It is good to be back, writing here, sure, the last few attempts did not work out, Black Clover and Darling in the Franxx. But this one is different, hopefully. Either way this season, this is the only new series I am reviewing, so, I don’t have to worry about it as much and it won’t conflict with any other weekly show I am reviewing. This show sounded fun and well, David Productions has been known for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures, well, I thought maybe this could be really interesting. So, compared to a majority of shows I have reviewed here, I rather enjoyed this episode, a lot, kind of like Sakura Quest. So, let’s hope this show is a keeper for once. Anyway, let’s get started.

The Plot:

So, it sets up to be a human body, but not, but maybe it does, I do not know. But, Red Blood Cell, who for the sake of saving time with these reviews, I will refer to as Red, she is a delivery person, delivering Oxygen and CO2 to different parts of the body. But she is attacked by a germ that broke through the ground. Luckily White Blood Cells appear, who again, for the sake of these reviews I will refer to as White. Anyway, White kills the germs. But, one escapes and the other White Blood Cells don’t catch it.

Red then goes off to deliver CO2 to the lungs, but gets lost, a lot. Ultimately, she runs into the germ.  White shows up, but well, the germ uses an attack that blinds them.

Anyway, White thinks the germ might be heading towards the lungs, if it goes there it could destroy their world. He also helps Red find her way, as again, she still gets lost.

Cells at Work Ep 1 Pic 7

They run into some adorable Platelets.

Then they finally make it to the lungs, after White has noticed his germ detector might be broken as it was going off a lot. Killer T Cells appear, and well, the leader Killer T is pretty well, enthusiastic might be a good pick, when it comes to commanding his troops to find and kill the germ. They too are White Blood Cells, just a bit different.

Cells at Work Ep 1 Pic 10

So, Red goes off on her own, and well, once she makes it to the delivery point, it turns out the germ hid in her package. Luckily White shows up and after a fight, defeats the germ by activating a trap.

Thus, the episode ends with both unsure if they will ever see one another again, seeing that there are a lot of White Blood Cells and Red Blood Cells. That and White is really caught up in his work.

Cells at Work Ep 1 Pic 16

Overall Thoughts:

Well, it was enjoyable. I am curious as to where this show could go from here. It really gives off the feeling that it could turn into a sort of “Monster of the Week” thing. If it does well, I hope it does not become repeatable and gets stale. With the studio behind it, I certainly hope it won’t. But given how this episode was, I could easily see that happening.

Now, as for this episode, as I said, it was enjoyable. The art was nice, and I liked the brief introduction to the other cells in the body, and the humanization of different parts of it, like sneezing being rockets or how Red can only go certain routes through the body. It was nice to see the details for those aspects.

Although, for a first episode I do find it hard to say much more than this. The characters were fun, and well, it was nice to see a lot of details put into it. More than anything there is that slight worry that it could feel repetitive. I certainly hope not as I do hope to add this to the list of shows I did not drop reviews of. Either way only time will tell.

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

Overall Score: B

Crunchyroll is streaming this series, and I honestly am uncertain if Funimation is doing a dub.

As always feel free to comment your thoughts on the series.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe