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So at this point I’m pretty sure Hotaru isn’t coming back and we’ve got Hajime to close out the remainder of the season. Honestly, I’m not too salty about this as Hotaru’s new design wasn’t to my liking, but as Hajime is a totally new character with a new design that wasn’t changed for before, I’m actually liking her a lot more than I thought I would. Yes, that’s probably a weird reason as to why I like her, but honestly that’s pretty much what I can narrow it down to.

Anyways as yhe title mentions this week’s ep was about Hajime and Coconuts trying to modernize their business. How exactly? Well how else than the Internet! Yes their fierce competition across the way uses the Internet to help them better connect with their customers and sell their products. What products exactly? Well namely the cakes the convenience store was carrying. You see, being priced so high no one was buying them and they were spoiling, so now Yutaka Beni has decided to go with a made-to-order system. So a customer orders a cake via online and it’s made for them to pick up. This way it’s not wasting the cake and the customer has the ease of ordering on the go and picking up when it’s ready.

But apparently all this newfangled “Internets” leaves Coconuts stumped and he spends the rest of the evening trying to figure out how to make it work for him and his store. And then the idea hits: set up and online store and sell dagashi. It’s a good idea but as he’s got no clue how to work the “Internets” he’s going to have to find someone who can. Enter Hajime. Side note here: what was she hiding when Coconuts burst into the room? Was she drawing manga too? I don’t know, but I hope we get a little more on that.

So the whole creating a web page scene was funny, Hajime and Coconuts messing around with HTML and JavaScript made for some hilarious results. Things did take a slightly lewd turn by the end, so they decided to call it quits before continuing on down that path. I think at that point there weren’t selling candy anymore.

The second skit was about super balls, rather the lack of them and Hajime having to improvise to meet the needs of 3 boys who arrived at the store wanting some. While they were skeptical at first, Hajime proved that she can really come through when in a tight spot like that. Honestly Hajime continues to surprise in all the right ways. I’m beginning to wonder if I’m leaving Team Hotaru now….

So things are going along well in this show so far. It’s not as focused as S1 was, rather all these little skits that aren’t related too much, so at this point it doesn’t really feel like it’s working towards an end goal. Hotaru just up and left and aside from appearing in very brief flashbacks here and there, has become non-existent. I still have questions about Yutaka Beni though that I would like answered in the remaining 3 eps, but at this point and with what the next ep preview is showing, I’m not sure that will be happening.

But as for this ep, it was good and enjoyable to watch. I thought Hotaru-less Dagashi Kashi would be terrible, but Hajime is honestly stealing this show right now. I didn’t think I’d enjoy watching her this much and it’s really surprising when a character is introduced up and totally takes command of the show from that point.

That’s it for this review, as always thank you for reading if you’ve got any comments be sure to leave them below and I’ll reply as soon as I can.

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