Winter has ended and spring is in the air! Well I guess that depends on where you live. Anyways, Nick here and I’ll be walking you through the spring season plans for Anime Corps. Let’s get to it!


On the review front things are rather quiet. Nothing new will be reviewed weekly but there will still be the continuing reviews for DARLING in the FRANXX from Joe. (Editor’s Note: Despite the fact I am 7 episodes behind.) Tsuyuki will also be writing a review, that being a full series review of the latest KyoAni masterpiece Violet Evergarden as it’s finally available in the US.


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As usual, Tsuyuki will be continuing his weekly series of editorials. He might take a break sometime in April, according to his latest post, but I’ll let him mention more about that in due time.

So yeah that’s pretty much what the next season looks like for Anime Corps. While it may be very quiet here on the blogging front, we’re always active on Twitter, talking about all the shows we’re watching this season so I recommend following us all over there and keeping up with the conversations there.

That’s pretty much all I’ve got to say in this post, thanks for reading and let’s enjoy another great season of anime together!


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