A challenger has appeared and threatens to undermine all that Coconuts has worked for!

Here’s my review.

It took 6 eps but finally something interesting is happening in this show. So as we recall last week ended with a cliffhanger in which Coconuts learns of a new convenience store that has opened across the river from his dagashi shop. It’s a big deal for him as a convenience store outdoes his dagashi shop in pretty much all ways… well except for one thing.

While Coconuts, Saya and Tou are out on a recon mission they run into the manager of the store, Yutaka Beni, who shows them the wonders of convenience stores But as convenient as they are Coconuts notices one thing that really bothers him. In the candy and snack corner they have an assortment of cakes and really nice looking treats, but all of them are very expensive and Coconuts can’t see many kids dropping that kind of money of cakes all the time. Of course it probably wasn’t the best idea to point that out to Beni as he can now adapt to the problem and change the prices to attract more customers, thus making the life of Coconuts’ already struggling store that much harder.

The following day while on his way home from school, Coconuts notices how busy the convenience store is and how popular it seems to be in the area. It’s where all his potential customers are now going as it’s got everything the dagashi shop doesn’t have. Upon returning home Coconuts is greeted by Beni, this time already in the dagashi shop waiting for him. Weird. So what does he want?

It’s not a social visit, no, Beni is there to offer Coconuts a job at the convenience store. Of course, Coconuts can’t just up and leave the dagashi shop, it’s his home after all, but Beni isn’t ready to take no for an answer. His first perk was a generous 850 yen per hour pay, something that is sure to get Coconuts’ attention. But when that fails to get him to accept, Beni tries another temptation that almost always works, porn mags. Yes, buying such magazines can be awkward and embarrassing, but Beni guarantees that if Coconuts agrees to work at the convenience store, he can get these mags without anyone seeing. What’s more, Beni has come prepared with two very tempting mags, one of a big breasted girl with glasses and another with a blonde haired girl in a bikini. So now comes the ultimate test, Coconuts can have both mags, but in taking them he agrees to work at the convenience store. Hard to resist a magazine with a cute big breasted girl wearing glasses, but a the last second Coconuts suddenly has a vision of Hotaru (who is still MIA) and decides not to accept the mags.

Beni’s final temptation is a weak one honestly, he should’ve saved the porn mags for the end, but he opts for a magazine ad for his store that features all the staff posing in front of it. One girl stands out in particular though, that being the brown-haired girl we see in the OP and ED but have yet to actually see in the show. But it looks like that wait is finally over as next week she’ll make her debut. Until then, Coconuts is gonna have to step his game up if he wants to compete against such a powerful enemy. But something tells me he’s more than ready for this fight.

Finally getting some story in this show, only took it until the half way point before that happened. Oh well, better late than never I guess. One thing I noticed that might shed light on Hotaru’s sudden disappearance is Beni, or most importantly, his eyes. They look very similar to Hotaru’s, so that’s got me thinking if he’s related to her somehow. Maybe an older brother or something, I don’t know but the fact they have very similar eyes, and we get a few good close-ups to notice this, makes me wonder if this is an important detail. Whatever the case is, we’ll find out next week.

So that’s it for this review, finally have something to talk about which is great. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this ep so be sure to leave a comment below with your thoughts and I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as I can.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next week!


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