Well, seeing that my track record for reviewing shows here has typically shown signs of me not liking the show around episode 4 and ultimately dropping the show around episode 6, I have to say this show has no signs of that. Hopefully that means I am in it for the long run. So, let’s get right into it.

The Plot:

So, the adults are talking. They seem really split for Zero Two and Hiro’s case. Some are for Hiro to be her partner, while others are completely opposed. Either way they all agree that her time with Hiro’s group needs to end and there are plenty of parasites who want to be with her. To top it off she is really needed on the front lines.

Darling in the Franxx ep 4 pic 1

Anyway, apparently that jerk from last time, Mitsuru, is still alive and kicking. Sure he is scared out of his mind and sees Zero Two as a demon who nearly killed him and took his soul with a smile on her face, but yeah, he is still really wounded.

Darling in the Franxx ep 4 pic 2

Hiro then talks with Ichigo, and well, he is fully aware he could die being with Zero Two. But he is determined, and this is his only chance to be useful. Ichigo, while not wanting to accept this, accepts this to the best of her capabilities as leader.

Darling in the Franxx ep 4 pic 3

Zero Two on the other hand, well, she is told she may need to go soon. She also shows no sign of the other members. Especially when being scolded at for last episode when she went all out and nearly killed Mitsuru.

Darling in the Franxx ep 4 pic 4

While this is happening, Ichigo and the group talk how if Zero Two leaves then Hiro may as well. Everyone seems to be split this episode on Hiro leaving or staying with Zero Two. But Ichigo is at least the voice of reason here reminding everyone no matter what they all could die at any moment, be it due to their partner or the monsters.

Darling in the Franxx ep 4 pic 5

Hiro is then seen resting in the bath, only to have Zero Two appear. Yeah, that was a little awkward for him. But, Zero Two is worried that Hiro may see her as a monster, which is why he is so nervous. Before he could say more the alarms go off.

Darling in the Franxx ep 4 pic 6

It is a giant worm thing. So, the Franxx deploy, only to get quickly and nearly beaten. But Hiro and Zero Two are at the ready, although that won’t change anything. Considering armed men appear to take Zero Two away so she can go fight on the front lines. She even gives Hiro a heartfelt goodbye.

Hiro realizes something when told she is pretty much not a human, well, she is. He is the only one that sees it. So, he chases after Zero Two, confesses how he really feels, how he was scared and insecure. It was never about being a pilot, it was about riding with her.  So, Zero Two springs into action and the two run off.

Also look at that smile. Don’t you want to protect it?

Darling in the Franxx ep 4 pic 12

While, at first, I thought they would run away and the series would take a dramatic turn her, well, they did not. They went to go and fight the giant monster. Which the fight was pretty cool, it even had that Trigger pose, when they defeat the monster, it explodes behind them, it was very Kill la Kill like. Anyway, that ended the episode.

Overall Thoughts:

So, I think the fact that Hiro and Zero Two had a huge chance to run away this episode says one of two things, either they will at some point, or this series has some other plans for what will happen. I honestly thought they would run away, or at least try to once they defeated this week’s monster. Still, it does say a lot about them. Well, the consequences of this action of theirs still won’t be felt until next episode. Even though they did not run away, it is now known that Hiro and Zero Two are super compatible, so they may not be around with the group for much longer. Although, something will probably come up that says otherwise.

Ichigo’s resolve as a leader was rather nice. Although, I think she matured too quickly. It was also for different reasons too. It was not due to the events of last episode, at least it played a much weaker role, compared to this episode. Hiro straight up rejected her, which made her take the role of leader seriously. I personally would have enjoyed it more if that wasn’t the case. But, it is what pushed her to have the resolve this episode.

The start of this episode shows how easily these kids are thrown away, but it was already kind of known. Outside of the development between Zero Two and Hiro, not much more happened. This was the turning point for them. Honestly, after three episodes of him not being with her in the Franxx, well, if they put it off any longer issues would arise. Although, I doubt the three and dead thing will not be an issue with Hiro. However, I think the dying signs are a lot slower. It probably won’t be an issue until the end of the series.

Either way this episode was still decent. The action was good. Although, there was issues with Ichigo’s development, her change was still necessary. But this show will certainly change now with how this episode was.

Overall Enjoyment 80/100

Overall Score: B+

The anime is being streamed on Crunchyroll, and Funimation has a dubbed planned, but I probably won’t watch that.

As always feel free to comment your thoughts on the series.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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