After 12 weeks, Dagashi Kashi has come to a close.

Here’s my final review.

Honestly all I can do is shake my head. I’m disappointed in this, I really am, and I wish I wasn’t. Dagashi Kashi was a charming, quirky, and entertaining show, at least S1 was, so when I heard another season was being announced I was happy as I wanted to see more of this show. But then the new character designs, then the shorter eps, then the whole candy aspect of the show fading to the background, it just lost all the charm S1 had that made it so enjoyable. True the shorter format would’ve worked had the show stuck with the candy theme that was at the core of S1, but they branched out too much and started drifting away from a weekly installment of Hotaru walking us through all these different types of candy. But aside from that, a key factor for me that made S2 so disappointing was the lack of its lead girl, Hotaru.

Yes from ep 5 to 10 Hotaru wasn’t even around and while Hajime did a fantastic job in her place, at the end of the day she’s not Hotaru and doesn’t bring what Hotaru does to the table. Hotaru was amazing in S1. Over the past weeks I’ve gone back and watched parts of S1 here and there just to refresh my mind on how much things have changed, and wow Hotaru is just a much better character in S1 than S2. Yes her design has a lot to do with that, but overall she’s just so much more enjoyable to watch in S1 than she was in S2. I’ve seen others say Hotaru was the best thing about S2, but honestly she wasn’t, not to me at least. Not even the fan favorite Saya could make this season any better as she wasn’t around too much either. But bringing things back to this final ep, how did it actually go?

Well it was another let down I’d say. The majority of the ep takes place at the train station as Coconuts and Hotaru wait overnight for the trains to start running again in the morning. While Hotaru says a few things about why she had to leave, I wasn’t really satisfied with her response. Yes she has her own way of doing stuff and while it may not always make sense, her randomly leaving and not saying anything for 5 whole eps was just weird. Granted I’ve been told that’s what it’s like in the manga too, so I’m not sure if this comes down to poor writing on the authors part or what. Either way writing your main character out of the story for less than adequate reasons is pretty lame. So she’s back again and seemingly things are all good now.

They return to the country the next day and Coconuts is greeted by Hajime, Saya and To at the store. Hotaru makes her appearance there and is greeted warmly by Saya, but she takes the exception to Hajime when she hears her address Coconuts as ‘manager’. While I at first thought they were trying to drag the romance aspect into this, it was purely Hotaru pleased with Coconuts at his progression at being a capable dagashi store owner. And that leads into the final act.

Hotaru wants to start her own company and doesn’t want Yo anymore, seeing how Coconuts is a better suited person for her company. It’s a crushing blow to Yo, who has just returned from hospital, but Hotaru seems not too fazed by that. She knows Coconuts is the right man for the job and wants him to join her. But wait, Yo finally mans up and wants Coconuts to take over the shop, saying that’s the right choice for his future. But then outta nowhere Yutaka Beni shows up and suddenly things take an interesting turn that happens far too late to save the show.

Yutaka Beni is Hotaru’s older brother!! Yes I had a feeling there were related but now the truth is out. Yutaka was supposed to help out with Hotaru’s father’s company but instead ran off and started his own convenience store and has been rolling with that. Honestly, there feels like a lot of story right there that would’ve made S2 more interesting had they expended on that, but no it’s just a passing bit of info we receive as the show is about to end. Things like that are also what made S2 not as good. True S1 wasn’t story driven by any means, but with S2 they seemingly had things to work with but did nothing with them.

So the ep closes on a classic Coconuts trying to run away with everyone chasing him wanting to decide which path to take. It’s an open end really as nothing is fully resolved nor is the story anywhere near over, but at this point even if they did make another season, I don’t think I’d be down to write about that unless it’s a massive improvement over S2. But as for now, this is how it ends.

Final Thoughts

Disappointment. That’s gotta be a key word when talking about this show. It was a great formula they had going in S1 then everything just went downhill in S2. If I were to pick what made S2 good, I’d probably have to go with Hajime. I liked her because she was a character that totally caught me off guard and ended up being completely different from what I imagined. I had this preconceived idea about her and until she actually made her appearance, I had automatically assumed I wouldn’t like her. But then she showed up and I actually really liked her, a lot. By far she carried the back half of the show and if it weren’t for her I might have ended up just dropping it all together. While it’s a bit of a stretch to say she saved the show all together, Hajime definitely made it tolerable to watch as things drifter further away from the S1 charm. Also having not been in S1 her design was never changed so I didn’t have any issues with how she looked.

Another point that comes to mind for me when thinking about S2 Hotaru is just how she lacked the flare that she bring in S1. I liked her dramatic entrances, her huge elaborate stories to explain the candy, and her fun and games she bring along too. True she did some of that in S2 but not as much as she did in S1. I also felt she lacked the overall sexiness that she had in S1. They tried to give us some of that with panning shots of her body or her bouncy boobs, but she just didn’t have that same sex appeal she had in S1. While she may be been presenting candy to us each week, she was the real eye candy we enjoyed watching, but sadly S2 didn’t offer that same surgery treat.

So if I were to sum up why S2 wasn’t all that good, it’s because of the lack of candy. Candy was the star of S1, it was the underlying thing in every ep and it provided Hotaru with all sorts of hilarious games and such to entertain us with. S2 just failed to continue that and instead the shift was a bit too heavy on drama and just non-candy related things. Had things stuck with candy and had Hotaru been present for most of the season then I think things might have gone better. Hajime was a very welcome addition to the cast, but even her presence wasn’t enough to carry the show. Tallying this all up, my final score for Dagashi Kashi 2 is 5/10. Not really worth putting time into even if you enjoyed S1.

And there you have it, another show and season completed. Things didn’t turn out so well for this show, but hey that happens at times. If you were following this from the start to now, thanks for reading and I hope I was able to provide some good reviews over these past 12 weeks. As always I’d love to hear your thoughts on this show so be sure to leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Looking ahead to next season I’ll be taking a break from weekly reviews and focusing on finishing up shows and just watching stuff instead. After doing this for 4 years now I’m starting to hit a wall. No I’m not stopping or anything, but there are times when anime blogging is the biggest chore ever and I wish I wasn’t doing it. But until I completely hit the wall, I’ll press on and continuing trying to provide the best content I can here. A full look at the spring season plans will be coming out in a post very soon, so keep an eye out for that.

So that’s it for me, this post has gone on for far too long and I’m sure you’re getting tired of reading it as I am of writing it. Thank you once again for sticking with me all the way to the end, I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on this show and I hope you’ll join me in whatever my next series of reviews will be.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you guys later!


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