Alright, the second episode, meaning it is that awkward introduction since I have no idea what to say seeing that we are only two episodes in and not much has happened. So, time to get right into it.

The Plot:

Yeah, so, Red is lost. Luckily, she runs into her senpai red blood cell for help. They are even going in the same direction. They also run into Platelets, who are currently struggling to bring a rather large package down a few steps. They are so adorable.

Anyway, the two continue their journey when a ground shaking event occurs. Not only that but the ground breaks, and the skin now gone starts sucking everything up in sight. Luckily White saves her.

The downside to the new hole is a lot of germs are coming in. So, not just White but a lot of White Blood Cells, who all go on the attack seeing these germs.

But one in particular puts the hurt on them, and well, just as she thinks she has the upper hand, well, the ace appears, the Platelets. The clog the whole in the ground. Thus, the germs were quickly defeated since more could not show up.

Of course, Red goes to thank White, who is now on the thing the Platelets put down. She quickly finds out that the Platelets use Blood Cells as a sort of base to help. Supposedly they will be stuck there for three days before it turns into a scab and they are free.

Overall Thoughts:

I find it odd, how jokingly for the first review I said this show reminds me of Ozzy and Drix. Well, last episode not so much, but this one did. This show is really informative, and honestly, I forget that when watching. I mean, I am watching an anime and learning, and to me, that is odd. Granted I am terrible at remembering the names of things, so it is understandable.  But, regardless I do find it interesting that there is this learning factor to this show. Even taking it out, it is still very interesting.

But, where last week I was uncertain if this would turn into a monster of the week type of show, well, it did, at least in the first two episodes. I certainly do not mind this format, it certainly makes sense and works well with what the series is trying to do, it would be impossible otherwise.

Still, not much to say, but, it is enjoyable. I kind of like it how show these reviews are. Although I wish to talk about this show more at some point.

Overall Enjoyment: B

Overall Score: B

Crunchyroll is streaming this series, and I honestly am uncertain if Funimation is doing a dub.

As always feel free to comment your thoughts on the series.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe