oblivious to the Hell known as Gacha rolls, but, I certainly looked forward to it. The day it came out well, a part of me still wishes I did do rerolling to try to get Artoria for my first roll. But, instead I got Carmilla, who is now easily my second favorite servant in all of Fate and Vlad, who due to being disappointed in not being the 5 star servant I wanted, I exiled him for six months before realizing I had a second 5 Star besides Gilgamesh.

Fate Go Post Joe 5

The first few months of the game were easily the slowest. The first few chapters were out, and events were just okay. I mean, I did go through the first three chapters fairly quickly. Honestly the story was alright for the prologue, the first two chapters were somewhat forgettable, but decent. The third was alright but the start of me taking my time. Then London and America felt like a drag. I honestly did not do them until the following chapter or an event relating to those chapters came out. Camelot however was amazing. My only complaint was not rolling a husbando from that arc, but, someday.

Now, with the game’s three-year anniversary bringing the fact that, there is an anime adaptation of both Camelot and Babylonia, well, I get why. Camelot was a great chapter, would make sense to make it a film. There they could do a brief catch up on everything after the prologue arc, since those weren’t animated. Then Babylonia will be out, thankfully this anime, which was just announced, will be out next year. So, if that does well, that would be awesome if more were to come. That chapter will easily be out by the time the anime airs, so no worries for anyone playing the game. Honestly, it is pretty smart too, more marketability for the game and anime.

Now, besides the actual story chapters, events happen all the time. But, honestly, I got burnt out since there was three events in a row in May and June, and it was then when I did not really feel like playing. Partially due to the events themselves, the other being they just were not as fun compared to the other events. They were mostly raid bosses or very challenging events and meant to be a hard challenge. I did not have many servants at their full levels at the time, mostly since I rolled several 5 star servants and more focused on them, so, all the others that I did not put full focus on have been ignored. So, a variety of servants is what I am really lacking more than anything. Which gets me to the next point.


I have to say, my biggest issue with this game is the gacha system, mostly how much of a low chance it is to get a servant on a 10 roll. So many, so many Caesars, so many blocked attempts at rolling a decent servant only to get a 4 or 5 star Craft Essence. But, luck in the gacha works weird. The 5 star servants have less than one percent chance, yet outside of Vlad and not counting the paid gacha, I got a majority of mine on single rolls. I rolled Gil and Vlad within 2 weeks of starting the game, did not get a single 5 star servant until 8 months later. Then I got one every month since. Luck is a random thing in this game.

Fate Go Post Joe 11

Now, this game certainly is challenging, in terms of wanting to roll at every banner. But being stingy with the saints quartz is the only way to save the free to play. I mean, granted I did go pay to win on the gacha once, and I swear that will more than likely be my last time since it was the guaranteed. But, it is a game about strategy, Camelot is super hard, and without planning right, it would destroy anyone just starting and going through each chapter now. There is certainly a curb too for grinding material, first few months are hard, but it gets easier.

Anyway, I don’t really have any complaints about the game, outside of the gacha system. It has been fun, and while the Japanese games are three years ahead in content, there may be some things I am looking forward too, but in other cases, I do not mind the wait, since it has been an enjoyable ride so far. I certainly hope that maybe someday there will be less of a gap between the releases, but, I don’t mind.

As I said, I am sort of the noob in comparison to Deven, however, he did ask a few questions for me to answer.

1. How are you enjoying the game?

Overall, I am rather enjoying it. When I started the issue was grinding material, now that I am far enough into it, it is not. So, I am certainly enjoying it more now that I know what to expect from this game, especially story wise.

Fate Go Post Joe 6

2. Did you like the game’s launch and how are you enjoying the game after a lot of the Quality of Life fixes like the Class Dailies and QP dailies and such?

I honestly did not know there was Class difference for the dailies, in terms of the fact it wasn’t always like that in the JP release. So, having some basics now it is rather nice. The launch was certainly good, the following months after the launch, not so much. But, now there is plenty new content regularly, so, no issue there.

3. Looking at the JP news and the NA news, do you feel like you’re getting a similar experience to the JP when they had events and singularities?

Yes, I would like to think so. Certainly, some of the events were updated, a bit, I heard the Raid Boss was terrible on the first release for the JP version, kind of glad it was fixed for the NA. I honestly just wish the events and singularities would come a bit quicker, but in some cases wish the events would last a little longer.

4. Who’s the servant that you’re most looking forward to that hasn’t been released yet in NA?

Not counting any Artoria or Arthur or that recently announced Summer Gil or Caster Gil or Merlin since those are all way too obvious I have three in mind. Gorgon because she looks awesome, she is a 4 star Avenger, so there is an actual chance to get her, unlike the others who are near impossible or limited time servants. Then there is The Old Man of the Mountain, aka King Hassan, because he is awesome, art style is from Dark Sous, and while he is a limited time servant and probably won’t get him, I really like the Hassans. Lastly there is Katsushika Hokusai, because all the fanart makes her look adorable and I am really curious on the new Foreigner Class that won’t be around in NA for some time.

Fate Go Post Joe 3

5. Are there any changes that you would like to suggest for either version?

The gacha not giving me Caesar and instead something good. Or at least have a higher chance to get a 4 star servant when it comes to 10 rolls. The gacha is certainly the biggest pain. Thus, the reason why the Rate Up is known as a lie. I wish it certainly wasn’t. I even got Waver when it wasn’t his rate up, but actually King of Bros, Alexanders.

The other being updated mechanics, such as that back button that was introduced in the JP versions a few months back, I had to restart my game a few times just, so I could use skills instead of hitting the button to go back. Update sprites is also a part of this, since I don’t want to wait another two years for Carmilla and other servants to look more amazing. Things like that, I really wish was implemented at the same time for both games. I really do not get why they aren’t, NA already had a few things implemented from the start that weren’t there for JP, so, I don’t get why things like this aren’t. They don’t change the game dramatically, it is just details like those, that can make it a huge pain to wait on. I could understand on waiting on a new game mode or content related, but small quality of life changes like that, would certainly be nice to get at the same time. I just really need smug Noble Phantasm Carmilla.

Fate Go Post Joe 2

I would also love an event that is brand new for both games at the same time, I think it would be rather interesting to see both games experience a new event at the same time. But this is unlikely since there is a huge difference in difficulty between games so the event would have to still be very different.

So, if you are playing what are your thoughts on it? If you have any questions for me relating to Fate/GO, feel free to ask. 

Deven’s post can be found here.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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