Hajime is now the first part-time worker for Coconuts, but how does her first day on the job go down?

Here’s my review.

At this point Dagashi Kashi has more than proven its ability to plow ahead without its lead girl Hotaru and still be just as entertaining. Hajime is the center of attention this week once again as she’s thrust into the middle of a jealous girlfriend Saya and a debt collecting Tou. What do I mean by that? Let’s dive into this ep a bit more.

Last week ended with Saya coming face to face with the new girl herself and from that moment onward she couldn’t stop thinking about the what might be happening. Quick thing I’d like to point out here before we go any further is that this is the very first time we’ve seen Saya, Coconuts and Tou at school. School was never a thing in S1 as it took place during summer vacation, so here we are a bit later (3 months to be exact) and school is in full swing. Granted the school aspect was never a focus of this show, but I did find it neat that we finally saw them at school. I had a feeling it might happen during this season at some point. But back to the matter at hand.

Would you call her “Mommy?”

Saya is jealous, that much is clear. Being the proactive girl that she is, Saya decides to confront Hajime and get to the bottom of what exactly is going on between her and Coconuts. Of course her mind is running wild (and lewd) with all the possible situations Coconuts is in but all her worries are put to rest the moment she opens the door and sees Hajime sleeping at the front counter. Turns out Hajime is just a part-time worker and nothing lewd is happening between her and Coconuts. More or less satisfied with that answer Saya is about to storm off when Hajime inquires if she is Coconuts’ girlfriend. Now that stops her in her tracks.

While it’s clear that Saya has feelings for Coconuts, the guy is pretty clueless to them and falls into the same trap as many anime protags do of just failing to notice that a girl is interested in them. Coconuts still has his heart set on Hotaru (and her Hotarus) but Saya is here and wants to be noticed by him for a change. Now suddenly being called his girlfriend is something that make her all warm and fuzzy inside. But enough about romance, let’s get back to candy.

The featured candy this week is a roll candy (kinda like a Japanese Fruit RollUps or something). Hajime is still new to this whole dagashi job so she’s not sure how you’re supposed to eat it and surprisingly neither is Saya. I’d have figured for sure Saya would know, but I guess not. Thankfully with a bit of teamwork both girls are able to pull off the paper and get to the delicious candy waiting inside. It seems like the girls have bonded over the candy and all hostilities that were there a few minutes ago are now gone. Saya give Hajime her approval and deems her not a threat anymore… that is until she finds out Hajime is a live-in part-time worker. Oh boy, here we go again.

The second skit brings Tou back into the show as he plays debt collector (apparently it’s what the kids like to play these days) and pretends to be a collector from the mafia coming to collect money from Coconuts’ shop. However, today’s game doesn’t go as planned and Tou finds himself in quite an embarrassing situation. Instead of Coconuts working in the store, Tou finds the new girl Hajime inside. Unable to back out of the mess he’s created, Tou presses forward and continues the game. Much to his surprise though Hajime plays along (although for her she thought it was actually real) and continues to act scared of this massive debt Coconuts seemingly owes.

With her back to the wall and no options left, Hajime complies with Tou’s wish and pays with her body. No, not like that. Tou just gets her to do something funny. Surprisingly Hajime turns this moment into a chance to sell some product and she does exactly that, selling Tou 10 pairs of candy glasses. You gotta hand it to her, she really played that situation well, even if she had no idea it was a joke the whole time. Having now survived that tense moment, Hajime vows to protect the store at all costs. You gotta admire her grit and determination, but I just hope someone tells her it was just a joke the whole time.

Another week, another review in which there isn’t much to talk about. I think this ended up being more recap than actual review, but as always there is only so much you can work with in the 9 minutes of actual show time. So if you’ve got something you’d like to add to this, please feel free to leave a comment down below and I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

As always, thanks for reading and I’ll see you next week!


(Quick shout out to Joe for letting me use a pic of his in this review. Be sure to stop by his blog for plenty more pics and gifs from ep 8 along with his thoughts on it.)

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