Is Dagashi Kashi still the same without Hotaru?

Here’s my review.

Hotaru is missing. We last saw her in ep 4 as she and Coconuts watched the fireworks before she bid farewell and walked off into the night. Since then it seems like a considerable amount of time has passed and things down at the old candy shop have gone from bad to worse.

For starters it’s not making any money. Coconuts’ dad breaks that news to him, although he had known that for some time now. But the gloom and doom about this current situation doesn’t last too long as they both get fired back up to clean the shop and save it from being closed. Okay, maybe the gloom and doom does last a bit longer. In their sudden spurt of energy, Coconuts’ father ends up breaking a toe (ouch) and has to go to the hospital to recover. Apparently it’ll take a month to recover? I mean it’s just a toe, a month in hospital seems a bit overkill. Oh well, I find his dad a bit of an annoying character, so the less of him the better.

But now what? Coconuts is alone in a rundown candy shop trying to look after it and keep it from going under. With no Hotaru it’s like there is something missing, some positive energy that she brings to the shop that without her things just feel so lifeless. But in a way this works too as that means fan favorite Saya gets the spotlight. While the shorter format of this season makes getting quality screen time a premium, it was nice to see Saya finally get some time to shine, even if it was only for a few minutes. Tou was also around for a bit, up to his usual Tou self.

All in all though I don’t really have much to say about this ep as nothing really noteworthy happened or worth writing much of a “review” on. Honestly this shorter format is proving to be quite the challenge to write something meaningful as not much too meaningful has been happening so far. Oh well, can’t back out for that reason.

So maybe I was wrong about  any drama in this week’s ep, but at least next week it looks like some new characters might be making an appearance. I’m interested to see what the new girl will bring to the show. Not sure if we’ll see her next week, the PV showed only that guy in the suit we see in the OP, but maybe the new girl will also make an appearance. I guess I’ll see you next week for that!

Yeah, not much to write about this week so this feels more like me just rambling than talking about the ep. I mean if you’ve seen it you’ll know what I mean, if not… well it wasn’t really eventful outside the toe breaking.

That’s gonna be it for this week. Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts on this week’s ep, I’ll make sure to follow-up on all the comments.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next week!


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