As Dagashi Kashi enters its final stretch, Coconuts takes a moment to reflect on how far his dream job hasn’t come.

Here’s my review.

Coconuts never wanted to run a dagashi shop. Hell, he never planned on hiring more workers and starting up a delivery service either, but that’s how things turned out and so far he’s proving to be quite good at being a manager of a dagashi shop. But still, that never was his dream, Coconuts wanted to be a manga author. If we think way back to S1 ep 1, the show opens with Coconuts drawing manga (a picture of Hotaru, to be exact) and the following scene involves him and his father discussing how he needs to take over the business instead of becoming a manga author. So from the get go, Coconuts wanted to be a manga author and not the manager of a dagashi shop. But fate had a different path for him, and after 22 eps, it’s clear the being the manager of dagashi shop is Coconuts’ true calling.

Back to this ep though, things start off with Hajime and Coconuts making their first delivery to a sick person in the hospital who can’t come to the store to get dagashi themselves. Aww a heartwarming tale… if only that “sick person” wasn’t his dad just wanting a snack to make his stay a bit more bearable. This was You’s first time meeting Hajime too, so of course he had to point out her appeal and make mention of that being the reason she was hired. While Coconuts is still remaining faithful to Hotaru, the chemistry these two have been displaying over the past few eps proves that they work just as well as a team.

Things take a turn for the interesting though as the conversation reveals that You didn’t order the candy to be delivered to him. Hell, he didn’t even know there was a delivery service available in the first place, so that leaves Coconuts with the obvious question: if he didn’t order it, who did? Of course the answer is probably a certain purple haired girl who’s been absent for the past 6 eps, but until the official answer is given to us, I’ll stick with this theory.

The back half brings the manga stuff I opened with back into context as during his conversation with his dad, manga was brought up and whether Coconuts is still pursuing that or not. It was something that stayed on his mind well after they left the hospital and the next day Coconuts is reading a magazine and it has an ad for a manga review happening in his area, prompting him to revisit his old hobby. The thing is though that he hasn’t drawn in ages and despite his best efforts, it’s not looking like he’ll be able to finish in time for this review. Thankfully Hajime, Saya and Tou are there to help out, well I’m not sure about Tou, but at least Hajime and Saya are there to offer assistance and help Coconuts finish before the deadline.

But of course the highlight from this ep takes place not even in the ep, rather it’s in the preview for the next ep. Hotaru looks to be making her return. With the title bringing back the homerun bar, I wonder what candy themed tricks Hotaru’s got up her sleeve this time?

So more or less that’s ep 10 this week. Drunk Hajime made a brief appearance too, I should quickly mention that. But yeah, it looks like things will pick up a bit here at the end draws near, Hotaru making her dramatic return and all.

Anyways, if you’ve got any thought about the ep be sure to leave a comment down below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

I recognize that chest.Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next week!


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