I am glad this episode took a different direction than the first two, it certainly gives me hope for the future of this series and what it could do. By this I mean, it not feeling so much of a “Monster of the Week” anime but focus on characters outsides of the main two that we have seen in previous episodes. This episode White and Red were not really there, but instead a new Cell took the spotlight, more on that in a bit.

The Plot:

So, a new cell, Naïve, is a little jumpy to say the least. He may be a T Cell, you know the heavy-duty military guys from previous episodes, but, well, he is nothing like them. He also happens to be attacked by a bunch of zombie like cells, who are infected by Influenza, thus the title of the episode.

Anyway, White saves him, but more show up. Macrophage, another cell shows up to join the fight. She goes on a killing spree despite her soft-spoken nature. Her job is to kill germs and then tell what type of germ or virus it is, which can then be used to combat it.

Cells at Work Ep 3 Pic 4

Naïve seems a bit nervous, and well, when the rest of the T Cells show up, it is kind of obvious. They pick on him and whatnot because he cannot fight.

Cells at Work Ep 3 Pic 5

More fighting happens, and well, Naïve runs away, only to meet another Cell, and get some background information on his senpais, who at one point were just like him, weak and unable to fight. Thus, he is inspired to do better and evolves, or, well activates into an Effector T Cell to help the fight.

It takes a week to end the fight against the zombies. The episode ends when a different strand of the virus shows up causing the fight to continue.

Cells at Work Ep 3 Pic 10

Overall Thoughts:

I am kind of glad Red did not have a huge part this episode, she was in two short scenes and that was it. White might have been seen all episode, but he had more of a background role. I really like how this episode took the focus off of them. I can see more episodes being like this in the future, and personally I would welcome them.

However, I think the biggest downside to this episode is the fact it introduced a lot of different types of Cells, and seemed more info dumping than actual well, anything. But at the same time, it did not take away the focus to Naïve. Without the explanation of the other types of cells, well, his character development would not have happened. On one side, it was a lot to inform on, on the other it had to be done.

This episode also did not put too much focus on the fighting like the last two, and again, that worked out well with what this episode wanted to accomplish. It still maintained its fun and action pack feeling without getting rid of it fully.

So, yeah, good episode.

Overall Enjoyment: 95/100

Overall Score: B

Crunchyroll is streaming this series, and I honestly am uncertain if Funimation is doing a dub.

As always feel free to comment your thoughts on the series.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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