Hello and welcome, Nick here and today we’re going to take a moment to celebrate another year of anime blogging!

4 years, wow, 4 whole years since this blog went live. It feels so much longer than that honestly, then again I say that every year something is a year older, but really it just doesn’t feel like 4 years have gone by. But here we are, back again to reflect on where this blogging journey has taken us in the past 12 months and where it’s going to take us going forward.

This year I will admit I left this post far too long and I’m writing this literally 2 days before it’s supposed to get posted, so while I’m still trying to make this post still be a good one, I will apologize if it does come across as a bit rushed. Next year though there will be a lot more planning and a much better post, it’ll have been 5 years after all so that deserves something special. But back to this post now.

For this year’s post we’re going to take a look back at some of our favorite posts. Like I said, a bit rushed and not the best anniversary post ever, but we’re trying. So I’ll kick things off with my favorite posts I liked from the last year!

Nick’s Picks

Looking at the next season like

When I look back at Tsuyuki’s posts for the past year it’s hard to really pick just one out and call it a favorite. He’s covered to many topics and each week it’s always exciting to see what he’s got in store this time, so trying to narrow down a year’s worth of editorials is tough. That said, Season In, Season Out is a post that stands out for me. Having played the seasonal game for so long, shows piling up, the backlog ever-increasing, the stress of trying to watch stuff, work and life getting in the way but you still feel like you have to keep up with it all, it’s a real struggle and with so many shows out each season it feels harder and harder to keep up.

Best part of the movie.

I’m already breaking the rules here, but for a post from Deven I liked I’ll have to go back to January 2017 where he wrote about the Date A Live movie. I saw the movie, wasn’t a huge fan of it honestly as it just felt like one long, not really that good, ep. He covered it well and included some good screen caps of it too. In line with what he said, the animation for the movie was quite good, a huge step up from S2 in my opinion.

A post from Joe that stood out for me has to be the Sakura Quest finale post. Final eps are always a bittersweet occasion and he brought that series of reviews to a nice conclusion. Sakura Quest was a solid show and Joe did a great job covering that for its 25 ep run last spring and summer. (Editor’s Note: Considering I drop nearly every show I try reviewing here)

While it’s hard to narrow it down to just one post from each writer, these are what I picked out. Sure I could mention so many more but for the sake of keeping this post under a million words I’ll stick to just mentioning one post. So that’s what I picked out for favorite posts, here’s what the rest of the team decided on.

Joe’s Pick

I honestly feel like mine is a huge copout. But, I have a good reason, and it still technically covers the fact that it was by each writer here. So, I cannot be in trouble for this. Well, it is several posts, and it was by all of us. The Year in Review posts.

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Now, why exactly those, well, it is a good reason. Anime Corps is different from other blogs. Not many anime blogs have a group of people working on the same site. The fact we can all focus on a single post together well, I mean, it shows a lot of our potential on where this blog could go and what we could do. It feels like more work as a collective goes into those posts, since we all try to find a way to make it work. It could be trying to figure out how to get me to edit, or, even what shows the others are talking about so we don’t have too much conversation about the same show.

Still, the Year in Review posts, help shows the potential of what we could do with this blog. And it is something I certainly find myself enjoying the most, and being able to have a shared topic as a group.

Tsuyuki’s Pick

Despite this blog focusing a lot on seasonal reviews, reviews aren’t always my cup of tea. I don’t think by any means people who write seasonal reviews, whether it be on this site or on any other site, aren’t good at what they do, but it usually takes a more speculative look at things to catch my attention and keep it. With that said, my favourite post from this past year is Deven’s “Date A Live Speculation Post: How Far Will The Anime Go?”, as it’s a nice, simple speculative (and quite aptly named) post that I liked quite a lot. Even after rereading it when picking out a post for this… well, post, it reminded me that I still need to go and finish what there is of the Date A Live anime.

Deven’s Pick

I’m not really fond of Black Clover. I found the story a little bit too stereotypical but I didn’t find myself enjoying it. I’m glad someone was able to say something about it.

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I’ve got to thank Nick for being the guiding force of our little group. Setting up little things like this are the things that we need since I know that I’m not really the most firm minded person so having someone who keeps me on track with stuff like this is important.

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I have to say my respect for Yuki grew with this post. It’s not that I didn’t respect him before but it grew with this post. A lot of anime bloggers at this time were speaking out against Anime Strike on Twitter. However at time you have to wonder ‘Is it enough to talk out against it on Twitter?’. And Yuki made a post about it and then it spreads over the WordPress waves. And eventually it worked, Anime Strike has ended and the Anime Strike anime are now a part of the normal Prime Videos which is always good since paying $100 per year for Prime is annoying enough but adding another $60 per year is just too much.

So there you have it, a look back at some of our favorite posts from the past year (and a bit). It’s nice going back and looking at some of the older work and getting a chance to read though it again. I especially had a nice time going back and looking at older editorials. Even though they were written a while ago they’re still relevant right now. But as nice as it is going back and looking at older work, we’re always striving forward and focusing on making each post better and better. Looking ahead I can’t say there are any massive plans for posts and such, but there has been talks on getting some new content on the blog in the coming months, so stay tuned for news about that in the future. As for now, we’ll continuing making the great content and interacting with readers and anime fans across the community. 2018 will be another great year of blogging here at Anime Corps and we all hope you can join us for that journey!

Thank you so much for reading this special post. It means a lot to us and I’m so proud of how far this blog has gone and will go. Four years is just the beginning, we’ve got so much more ahead of us and this year we’re aiming to take things up a notch with even more great content.

From everyone here at Anime Corps, thanks for reading and we’ll see you in the next post!


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