As if the hype for this show wasn’t already through the roof, these two girls made their debut this week!

Here’s my review!

Claire and Emily Thomas, The Hype Twins. We saw them very briefly at the end of ep 2 overlooking the match last week so it was confirmed that they’d show up in ep 3 this week. We didn’t have to wait too long for them to arrive and as far as first impressions go these girls really made a strong case on why you should pay attention to them. In my discussions with OG about this ep, we were both really hyped to finally see these these sexy blonde twins in action and boy did they deliver on the hype as promised.

Right away we get to know the personalities of both girls and how they play off the other characters. Claire is the older of the two and a bit high energy. She’s pretty wild, likes to wear sexy swimsuits while playing, and is big on slapping her sisters ass. Emily on the other hand is the more serious of the two, which is kinda funny as she’s the younger one. I really enjoyed seeing them interact on and off the court as they’re quite entertaining to watch. Their little sisterly fight about swimsuits in the club room is a good example of how fun they are to watch.

Speaking of swimsuits, they don’t waste any time showing the new girls in some very sexy swimsuits. Both looked absolutely incredible and they bring more eye candy to a show that’s already packed with it. Here are a few highlights from the ep.

Incredible. So anyways, why exactly are they here and how do they all fit into the story? Turns out they’re old friends of Kanata from back in the day. Kanata actually was coached by their mother, Marissa Thomas, so the three of them know each other pretty well. Haruka didn’t know about this so there was a cute little misunderstanding when she saw her Kanata being lead away by Claire to the club room. And yes, she actually says “my Kanata”, I mean can it get any cuter? These girls are a great couple, I love it!

Éclair are members of the school volleyball club but as things go in anime, they don’t have enough members thus they can’t really get off the ground. After seeing the match HaruKana played the other day against Narumi and Ayasa, they felt it would be nice if they could join the club and help them be one step closer to being official. Haruka was all for it but Kanata was still a be unsure, something they Emily picked up on. Leaving the recruitment for later, they four of them decide to practice a little with a friendly game.

While Éclair might fight a lot when they’re not playing, they they get on the sand and into the zone they make a solid team, one you should take seriously. Claire has a ton of power in her spikes, as Haruka’s arms find out, while Emily is a very good setter. Together they’re a strong team to play against. But as the game goes on, Emily noticed something different about Kanata and it really started to annoy her; suddenly this game which was going along nicely has taken a more serious turn.

Emily knows Kanata is a strong player but after playing with her for a few minutes she’s realizing she’s changed from when they last faced off. Kanata has lost that power she used to play with, the power that made her a strong player and one who played to win. Kanata knows it just as much as Emily does, she’s not playing as well as she used to and it’s frustrating.But all hope isn’t lost as Haruka continues to surprise by using another special move, the Pokey.

It’s another hurdle that Kanata clears by remembering her former self and how she used to play back then. She used whatever move possible to score, being it spiking or pokey, but she didn’t hesitate to make a play when it counted. Now that’s changed and she’s more hesitant because of her height, but seeing how Haruka plays is really bring that passion and desire back for her and making her want to return to her former self. In the end Claire and Emily still end up winning the practice match, but it was a definite moral victory for Kanata. Her comeback is beginning!

Following the practice match Claire continues to urge HaruKana to play more volleyball with them by entering a local tournament, which Haruka of course accepts instantly. There is also a nice scene with Emily apologizing to Kanata for being a bit harsh back during the game, she was overstepping a bit but Kanata was grateful for that extra nudge to help her want to return to her former self.

The ep closes out with some more back story on how Kanata and Narumi first met and became friends. Being a shy girl, Narumi stuck to herself most of the time so it made approaching her difficult for Kanata but she got a good suggestion from her mother, which was beach volleyball, and from there we know the rest of the story. Getting more of the story makes their breakup later have more impact than what we first thought in the previous eps. These two girls were really good friends, they were a team and spent hours together training. When things changed and they split, it was tough for both parties but probably more so for Kanata who ran away from volleyball altogether. But then she met Haruka and the two really clicked.

Not only is Haruka a fast learner and brings so much energy to the game, but she’s also pushing Kanata to change her views on volleyball and help bring that passion and drive back. It’s still a long road ahead of Kanata but now she’s not alone anymore, she’s got her new partner Haruka at her side. And with that handshake HaruKana becomes official.

All in all this was a great ep. It lived up to the hype with the arrival of Claire and Emily and we got more detail on the past of Kanata and Narumi. We also finally got the OP and ED in this ep too, something that I’ve been waiting to hear for a while now and man where they both really good. I can’t wait to hear the full versions when they’re out.

So that’s it for this ep, another great one from this awesome show. If you’re also watching Harukana Receive, what did you think about this week’s ep? Let me know in the comments below!

Lastly I’d like to say a quick thanks to my blogging friend Joe for letting me use some of the gifs and full size pics he whipped up for his review. Be sure to check out his post on his site! Always appreciate it man!

Oh and before I leave, I’ll leave you guys with a quick montage of Emily getting her ass slapped by her sister. She totally likes it.

As always thanks for reading and I’ll see you back here next week!


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